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The sun in this world had disappeared, making the sky turn dark.

Hundreds of dim blue stars emerged in the sky. Without being suppressed by the sun, extremely pure and strong streams of negative power descended from the stars. Countless evil mermaids and mermen floating on the water surface growled in excitement while opening their mouth and crazily inhaling the dim blue power streams.

The looks of Bao Xiang, Kong Chan and the others turned especially miserable. They raised their heads and looked at the dark sky in a daze. With their powers, they could clearly sense the severe change that had just happened in Pan Jia world, even though this wasn’t Pan Gu world.

The sun had disappeared, and the weak positive power in this world had disappeared along with it. Bone-piercing coldness domineered this world, and it was getting colder and colder. Clouds of icy mist rose from the vast ocean. Without the warmth of the sun, the water started turning colder and colder, and flowed slower and slower, while the air became frigid as well. Tiny grains of ice emerged in the water, then began spreading.

To evil mermaids and mermen, all these changes were highly beneficial to them. Just now, all evil mermaids and mermen sensed a piercing pain from their hearts, as they sensed something that was especially important to them had disappeared. However, right next, endless joy rose from the deepest parts of their souls, that was even more important to them, all of a sudden.

Before the joy faded, the sun, that they never liked since forever, disappeared, and the air was suffused by the cold power, which could make them energetic and allow their strengths to never exhaust. Stars showed in the sky, pouring down streams of pure negative power, which grew denser and denser. At last, the streams of negative power poured down like waterfalls.

"Quack!" Shrill screams came from all directions, while countless evil mermaids and mermen raised their heads and looked at Bao Xiang and Kong Chan with fierce eyes, sparkling with a bright dark-blue light.

Bao Xiang and Kong Chan and the others looked at those evil mermaids and mermen, who abruptly began approaching from everywhere, with extra bitter looks. Before, these evil mermaids and mermen attacked them as fiercely as wild beasts. Although these evil mermaids and mermen had quite a lot of powerful weapons, their attacks were simple and disordered. However, after the sun disappeared, the powers of these evil mermaids and mermen had been raised largely. Additionally, they seemed to suddenly become smart. They lined up orderly, formed battle formations like well-trained warriors, then launched a massive attack on Bao Xiang and the others; they seemed even to have a plan.

Not only that, looking down from the sky, those evil mermaids and mermen who started attacking Bao Xian and the others again had divided into groups. Each group had thirty-six members who formed a square formation. Then, thirty-six small square groups gathered together, flexibly changing positions, and formed a large battle formation.

Layer by layer, millions of evil mermaids and mermen formed a complicated and dynamic great battle formation. Dense and blue cold power screams flew around in the battle formation, silently connecting all evil mermaids and mermen into an entity.

Bao Xiang, Kong Chan and the others instantly sensed a speedily rising pressure. Despite the fact that Bao Xian had been ceaselessly boosting the power of his golden pestle and Kong Chan was trying his best to activate the enormous glowing cicada behind him, their golden steel magic formation was oppressed heavily. Slight cracking noise could be heard from the golden light released by the magic formation without an end; the magic formation was about to collapse.

Pan Jia had her true spirit remerged, and regained all the wisdom and fighting experiences, that she used to have. Therefore, those unruly evil mermaids and mermen began forming battle formations and launching attacks orderly. Bao Xiang and his people were going to have some real fun.

Deep down in the water, a quiet life divine flower silently bloomed. When the flower withered, a flood dragon, which was entirely transparent and looked like an ice statue, dashed out from a puff of light spots.

Pan Jia sat on the flood dragon’s back and led Ji Hao and the other cultivators, who were mounted on star dolphins, to move forward quickly. After moving for miles, an enormous whirlpool appeared in the front and swallowed them up. After a hell-like dizziness, Ji Hao and the other cultivators were sent out a tremendous distance away from where they were in the last moment.

"This is the nest of those outsiders." Pan Jia pointed her finger forward and said, "During all these years, ‘I’ sent evil mermaids and mermen to attack them over a hundred times, but the venom of that nine-headed snake is way too terrifying. Each time, we suffered a severe loss."

"Xiang Liu’s poison is the most poisonous thing in the world indeed." said Ji Hao while seriously looking at Pan Jia, "He can even suppress enemies in a large number."

"Is Xiang Liu his name? I have memorized it." Pan Jia gave a faint smile, while a fierceness showed in her beautiful eyes, "If he just killed those evil mermaids and mermen, it would be fine. But they have also been looting the original power of this world with a secret magic, so I have to take them out."

Ji Hao and the others looked forward and found a magnificent city, that was ablaze with lights, floating in the water. Less than a hundred miles in the front was a dark-blue colored, nine-story building, each story having eighteen rooms. The building was condensed from pre-world essence water, embossed with patterns of dragons and phoenixes, and decorated with countless glowing beads. Those were condensed from pre-world essence water as well, and formed a complicated defensive magic formation.

Looked from a long distance away, countless layers of white waves were coiling around this building, and a large number of oddly-shaped, heavily armored aquatic creatures were faintly visible in the waves.

The defensive magic formation based on the building was especially powerful, such that at first glance, Ji Hao found over ten-thousand powerful protective screens hiding in it. He estimated that, without the Pan Xi divine mirror to protect him, he could hang on for the span of a few breaths at most before he was turned into a puddle of blood, if he accidentally fell into the magic formation.

Behind the building was a series of palaces and mansions, extending for tens of thousands of miles. Every single place or mansion was condensed from different types of essence water. To Pan Jia, these essence waters were the essence blood of this world. Therefore, she didn’t lie while saying that these people were looting the original power of this world with secret magics.

Large groups of aquatic creatures with dark-colored, lusterless bodies, such as fishes and shrimps, were enlightened with magic, and had been walking slowly in those palaces and mansions. Large nursery gardens were located among those palaces and mansions, with countless aquatic magic herbs planted in them. These magic herbs were all enchanted, such that they rooted straight in the water, absorbing the essence water power of this world to grow themselves.

What shocked Ji Hao even more was the huge numbers of evil mermaids and mermen, and spirit mermaids and mermen hanging around these nursery gardens. They were locked, disabled from moving, with their necks sliced open. Sticky streams of glowing blood flowed out of their wounds, flowing in the water like mist, then being absorbed by those magical herbs.

Fierce evil mermaids and mermen without intelligence had been screaming and roaring, while those intelligent spirit mermaids and mermen were silently crying, letting out despairing moans from time to time.

Pan Jia’s body quivered slightly. Looking at those nursery gardens, she gnashed her teeth and said with a low voice, "I can’t do anything to Xiang Liu’s venom, and I worry that the poisonous venom will pollute the entire world. Besides, my true spirt is not powerful enough. Otherwise, I would have destroyed Infinitude Underwater City long ago!"

Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the building. As Pan Jia said, a few square characters, ‘Infinitude Underwater City’, were written on a board hanging on the building.

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