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Ji Hao looked at Pan Jia with pity.

When her true spirit was split into two, the good half was with the knowledge and wisdom, but without the power that could control this world. Therefore, she could do nothing to this Infinitude Underwater City. The evil half was with the power, but it could only act instinctively like a beast. It sent evil mermaids and mermen to attack the underwater city, but without any plan.

Like this, Pan Jia, as the creature and owner of this world, couldn’t do anything about a small underwater city.

Before Ji Hao witnessed all these things happen to top-grade Chaos powerful beings, he didn’t know that they could be so miserable. When bad things happened, Pan Gu, Pan Xi, Pan Jia, they all suffered.

Ji Hao quivered, while a coldness drilled into his body from his head and made him tumble. Po and Gui Ling seemed to think of the same thing and glanced at each other. By now, they looked less impatient and proud, but calmer and steadier.

The great Dao was not easy to reach, and with a slight carelessness, a destructive disaster could happen, just like the disasters that happened to Pan Gu, Pan Xi, and Pan Jia. As human beings, who were far less powerful than those Chaos powerful beings, they surely needed to be as careful and cautious as possible. Otherwise, when the disaster truly came, they wouldn’t have a chance to even regret.

Gui Ling gave a faint smile and said, "Pan Jia, my friend, I have another body with a primordial spirit. I want to leave it in your world to cultivate itself, can you allow that?"

Pan Jia raised her eyebrows and laughed, "That will be my pleasure. Pan Jia world just needs a few protectors."

Pan Jia and Gui Ling glanced at each other smilingly and knowingly.

Po and Ji Hao also glanced at each other with a smile while nodding slightly. Po was sincerely happy for Gui Ling while Ji Hao abruptly thought of something that would happen in the future. That time, did Gui Ling fake her own death?

After discussing for a while, they looked at that underwater city.

Po gave a deep shout while Ji Hao nodded. A four-colored light stream flew out of Ji Hao’s forehead immediately, as Yu Yu’s sword light expanded to hundreds of thousands of miles and firmly sealed the entire area where the underwater city was located. From the east, south, west and north, a, thousands of miles long sword light dazzled up, spreading invisible, yet sharp, sword powers. Suddenly, strong white waves rolled up from the surface of the underwater city.

"Hmm, the mother of evil mermaids and mermen, you come looking for troubles again?" A high-pitched voice that was not so pleasant to hear came from the city, "You come every single year. I see, you’re truly not afraid of death. If I didn’t worry that this world would be polluted, I would have spread Xiang Liu’s venom to every corner of this world to perish all your creatures."

Pausing for a second, this high-pitched voice continued harshly, "I’ve given you a chance. This world is meant to be ours. The more troubles you make, the harder you will suffer when our army arrives."

Pan Jia remained silent with the bottle and the bead floating around her, releasing a dim glow to lighten up the surrounding space. Hearing that voice, Pan Jia only gave a cold smile, while her eyes sparkled as brightly as the edge of a fierce sword.

Po and Gui Ling calmly looked at the white waves above the underwater city. From those rolling waves, tens of strangely-shaped creatures, who had the human bodies and heads of shrimps, fishes, turtles, or flood dragons, dashed out. These aquatic creatures were holding all kinds of powerful weapons, that released strong power vibrations. Judging by the power vibrations released from these weapons, these were all pre-world and after-world treasures naturally produced by Pan Jia world, probably trophies gained from evil mermaids and mermen who were sent over to attack this city.

Tens of aquatic creatures stood on those waves while showing their teeth and waving their claws. An old turtle, who was carrying a heavy and thick shell, showed his sharp teeth while ragingly growled, "Which reckless stupid one came to our Infinitude Underwater City to mess with us again? Take three-thousand hacks of mine first!"

While speaking, the attraction that existed between aquatic creatures worked, as this old turtle’s pair of bean-sized eyes were fixed on Gui Ling, while a stream of saliva was flowing out from his mouth corners. "Ahyaya, girl, so beautiful! You see, we can make a perfectly lovely couple…Hehe, we have no reason to fight. Just come home with me. Let’s make a bunch of baby turtles and live a free happy life together. What do you think?"

Gui Ling’s face immediately turned dark, and that beautiful face now showed a strong intent of killing.

The six disciples of Gui Ling even had their limbs quiver, and couldn’t even stand steadily, as if they were struck by a fierce thunderbolt right on the heads. Gui Ling was especially nice to her disciples, but when guiding them in cultivating themselves, Gui Ling could be extra strict. She was a typical strict tutor, yet as warm and caring as a mother. Therefore, all of her disciples loved her and respected her to an extreme point.

Heard that old turtle talking all that nonsense, the three male and three female disciples of Gui Ling angrily growled out together. Without saying a word to that old turtle, they pointed their fingers out and released a wave of pre-world divine water thunderbolts, silently striking on him.

The white waves surged and the silver divine water thunderbolts struck on the waves. The waves shrunk instantly, then dense and enormous clouds of watery mist rose, while countless silver lightning bolts sizzled in the mist like serpents.

The old turtle insulted Gui Ling, which enraged her six disciples. Therefore, they showed no mercy when launching the attack. Within a single second, over a thousand divine water thunderbolts were released. White and turbid waves rose from the underwater city layer by layer, and then were destroyed. A great hydraulic pressure spread out, making the entire underwater power quake intensively.

Buzz! The protection provided by those waves was about to be destroyed by those thunderbolts. But at this moment, a stream of watery light dazzled up from each palace and mansion in the underwater city. Within every stream of light, a human-head-sized, transparent bead floated.

Water streams coiled around each other and generated layers of protective screens, wrapping the city up. The thunderbolts sizzled on the protective screens, shattering multiple layers. But at the same time, more layers of protective screens were being generated.

The high-pitched voice came again from the city, "The mother of evil mermaids and mermen? Isn’t that you? Eh? This…Hmm, hmm, you people, you called yourselves free people beyond the noisy world. Why did you come to this place? Damn it, how did you find this place?"

A white stream of watery light swooshed out from the tallest building in the underwater city, within which was a three-foot tall creature, who was like a human child in size, but looked like a monkey, and had webs between his fingers. This creature trod on the watery light, and rushed out with his whole body wrapped in a dense black mist.

Giving a glance at the creature from a long distance away, Po smiled and said, "Kappa, I knew it’s you. As a senior minister under Gong Gong’s command, why are you hiding?"

Kappa popped out its pair of brightly shining, green eyes, looked at Po and Gui Ling from up to toe, then gnashed his teeth and said, "Our Gong Gong Family never offended you…What are you doing in this place? We came to this world first. We’ve occupied the world already!"

Ji Hao curiously put his mouth near Gui Ling’s ear and asked with a low voice, "Sister, do you know each other?"

Gui Ling stared at that old turtle coldly, while responding in a frigid voice, "Back in the prehistorical era, we fought over a pre-world spring. Our big brother gave this thing three hammer strikes. We surely know each other. How can we not?"

Ji Hao nodded. ‘Ah, an old acquaintance.’ thought Ji Hao.

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