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A divine God with a tiger’s head, a human body, and a pair of wings, with ankles thickly covered in fine white feathers, lied with his stomach on the ground. A few monkeys pressed his body heavily on the ground while squeezing his body, as if they were squeezing the juice out of a fruit.

The wrists of the divine god were cut open. Along with the violent moves of the few monkeys, streams of faintly golden blood ceaselessly spurt out of his wrists, that looked like boiling golden liquid. The blood flowed along the complicated divine spell symbols on the ground.

Nearly a thousands divine gods, whose blood were almost drained, lied disorderly around, looking at the winged divine God, whose blood had been squeezed out of his body, in fear and despair. These divine gods had almost lost all of their blood. To the God-kind, blood was only a media for them to manipulate their divine powers. Even if their blood were all drained, they would merely lose a part of life-force, but their lives wouldn’t be threatened. However, the emptiness of their bodies was killing them by now.

Nevertheless, the physical suffering was far weaker than the great shock they were going through.

Why did Gong Gong know about this place? How did he straightaway find this place after he controlled most of the public defensive magic formations in the heaven?

This was a purely black divine palace, entirely built with black divine materials, and was flawless. Only people with extremely great eye power could see the slight traces of sparkling starlight inside, through the thick walls of the palace. Only the most powerful senior divine Gods could sense the faint, magical power, which seemed to lie between life and death, of this palace.

This palace was called Divine Sleeping Palace. As the name stated, this was a place for divine Gods to fall in a deep sleep. This was not an ordinary palace for divine Gods to live in. Instead, this was a place for those divine Gods, who had reached the limitation of their lives, to seal themselves.

In the Divine Sleeping Palace, these divine Gods, whose embers of lives were about to snuff out, could fall in a deep sleep, almost eternally, to maintain their last life-force. According to the direction given by the last divine emperor in the heaven, if the heaven could ever rise again, these divine Gods would be woken up from the deep sleep, and would attain immortal lives, like their ancestors!

Divine Gods sleeping in this palace were keeping a slim hope for themselves. However, to the heaven, they were the last defensive line. If any irresistible enemy came, for example, the enemies raised a great army again and marched into the heaven, these divine Gods in the divine sleeping palace would be woken up to fight against the enemies.

For the above reasons, the Divine Sleeping Palace was an absolute forbidden area, and an absolute secret.

Gong Gong shouldn’t know about the existence of the Divine Sleeping Palace, because when the last divine emperor activated the Heaven and Earth great formation and created the Divine Sleeping Palace before He fell, Gong Gong had left the heaven long ago. Therefore, Gong Gong and his people shouldn’t know about these secrets.

On the thousand-mile square ground of the palace, countless complicated divine spell symbols were filled with the divine blood that flowed out from the bodies of divine Gods. Gong Gong stood on the core of this divine magic formation formed by these divine spell symbols, holding the pass and laughing viscously, "You must be wondering why do I know about this place. But, I will never tell you. Anyway, you shall know about one thing — From now on, this heaven belongs to my Gong Gong Family, forever and ever!"

Kua E, whose blood was also drained, huddled on the ground and glared at Gong Gong with his teeth gnashed. He was confused and enraged, as countless thoughts flashed disorderly in his head, but he couldn’t grasp any useful information or idea.

What was Gong Gong doing? He had already controlled the tens of outer layers of defensive magic formation of the heaven. Except for some core forbidden areas, that even Kua E and his brothers couldn’t enter, around ninety percent of the heaven was already under Gong Gong’s control.

Now, he laid his fingers on the Divine Sleeping Palace. What on earth did he want?

Ever since the ancient heaven fell, the lifespan of divine Gods had become shorter and shorter. Sleeping in this Divine Sleeping Palace were Kua E, Qiang Liang, and the other divine Gods’ ancestors, and even their parents.

What was Gong Gong doing to the Divine Sleeping Palace?

Kua E’s body twitched intensely as he growled with a hoarse voice, "Gong Gong! Whatever you want, we can negotiate!"

Wuzhi Qi raised his huge stick and smashed on Kua E’s head, almost crushing his head entirely. Kua E twitched in pain. If he didn’t have the strong life-force belonging to a divine God, this strike would have taken his life away.

"Shut up! By now, anything you say will be useless." Gong Gong coldly looked at Kua E, raised the pass and sent a stream of power in while saying, "I just want to eliminate the last little bit of hidden trouble…Although I don’t believe that these old things still have much of powers, but the fewer accidents, the better."

Dong! Followed by a thunderous noise, twenty-eight streams of starlight abruptly began flowing on the four walls of the Divine Sleeping Palace. Next, numerous thousands of meter tall silhouettes emerged. These giant silhouettes slowly freed themselves from the sealing power of the walls and walked over in big steps, each with a splendid glow. Their bodies were formed by the purest starlight. Their faces were hazy, such that no eyes or mouths could be seen, and the dreadful sense of powers released from their bodies even made Gong Gong’s heart start beating.

"The primordial spirits of the twenty-eight star owners." said Gong Gong with a cold smile, "I didn’t think that they have already regained eighty to ninety percent of their powers, since they were destroyed completely by the non-humankind back then. Hehe, even I can only suppress three to five of them, tops. The twenty-eight star owners don’t need to form any battle formation. As long as they rush up together, I will be killed right on the spot."

Tauntingly looking at Kua E and his brothers, Gong Gong cursed with a low voice, "Possessing the great powers, you go to work for those lowly human beings to trade for wine and meat! You so-called divine Gods…You humiliated the heaven!"

Kua E weakly murmured, "The rule is set by our ancestors. This is the agreement between the heaven and the humankind…The heaven has fallen, and Gods no longer stand high above the masses. We earned that food and wine with our own hands, so we feel no shame!"

"Shut up! You idiot!" growled Gong Gong fiercely, "We are Gods…Gods are supposed to stand high above the masses. Those lowly human beings are supposed to kneel in front of us, offer us the power of faith, as much as they can! You are unreasonable!"

The primordial spirits of the twenty-eight star owners roared out simultaneously, stretched the arms and fiercely tore the air. Under the effect of their combined power, the space in the Divine Sleeping Palace was torn apart, showing a beautiful glowing, square-shaped gate.

Gong Gong laughed out loud, took Xiang Liu and the others, and walked into the gate with big steps.

In front of them was the boundless starry void. Incredibly pure and strong prehistorical star power had transformed into visible silver streams, forming a vast silver ocean, silently floating in the void. Countless colorful crystal coffins floated in the silver ocean. Sleeping inside those coffins were countless divine Gods with different appearances.

Streams of star power descended, continuously flowing into these crystal coffins. Through the transparent coffins, one could see that the chests of those divine gods had been slightly rising and falling, ceaselessly absorbing the starlight.

Gong Gong smiled faintly and said with a vicious voice, "Destroy this place. Kill every last one of them! They didn’t want to die, but I am going to wipe them all out!"

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