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Kappa, who had a small size and a hideous face, showed his teeth towards Po. His body quivered while a series of bong creaking noises that sounded like popping corns came out of his body. Under his faintly blue skin, blood veins squirmed like snakes. Meanwhile, a prehistorical, fierce sense of power was released from his body.

Gradually, a dark cloud of mist rose from his head, within which, a frog-like, three-legged creature that had its body thickly covered in caruncles raised its head and roared towards the sky.

The resonant roar made the entire area quake while water surged in streams. Ji Hao heard the roar and felt that even his primordial spirit was shaken. If he hadn’t attained the seed of Dao that provided with the power of great Dao to protect his primordial spirit, his soul would have been sucked out of his body on hearing Kappa’s roar.

Po slowly rolled up his sleeves and showed his forearm. From an unknown source, he took out a square-head hammer, that looked like a blacksmith hammer, and was thickly covered in patterns, then smilingly took two steps forwards.

"Kappa, we’re old friends, so today, I won’t bully you. Just fold your arms and submit yourself. Tell me every detail of the plan of your master. If you do what I say, I can spare you from a few hammer strikes. Otherwise, you will have to suffer."

While speaking the last few words, Po turned around and subconsciously glanced at Ji Hao.

Po was gentle and nice, and even to his enemies, he rarely launched any killing moves. Instead, he normally chose to frighten his enemies with his great powers, and make his enemies shrink back with the deterrence. But today, Ji Hao was here. Po clearly understood that Ji Hao wasn’t a merciful one at all. If Kappa fell into Ji Hao’s hands, and if he refused to smartly obey, Ji Hao would probably pull every piece of his bone out of his body, one by one, unless he obediently told all he knew.

Ji Hao confusedly glanced at Po. Why did Po look at him in such a weird way?

Kappa, who was surrounded by tens of aquatic warriors, laughed out instantly. He pointed at Po and shouted, "Priest Po, do you think I’m still as weak as before? Why do you take out this hammer again? Back then in the prehistorical era, I was injured by three hammer strikes of yours indeed, but that was an accident."

Kappa’s eyes rolled in the eye sockets as he realized that even he couldn’t believe himself. He continued while sneering, "After I was injured by your, I followed Gong Gong. Now, I’m one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. Don’t you dare violate the rule of your sect and harm me!"

Kappa sounded quite fierce and also threatening. Po laughed loudly, then raised the hammer and smashed straight down towards the underwater city without saying a word to Kappa.

The hammer seemed to be ordinary, but as it was wielded, the hammerhead burst with countless beams of dim black light. They wove into the hazy silhouette of a towering mountain, which then heavily smashed on the layer of protective water light screen that had been shielding the city.

Following a thunderous bang, the area with a radius of tens of thousands of miles vibrated. Next, from the eighteen-thousand layers of protective screens above the underwater city and the four-thousand nine-hundred glowing beads floating among those protective light screens, seventeen thousand layers of protective screens and four-thousand, six-hundred and fifty beads, were shattered by Po.

Countless cracks immediately appeared on those thousands of magnificent palaces and mansions in the underworld city, as if the city had just been through a destructive thunderstorm. Incalculable bricks, which were condensed from essence water, were broken and disappeared, leaving ugly dark holes and crevices on those buildings. Many buildings collapsed, transformed into streams of water power and merged in the water.

A splendidly beautiful underwater city was made to look like an abandoned city of the dead by Po with a single hammer strike.

Po packed the hammer, smilingly nodded to Kappa, who was already dumbfounded and said, "I don’t want to harm any life, so I restrained my power. Hmm, it seems that I still can’t control my power as freely as I hoped. I wanted to destroy all your protective screens with this strike, but in the end, a few were left."

Kappa’s fain-blue skin suddenly turned dark-green in color, while that wrinkled face of his shone brightly with a green light. His eyes bulged out as he stared at Po. He showed his teeth fiercely but couldn’t say a word for a long while.

"Kappa? Kappa? This name is a bit weird…" Ji Hao stood beside Po and said slowly. "Will you open the gate of this underwater city and let us in? Go find a rope and tie yourself up, so that we don’t need to do the extra work. Oh, and that old turtle said some nasty thing earlier, so cut his head off for me. I will cook him into soup today."

Po and Gui Ling smiled together while pleasedly looking at Kappa’s twisted face.

Kappa maintained that fierce look for a short while, then abruptly gave a shrill laugh. He took out a fist-sized drum from his sleeve and gently waved. As a great water power surged into the drum, it instantly expanded into a ten-meter in radius, enormous drum.

Kappa put the enormous drum beside him, then took out a three-meter-long bone, which was wrapped in sizzling thunderbolts, from his sleeve. He held the bone with both of his hands and smashed it heavily on the drum. An earthshaking bang was generated, following which, within the area a million miles in radius, all the water quaked. The dreadful sound waves transformed into visible shocking waves, roaring over along with an overwhelming pressure. Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling growled simultaneously and released Yu Yu’s divine light to shield themselves.

No one knew what kind of treasures the drum and the bone were, but the Yu Yu’s divine light, which was released by Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling joint handedly, was vibrated intensively. Po and Gui Ling seemed to be perfectly fine, as if nothing was happening at all, but Ji Hao had already heard the loud bone creaking noise came from his own body, and nearly collapsed.

"The battle drum from the ancient heaven, why do you have it?" Looking the at the drum, which was thickly covered in patterns of clouds and thunderbolts, Po said in surprise, "The heaven has fallen, but Gong Gong Family seems to have attained quite some treasures from it."

Kappa gave a cold smile, then beat the drum with the bone once again. Waves of roars came from the underwater city, while the gates of those, thousands of buildings opened simultaneously. Dense streams of pre-world essence water surged out from those gates, along with countless ugly-shaped, furious aquatic warriors, rushing out from those palaces and mansions.

That was a tremendous army, without a limit to be seen. Million, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of aquatic warriors surged out from the city, roaring wildly. Following Kappa’s growls, these aquatic warriors quickly formed a round-shaped, immense battle formation.

"So…so many fishes, shrimps, turtles, crabs…" murmured Ji Hao while looking at that boundless aquatic army in front of him. His scalp was even numbed.

How could it be so many?

Pan Jia’s look changed slightly as she popped out her eyes in shock. During all these years, she had been secretly observing this underwater city, but she didn’t think that so many outsider aquatic creatures were hiding in this place!

Besides, these aquatic creatures were not weak at all. Merely judging by the sense of powers released from their bodies, even the weakest one of them was at the level of human Senior Magi!

Kappa gave a vicious grin and laughed, "Priest Po, you should know that our aquatic creatures can reproduce quite quickly and conveniently!"

"In the past hundreds of years, the countless eggs I brought to this world hatched, and these babies have already grown into a great army."

"These are hundreds of millions of aquatic creatures. No matter how powerful you are, what can you possibly do to me?"

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