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Gong Gong’s white face turned dark. He threw a sideway glance back at the beast, then flicked his hands and let out a sphere of liquid. Clouds of sleeping incense spread out, that made the bodies of Qiang Liang and Kaiming beast sway simultaneously. The six legs of theirs shook intensely, and at last, both of them weakly fell on the ground.

"Loyalty is bullshit!"

Looking at Qiang Liang and Kaiming beast, who lied on the ground and couldn’t even move their fingers, Gong Gong gave a cold teasing sneer.

Qiang Liang opened his mouth, seeming to say something, but Wuzhi Qi jumped down from the dark cloud, raised his black ice stick and poked fiercely into his mouth. Qiang Liang moaned in pain while blood flowed out of his mouth with broken teeth mixed in it. The blood was quickly frozen by the cold power released from the stick.

Kaiming beast couldn’t move his large head, but the nine human heads with twisted faces on his neck opened their eyes simultaneously. From those scary looking eyes, which were filled with blood streaks, a dazzling light was released, that transformed into eighteen misty chains, coiled around Wuzhi Qi along with the cries and screams of countless evil spirits.

Standing beside Gong Gong, Xiang Liu laughed viciously. Abruptly, his neck extended and became a snake body, thickly covered in scales. The black snake body extended to tens of miles long, then split into nine. Nine hideous snakeheads emerged from a dense black mist.

Xiang Liu’s snakeheads opened the enormous mouths and sprayed out drops of venom. The venom fell onto the top of Sky Pillar, as a turbid mist coiled up from Sky Pillar, transforming into a cloud that caught the venom, keeping it from touching Sky Pillar.

Xiang Liu looked at the cloud and gave a cold snort, seeming to be afraid of the cloud. Next, his nine snake heads sucked loudly toward Kaiming beast’s body. The dazzling light released from the eyes of the human heads on the beast’s neck flew into Xiang Liu’s mouths in streams. No matter how loud the beast roared, he couldn’t free himself from the great suction force given by Xiang Liu.

"Kaiming beast, if you were still as powerful as before, I wouldn’t dare to offend you." said Xiang Liu while looking at Kaiming beast in a teasing way, "But, are you still you? I can crush you with my little finger now!"

The human heads on Kaiming beast’s neck weakly moaned, then closed their eyes.

Kaiming beast raised his head with difficulty, glanced at Xiang Liu, then roared with his teeth gnashed tightly.

"Is this the price of loyalty? Hehe, Kaiming beast, you’re nothing more than this." Xiang Liu satisfyingly transformed back into the human shape and burped loudly. The dazzling light released from the human heads on Kaiming beast’s neck was condensed from the evil spirits of all evil people who were eaten by Kaiming beast during the past countless years. The light contained a great evil power that came from countless evil human beings, and the evil power was a perfect supplement to Xiang Liu.

A while ago, two of Xiang Liu’s heads were chopped off by Ji Hao, that not only humiliated him but also consumed a lot of his life-force. However, absorbing the evil power released from Kaiming beast, Xiang Liu had not only replenished his consumed life-force but also gained a great benefit. His power was even improved largely. After all, back in the ancient time, Kaiming beast was the leader of all divine creatures who were responsible for guarding the gate of the Sky Pillar and awing evil beings in the world. Back then, Kaiming beast was way more powerful than Xiang Liu. Therefore, Xiang Liu dared not to offend Kaiming beast at that time.

But things had changed. The ancient heaven fell, and Kaiming beast became a captive of Xiang Liu.

"Kua E and his boys seem to be good friends, " said Snake Xiu, standing behind Gong Gong and laughing teasingly, "Every time they gained meat and wine, they brought back to share with you. Perfect now, we’ve gotten all of you."

Qiang Liang’s face was almost smashed. With difficultly, he vomited blood while mumbling, "Xiangshen…those idiots, they are trapped. Bloody Tushan Family, did they entrap us? How dare they, how dare they entrap Gods in heaven!"

Gong Gong and his group of ministers laughed together, all with weird looks.

They were just going to let Qiang Liang and his friends misunderstand the Tushan Family. In the face of such a misunderstanding, Gong Gong and his people would never be kind enough to explain the truth to them. They just wanted the misunderstanding to become deeper and deeper.

Snake Xiu trod on the black cloud and flew to the gate of the heaven with his head held high. He raised his head, looked at the gate, which reached straight into the sky, and was cast from five-colored divine metal, embossed with the patterns of countless legendary divine creatures, rains, clouds, winds and thunder. It also had countless spell symbols sparkling on it. Snake Xiu carefully reached his hands out and pressed on the gate, trying to push the gate open.

Before Gong Gong could stop Snake Xiu, a muffled bang was generated. A five-colored, enormous mountain, which was condensed from a five-colored bolt of thunder, roared out from the air and violently smashed on Snake Xiu. The nearly tangible five-colored thunderbolt struck onto Snake Xiu’s body. The black armor worn by him, which was transformed from his own scales, seemed to be completely ineffective, as the thunderbolt drilled straight into his body. The terrifying divine thunderbolt blasted inside Snake Xi’s body. From Snake Xiu’s eyes, nostrils, mouth and ears, thousands of meters long flakes of thunder-flame roared out while he howled shrilly in pain. His body was sent flying to hundreds of miles away, and was forced back to his original snake shop, following his loud howls.

The tens of thousands of miles long snake fell down from the top of Sky Pillar while screaming. His enormous body bumped fiercely into the rugged rocks on Sky Pillar and crushed countless ancient spirit herbs on the way, along with a large number of animals who didn’t manage to escape timely.

Sky Pillar stood right in the middle of Midland and reached straight into the clouds. It connected the heaven and the earth, and was at least hundreds of millions of kilometers tall. Snake Xiu fell down from the top of Sky Pillar, and even with the free fall speed, he could never reach the earth before three to five hundred years.

Bolts of five-colored divine lightning sizzled on Snake Xi’s thick scale. Wherever the divine lightning bolts flashed across, the snake scales were struck to pieces. Ceaselessly, bloody wounds appeared on the enormous body of Snake Xiu while blood splashed out, flowing down through Sky Pillar. A large section of Sky Pillar was dyed red by the snake blood, nourishing those ancient spirit plants on Sky Pillar, instantly making the plants especially thriving.

"He made a fool of himself!" shouted Gong Gong in anger while a dark cloud emerged above his head and transformed into a tens of thousands of miles in radius black palm, It reached down, grabbed Snake Xiu’s tail and shook violently.

Snake Xiu’s body was shaken straight, while a five-colored divine lightning bolt dazzled out of his mouth, roaring towards the earth. A dark cloud stoped the divine lightning bolt. Then, as the cloud grew denser and denser, the divine lightning bolt was swallowed into the cloud.

Snake Xiu coughed out a puff of black smoke, then transformed back into the human shape. He flew back onto the top of Sky Pillar, bowed to Gong Gong in both rage and shame and said, "Master…something’s wrong with the gate of the heaven."

Gong Gong’s mouth corner twitched in anger as he heard Snake Xiu. What a superfluous report! This was the gate of the heaven, if it could be opened as easily as any door in the world, why would he spend such a great effort to set the series of traps to catch Kua E and his brothers, then take his people to break into the heaven after all this?

Snorting coldly, Gong Gong shook his hand and let out the pass that he snatched from Kua E.

The gate of the heaven silently opened. Then, Gong Gong gave his order, following which, a large group of his people carefully followed him into the heaven.

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