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Gong Gong had been here.

Di Cha, who was now named Dishi Cha, who had thrown the entire society of the non-humankind in Pan Gu world into a great mess, and indirectly destroyed Liang Zhu City, had been to this world too. Even Xiang Liu, who had two of his heads chopped off by Ji Hao, and was humiliated so much in front of countless people, had also been here. A direct conflict had burst between Xiang Liu and those evil mermaids and mermen, and millions of mermaids and mermen were poisoned to death by him.

Mother Spirit’s words were easy to understand. The sense of power released from Gong Gong and Xiang Liu was the same with the sense of power released from Ji Hao, Po and the other cultivators; that special sense of power was from Pan Gu world. Ji Hao and the other cultivators might not be too sensitive to this special sense of power, but to powerful beings like Mother Spirit, it was as distinct as a candlelight in the pure darkness.

More images and sounds had been emerging inside Ji Hao and the other cultivators’ minds.

On the dark cloud, Gong Gong proudly and satisfyingly held his hands behind his body while glancing around. The sky was covered in dark clouds, and the vast ocean was boundless. Gong Gong seemed to be rather satisfied with this world.

"With a base here, I ought to become the dominator of the world. Zhu Rong, human emperor, you shall all just kneel in front of me!"

Observing for quite a long while, Gong Gong laughed out loud while waving his hands. The great power released by him raised tens of thousands of meter tall waves, roaring around his body. Xiang Liu and the other few of his ministers, who were all hideously shaped, submissively kneeled on the dark cloud, shouting a slogan and trying their best to flatter Gong Gong.

"Hehe, hehehe, hehehehe," Gong Gong laughed wildly and insolently.

"Hehe, hehehe, hehehehe," Di Cha laughed with a bland, and soft voice.

"Only one…can be the… dominator. If he becomes the dominator…where…will you be? Therefore…he’s your…enemy!" Mother Spirit’s voice came again.

Ji Hao and Po and Gui Ling glanced at each other, then nodded. Although Mother Spirit’s true spirit was split into two, she still had a clear mind. Gong Gong wanted to be the dominator of the world, and just like Mother Spirit said, only one could fit that role. If Gong Gong truly became the dominator of Pan Gu world, Ji Hao, Po, Gui Ling and all the others would either become Gong Gong’s slaves or be killed by him, without any other possibility.

Therefore, Gong Gong was their enemy.

Without question, Mother Spirit knew clearly about the powers of Ji Hao, Gui Ling and Po. Gong Gong, Xiang Liu and the other few of his ministers all possessed the water power, but among Ji Hao and the other cultivators, Po wasn’t with the water power, and Ji Hao’s power was purely strong and positive, completely opposite to the water power. According to what Gong Gong said and the nature of his power, Mother Spirit concluded that Ji Hao was definitely not on his side.

"Help you to re-merge with the other half of yours is not impossible." Ji Hao swam forward, looking at the tremendous ice land and said in a deep voice, "But what help can you give us?"

Mother Spirit’s voice came again into Ji Hao and the other cultivators’ minds, along with images.

From the dark cloud, Gong Gong and Dishi Cha flew up into the sky and crushed countless thunderbolts launched by this world itself. Then, as a dazzling beam of light flashed across, they left this world. However, a child-like, extremely ugly minister under Gong Gong’s command, who had a watery light flowing on the surface of his body in streams, stayed, with over a hundred heavily armored warriors. After Gong Gong and the others left, this child-like minister and those warriors jumped directly into the water, killed a few reckless evil mermaids and mermen, who rushed over in an attempt to hunt them, then quickly dove into the deeper area and disappeared.

Stutteringly, Mother Spirit told Ji Hao and the other cultivators that, although Gong Gong and Dishi Cha had left this world, a batch of their people stayed, hiding in this world till now. Mother Spirit said that she could help Ji Hao and the other cultivators find these people and capture them alive.

"Your enemies…I don’t like wars…but I know…what you want…in wars!"

Mother Spirit’s voice came ceaselessly. She never liked fighting and wars, but after all, she was a powerful being who could create a world in the Chaos; she was knowledgable and experienced. Therefore, she understood that the minister left in this world by Gong Gong was certainly useful to Ji Hao and his friends. She didn’t know how useful could that minister be, but since Gong Gong had clearly expressed his intention of becoming the dominator, his minister would surely be useful to Ji Hao and the others. As long as Ji Hao and his friends agreed to help her defeat the other half of her true spirit and allow her to swallow the evil half and merge with it, she could help Ji Hao and his friends capture that minister of Gong Gong alive.

Ji Hao glanced at Po, while Po and Gui Ling looked at him simultaneously. Then, Po and Gui Ling smiled together, nodding to Ji Hao.

Without a doubt, Po and Gui Ling weren’t good at bargaining, but bargaining was one of Ji Hao’s specialties. So, this needed to be left to Ji Hao!

Coughing slightly, Ji Hao held his hands behind his body, while the Heaven and Earth golden bridge released a golden beam of light from the spot between his eyebrows. Along with that beam of light, a strong force, that was powerful enough to tear the sky and flash across the Chaos, flashed in the water area.

Mother Spirit’s strong spirit power paused immediately. Obviously, she knew how great the power released by Ji Hao was.

"We can return to our own world right now. As long as we tell everybody what we’ve seen in here, if Gong Gong truly had one of his ministers staying in this world, it wouldn’t really matter to us." Firstly, Ji Hao showed an attitude of negotiation, indicating that the information provided by Mother Spirit wasn’t too valuable to him.

"What…do…you…want?" Mother Spirit sounded a bit helpless, and also anxious. She could sense the great powers possessed by Po and Gui Ling, and from Ji Hao, she also grasped a dreadful sense of danger.

For countless years, this was the first time for Mother Spirit to meet people who could be helpful to her. More importantly, unlike Gong Gong and Dishi Cha, Mother Spirit sensed a terrifying danger from Ji Hao and the other cultivators. However, no actual threat truly existed. Which meant, Ji Hao and his friends were powerful enough to hurt Mother Spirit, but they wouldn’t take the initiative to harm her. This was the most important factor, the factor that allowed Mother Spirit to cooperate with them.

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then abruptly threw out a question.

"When did they come to this world?"

Mother Spirit pondered for a while and gave a time span. She computed the time with the natural day and night cycle of this world. Ji Hao did a rough calculation and shockingly found that Gong Gong and Dishi Cha came to this world over six-hundred years ago!

Had Gong Gong already met Dishi Cha before six-hundred years?

What had they truly been planning on? Did Gong Gong truly want to become the dominator of the world? That was not easy at all.

Narrowing his eyes, and pondering silently for a while, Ji Hao prepared to start talking. But abruptly, the mysterious man’s voice came from his spiritual space.

"Ask her, if the sun of this world is useful to her. If not, ask her to give you the sun of this world!"

Ji Hao was shocked, nearly vomiting blood because of the soul-deep shock.

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