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Ji Hao floated inside the body of a spirit mother, looking at Starlight and those busy clansmen of hers through the transparent body of the spirit mother.

Except for biological reproduction, spirit mermaids and mermen could also be born straight from the quiet life divine fruits. These magically born spirit mermaids and mermen were more talented and promising than the others. When they matured, they would attain greater powers.

Normally, wherever quiet life divine flowers bloomed, a new clan of spirit mermaids and mermen would emerge. But this time, over ten-thousand quiet life divine flowers bloomed right above Starlight’s clan, generating thousands of star dolphins, tens of thousands of newborn spirit mermaids and mermen, along with six spirit mothers. These newborn creatures were meant to become members of Starlight’s clan.

Starlight and over a thousand of her clansmen had been excitedly doing all kinds of works by now. They were singing a beautiful melody while quickly swimming in the water. They came to those newborn spirit mermaids and mermen and touched their foreheads with their own.

Ji Hao saw that streams of cyan-white light came out from the eyes of Starlight and her clansmen, gently reaching into the confused eyes of those newborns. A while later, the eyes of those newborn star dolphins and spirit mermaids and mermen turned clear and smart, and one could also find intimacy from their looks.

Behind every single one of Starlight’s clansmen, a few newborn star dolphins and a group of spirit mermaids and mermen had been following. These newborns had still been curiously glancing around.

They happily swam around in the water, split the water with their long tails, and stirred up waves of glowing ripples. Meanwhile, elders in Starlight’s clan surrounded the six newborn spirit mothers, and pressed their hands on the enormous bodies of these spirit mothers. Many ancient-styled spell symbols emerged from the surface of the transparent bodies of these spirit mothers. These elders had been singing a simple and ancient-style song while gently and slowly swaying their tails.

Gradually, the tentacles of these enormous spirit mothers began swaying along with the fish tails of those elders with the same frequency, starting beautiful streams of glow in the water.

These newborn spirit mothers let out clear and silvery sings, hearing which, the one Ji Hao had been staying in and the other two happily sang as well. The nine spirit mothers sang gently, responding to each other while having streams of splendid glow flash across their bodies. It looked like a breathtaking rain of shooting stars.

Soon, the nine spirit mothers gathered together, touching each other with their tentacles while connecting their enormous bodies.

Ji Hao sensed the happiness that came deeply from the hearts of these beautiful creatures. He raised his head and looked at this spirit mother that he stayed in, for quite a while, yet failed to find the brain and internal organs of this enormous transparent creature.

Magical creatures, one just could not measure them with the features of those fleshy creatures back in Pan Gu world.

Tens of thousands of newborn spirit mermaids, mermen, and star dolphins had joined Starlight’s clan. They lined up orderly and swam into the bodies of the nine spirit mothers. Then, the bodies of the spirit mothers slightly swelled and shrunk, letting out rapid streams of water from their huge mouth parts, pushing their enormous bodies into the deeper water.

Starlight came to Ji Hao, happily talking to him with her silvery voice.

Ji Hao understood her. Starlight was happy for the expansion of her clan. Tens of thousands of newborn spirit mermaids and mermen all joined Starlight’s clan without getting harmed by a little bit. This was a great happy thing that had never happened before. As for those over a thousand great weapons that came out from the divine fruits, Starlight seemed to not pay much attention to them. Even though those weapons were all at the level above world-accompanying spirit treasures, these simple and honest spirit mermaids and mermen didn’t value weapons that much.

Starlight talked smilingly with a bird-song-like voice, and Ji Hao patiently listened to her.

Before, the appearance of quiet life divine flowers was completely random. Therefore, clans of spirit mermaid and mermen could hardly ever witness those flowers blooming, not to mention tens of thousands of flowers blooming all at one. Those spirit mermaids and mermen didn’t even hear about things like this before.

Divine flowers bloomed and new star dolphins and spirit mermaid and mermen were born, this was a wonderful thing to the clans of spirit mermaids and mermen. However, to newborn spirit mermaid and mermen, this wasn’t a good thing. They were new to this world and didn’t know how to protect themselves and how to seek for food. Therefore, normally, among a hundred newborn spirit mermaids and mermen and star dolphins, only three to five could manage to survive. They would then join existing clans of spirit mermaid and mermen and become new members of those clans.

This time, those divine flowers bloomed right upon the nest of Starlight’s clan, which allowed all newborns to join the clan without being harmed at all. Guided by Starlight and her clansmen, these newborns would be able to learn to use their powers soon.

After absorbing these newborn creatures, Starlight’s clan would become a top-grade large clan. Thus, the evil mermaid and mermen clan with the population in hundreds, that Ji Hao had encountered with, would no longer be a threat.

A top-grade large clan of mermaids and mermen, that had tens of thousands of spirit mermaid and mermen, thousands of star dolphins and nine spirit mothers, could be powerful enough to protect themselves in this world. However, before completely absorbing these newborn members, Starlight’s clan was still weak, because newborn spirit mermaid and mermen and star dolphin weren’t able to protect themselves. Therefore, they had to go deep into the water area, and seek their ancestors’ protection.

"Your ancestors’ protection?" asked Ji Hao in a surprise while looking at Starlight, "Your ancestors are still alive?"

Starlight confusedly looked at Ji Hao. They communicated through the language magic. Therefore, Ji Hao couldn’t make Starlight understand the exact meaning of every single word he said after he transformed his language into soul power vibration. Neither could Starlight answer his question with the most appropriate words.

A while later, Starlight seriously nodded and said, "Alive, also dead. An ancestor, countless ancestors, powerful ancestor…We can’t go find them whenever we want… only under this kind of circumstances, we can go seek the ancestors’ protection."

Narrowing her eyes, Starlight continued with a solemn look, "In the place of our ancestors, my honored guest, please be quiet. Do not offend asleep ancestors… Otherwise, we will all be punished by our ancestors."

Po swam in with airy moves. On hearing Starlight, he smilingly nodded.

Nine enormous spirit mothers continued moving downwards into deeper areas. They moved fast, and according to Ji Hao’s estimation, they could dive down for tens of thousands of miles within every two hours.

Three days passed like this, and the surrounding area was all dark now, with the only glow being released from the nine spirit mothers.

This boring journey made Ji Hao quite helpless. In this world of water, Ji Hao couldn’t even cultivate himself.

Another big half a day had passed, and finally, Ji Hao saw a cyan-white light shining from down below. He activated all of his eye power and looked down. Then once again, he was genuinely shocked by this magical world.

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