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On the water surface, an enormous water lotus had been spinning slowly.

Bao Xiang, Kong Chan and the other sixteen cultivators sat on the seedpod of the lotus with their legs crossed, while releasing faintly golden streams of light, forming an especially sturdy great magic formation. Using this formation, they were firmly fending against the fierce attacks launched by countless evil mermaids and mermen in the surrounding area.

No one knew where did all these evil mermaids and mermen come from. Millions of evil mermaids and mermen growled hoarsely while sending up large waves of water and lightning bolts, striking towards the great formation wave by wave, without an end.

The attacks launched by these evil mermaids and mermen were simple, watery thunderbolts mixed with large numbers of icebergs and snowflakes, roaring over along with a fierce gale; these were all of their attacking methods. However, the number of those evil mermaids and mermen was way too huge, and many of them had been holding all kinds of powerful weapons. Therefore, their attacks gave Bao Xiang and the others a tremendous pressure.

The brightly shining golden great magic formation was forced to sway, that made the bodies of Bao Xiang and the others shake ceaselessly as well. After the span of every three to five breaths, Bao Xiang and Kong Chan would wave their hands, combine the powers of all eighteen of them into a strong force, and send into the sky. After that, a sky-shaking golden thunderbolt would descend from the sky, killing or wounding hundreds, and even thousands of evil mermaids and mermen.

Another thousands of evil mermaids and mermen stood on the petals of the water lotus, loudly yelling and screaming while wielding their weapons, attacking those evil mermaids and mermen who had been rushing over from all direction. These evil mermaids and mermen standing on the lotus had their bodies covered with a faint golden light, that provided them with a strong defense. Evil mermaids and mermen coming from the water were killed by them one after another, but they only suffered limited injuries.

"Bao Xiang, Kong Chan, indeed the favorite disciples of those two. The golden steel magic formation that was secretly taught in their sect is known as the most powerful defensive magic formation in the world. The fame seems to be true." Po smiled and said while looking at Bao Xiang and Kong Chan, who were being attacked by those evil mermaids and mermen, with a strange sparkle in his eyes. "If our Shifu was here, his hands might get itchy again. He would want to give a hack and try the power of that golden steel magic formation."

Gui Ling and her disciples smiled too while looking at Bao Xiang and Kong Chan, seeming to be taking pleasure in their misfortune.

Bao Xiang and Kong Chan were all powerful beings who existed ever since the prehistorical era of Pan Gu world. Same as Priest Corpse, they followed the guide of the two, who were called ‘crappy flower and corroded wood’ by Yu Yu. Kong Chan and Bao Xian had been enemies of Po and Gui Ling for a long time.

All these years, for all kinds of reasons, they had fought countless times, for treasures, disciples, places and other things. The hatred had been growing between them since long ago. Today, seeing Bao Xiang and Kong Chan being attacked, Po and Gui Ling would only feel glad, and would never, ever give a helping hand.

"How did they come to this place?" asked Ji Hao while frowning.

"They…followed you…all the way!" Inside the water ball, Mother Spirit slightly opened her mouth and said, "Golden shuttle…spirit talisman…followed you here."

Po snorted coldly and sneered, "Golden shuttle? That piece? That piece was attained by Priest Hua, and can move across the Chaos too, just far less powerful than the Heaven and Earth golden bridge. Spirit talisman? Hehe, those two have made their moves once again."

"Since the Heaven and Earth golden bridge has fallen in our hands, it would be strange if those two don’t sneakily make their moves. But, they followed quite tightly indeed, even chasing us all the way to here." Gui Ling responded blandly.

"Evil magic…Evil mermaids and mermen obey…" Mother Spirit’s voice turned a bit weird as she said slowly, "She…is enraged…attack…"

Ji Hao and Po and Gui Ling glanced at each other, then laughed out loud together.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu’s disciples liked to forcibly turn people into their disciples with a secret magic. But this time, they had obviously messed up. Those evil mermaids and mermen were generated by the other half of Mother Spirit. Forcibly turning these mermaids and mermen was as same as stealing a part of her soul. Of course, she would ben enraged.

Being attacked by millions of evil mermaids and mermen, Bao Xiang and Kong Chan asked for this.

Countless enormous waves rose from all directions, as more evil mermaids and mermen rushed over. The dark clouds in the sky grew denser and denser, releasing countless dark thunderbolts, dazzling towards Bao Xiang and Kong Chan.

Some relatively more powerful evil mermaids and mermen rushed up into the sky, treading on watery clouds and swooshing in the sky, while launching attacks on Bao Xiang and Kong Chan from the air.

The great pressure squeezed a bitter look out of the faces of Bao Xiang and Kong Chan and the others. Bao Xiang sighed helplessly while taking out his golden pestle again, releasing dazzling streams of golden light which merged with the golden magic formation.

From behind Kong Chan’s body, a golden light stream dazzled up into the sky, within which, an enormous cicada faced the screaming gale and roared resonantly. Afterward, the cicada let out a golden and shining branch from its mouthpart. Golden leaves on the branch released countless fish-like spell symbols, also merging with the golden steel magic formation.

The other sixteen cultivators all released their powers, taking out their treasures and merging their powers with the great formation, improving its defensive power.

No matter how hard those evil mermaids and mermen attacked, the golden magic formation stayed perfectly unmoved.

Bao Xiang laughed viciously and coldly, then said in a harsh tone, "You know nothing about kindness and mercy. Today, just let us save you all."

The golden pestle was wielded while tens of thousands of meters long, hazy images of that golden pestle descended from the sky like countless bolts of lightning. They struck fiercely on the heads of those evil mermaids and mermen. Bone cracking noise could then be heard without an end, as tens of thousands of evil mermaids and mermen had their heads broken, and bodies burst into countless water drops, falling into the ocean.

Deep thunders came from the sky while a tremendous spirit power descended. Meanwhile, all evil mermaids and mermen seemed to be frenzied.

"We…move…her nest should be…empty…" said Mother Spirit with a gentle voice.

Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling nodded. Each gave a deep shout and drove those star dolphins to dive back into the water, moving forward swiftly.

Moving underwater for quite a long while, they left the messy battlefield far behind and got through a few rapidly spinning whirlpools, as a bright light abruptly appeared in front of Ji Hao and the others.

Over ten enormous evil mermaids and mermen nests floated near the last whirlpool, while thousands of evil mermaids and mermen lazily hovered around their nests. Faint blue and dark purple glow was released from their bodies, lighting this entire area up.

Unexpectedly seeing Ji Hao and the others rushing out of the whirlpool, these evil mermaids and mermen paused simultaneously, then opened their mouths and shouted out. They showed their sharp teeth and dashed towards Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

A strong spirit power that seemed to be as great as the will of the world itself came from not far away, and struck violently on the bodies of Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

Ji Hao growled and activated the sword formation and the four swords that he borrowed from Yu Yu, as quickly as he could. The sword formation roared across the entire area with a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, while the four long swords merged with it. Afterward, magical lights with four different colors dazzled straight up.

Billions of fierce streams of sword power screamed across. Those more than ten nests and thousands of evil mermaids and mermen slightly quivered before they turned into nothingness in an instant.

This area was lit up, as a divine light released from the sword formation was bright enough to lighten up the whole world.

Right in front of Ji Hao, an enormous ice pyramid, that had an angular shape, was silently floating in the water.

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