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Nine star dolphins moved swiftly in the deep water area, leaving long glowing traces behind them. Through numerous invisible teleporting whirlpools, these star dolphins carried Ji Hao and the other cultivators to cross a long distance.

Ji Hao rode on the back of a star dolphin, in the tail of the small group. A human-head-sized water ball floated above his head, closely following behind him, quickly moving forward. Inside the water ball, a stunningly beautiful mermaid was faintly visible.

The mermaid inside this water ball was Mother Spirit.

After a series of bargaining, Mother Spirit accepted all of Ji Hao’s request without any hesitation.

Po and Gui Ling mounted on another two star dolphins with a slightly shocked look. They followed closely behind Ji Hao. Po and Gui Ling and the six disciples of hers didn’t think that Ji Hao could be so ‘greedy’, and more surprisingly, Mother Spirit had actually accepted all requests brought up by Ji Hao without hesitation.

Improving the body conditions and potentials of Gui Ling and her six disciples, this was easy. Quickly improving their cultivations and powers, allowing them to understand the great Dao of water in this world, this was easy too. Mother Spirit could do all these without any difficulty.

Except for natural materials with the water power, she had to collect all other types of natural materials in this world and give them to Po, including all kinds of pre-world and after-world great treasures. In other words, all treasures with non-water-power would belong to Po. This request was accepted by Mother Spirit quickly as well.

Nevertheless, in addition to all this, Ji Hao had also asked Mother Spirit to give him the sun in this world, that required Mother Spirit to split the sun from this world, seal it by herself and give to Ji Hao. This shocked Po and Gui Ling so badly, that they were still trying to emerge out of it by now.

To Qi cultivators, the balance of the world, of all types of powers, and the integrity of the natural law of the world were essential to the existence of a world, and this was a ‘truth’, rooted deeply in the minds of almost all cultivators.

Although this world was dominated by the water power, it still had a sun. And since a sun existed in this world, it must have a significant meaning to this world, and it must be not replaceable. Without the sun, the natural cycle of Dao of this world would certainly have a huge problem.

However, Ji Hao asked Mother Spirit to give him the sun, and Mother Spirit agreed to do so for real. They had even seriously signed a true spirit blood contract! The true spirit blood contract could never be violated, not even by a creator of a world.

Did Mother Spirit truly agree to give Ji Hao the sun, and the great Dao of sun of this world?

Po’s head had now been buzzing. Without the power of sun, what would this world be like? A world with purely negative powers? A world domineered merely by a single part of the great Dao? Would such a world even work? How would it remain existing? How would it grow stronger?

This was completely against Po’s world view that he built bit by bit ever since he became a cultivator. He just couldn’t understand why Ji Hao would bring up such a ’silly’ request, and why Mother Spirit would ‘recklessly’ agree to do so.

"I have to go consult Shifu when we return… How can this happen?" murmured Po with his eyebrows knitted, as all kinds of thoughts just tangled in his head.

Star dolphins swiftly moved forwards while Ji Hao sneakily talked to the mysterious man in his own head with his eyes narrowed.

"Po and Gui Ling were scared," While clicking his tongue, Ji Hao said, "I truly asked her to give me the sun and the great Dao of sun of this world."

"What is to be scared of? Young people with poor experiences…Worlds with a single type of power are not so rare."

"Have you seen a world with a single type of power? Seriously, without any other powers?"

"Powers with pure gold power, pure fire power, pure earth power, pure water power, pure green power, pure thunder power, pure light power, pure dark power…Even a world formed by a single stream of spirit power…Nothing is strange."

Remaining silent for a while, the mysterious man continued slowly, "A world with a single type of power, although is simple, but it’s pure because of its simpleness. If nothing wrong happens, not many changes will happen. But extremely simply and straightforwardly, the whole world will be like an enormous body, the second body of its creator."

Before Ji Hao said anything, the mysterious man continued blandly, "This Mother Spirit, if I’m right, at first intended to create a world purely with the water power, but she was not powerful enough. Therefore, some other types of power were generated after the world was created. Therefore, this world was not as pure as she expected."

"Because this world was not pure enough, some other creatures grasped an opportunity to easily broke into this world to attack her, who was already exhausted. This sun actually means nothing to her. If you don’t take it, in the future, she will surely abandon the sun and the other parts of the great Dao, sooner or later."

Ji Hao nodded, as if he understood something.

However, Mother Spirit wanted a pure, extreme and simple world, which reminded Ji Hao of the colorfulness of Pan Gu world. Pan Gu world had a sun and stars, storms, rains, thunders, lightning, ice, snow, flowers blooming and withering, tides rising and falling, and countless creatures living and breeding; that world had death and new lives.

A colorful world and a simple and pure world that Mother Spirit wanted, which one was better?

"Pan Gu world and Mother Spirit’s world have different ways of developing." Pondering for a while, the mysterious man cautiously expressed his own point of view, "Pan Gu world is pursuing the great Dao while Mother Spirit and the owners of the other pure worlds are pursuing the ‘extreme Dao’. Without reaching the peak, who can tell which one is stronger and which one is weaker?"

Pausing for a second, the mysterious man chuckled and said, "But of course, in my opinion, the great Dao is better than the ‘extreme Dao’. However, the great Dao is immeasurable… Reaching the top is difficult, way, way too difficult."

Star dolphins swished in the water, moving forwards for countless miles. Abruptly, a muffled series of thunder came from a long distance away.

Star dolphins didn’t need any guide, and just swam straight up towards the water surface.

Once they popped out from the water surface, Ji Hao saw a sky-shaking golden thunderbolt descending from the sky, striking fiercely on the water surface.

At least a thousand evil mermaids and mermen had been quacking furiously. Their bodies were struck broken by the golden thunderbolt, flying up from the water and being sent tens of miles away. However, countless evil mermaids and mermen crazily gathered on the water surface, quacking madly while launching all kinds of attack towards where the golden thunderbolt came from.

A fierce gale roared on the water surface, raising rampant waves. Occasionally, a wave reached thousands of meter high, as white foams splashed to a long distance away. Within the foams, countless evil mermaids and mermen had been waving their claws and showing their teeth, raising stronger waves. Their loud quacks even seemed to vibrate the whole world, making Ji Hao and all the other cultivators feel dizzy.

Far, far away, from the direction attacked by these evil mermaids and mermen, a raging voice could be heard.

"You lowly creatures! Just kneel and obey. Otherwise, don’t blame us for having no mercy!"

Po laughed, "Is that Bao Xiang? I broke his tusks the last time. Have those tusks grown back already? Why is he shameless enough to come out?"

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