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The quiet life divine flowers were still blooming. The dense streams of life-force were like intelligent creatures, automatically merging with the bodies of Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

Obviously, the life-force released from these flowers liked Gui Ling and her six disciples especially, because thirty-percent of all the life-force released from over ten-thousand flowers merged with their bodies, and twenty percent chose to be absorbed by Gui Ling.

Po delightfully smiled and nodded. He could clearly sense that Gui Ling’s power had been improving continuously. The already sturdy foundation of Gui Ling’s cultivation had now turned even sturdier.

A glowing stream of light of Dao rose from Gui Ling’s head. Inside the water-clear stream of light, a fist-sized spirit Dan was spinning. A giant amount of life-force ceaselessly merged with this spirit Dan, and a strong sense of life was released from it gradually.

Crack! Like a tender shoot breaking its cover on a spring night, the spirit Dan cracked into countless light spots and dispelled. Next, a thumb-sized, adorable black tiny turtle floated in the light of Dao. It abruptly raised its head and let out an immature, yet already strong and resonant roar.

"Forming the second body and the second primordial spirit?!" Ji Hao had never seen Po being shocked like this, as Po suddenly, widely opened his eyes. Those eyes had almost popped out from the eye sockets. In a great shock, he looked at the tiny black turtle floating above Gui Ling’s head, while tremblingly pointing at it, and couldn’t say a word for quite a while.

"Forming the second body and the second primordial spirit!" Gui Ling also had her eyes popped widely out, while staring at Po in both shock and confusion. She then glanced at Po, shook her head and said, "Shifu once said that the cultivation foundation of mine was way too great. Therefore, I can only cultivate this spirit Dan of mine as my spirit treasure. But if I want to turn it into the second body of mine, that would be nearly impossible, without an especially severe cultivation."

Ji Hao quickly searched through all the knowledge taught by Yu Yu in his head, and finally found some information regarding ‘forming the second body and the second primordial spirit’.

After carefully recalling this part of knowledge that he learned from Yu Yu’s scriptures, Ji Hao felt that his blood was even boiling, and his eyes had even turned slightly red. This was indeed an amazing fortune. Gui Ling was truly the one who gained the greatest benefit in this journey.

So-called ‘forming the second body and the second primordial spirit’ was a top-grade, supreme magic of Dao, created by Yu Yu and his two brothers. Only those especially powerful prehistorical creatures, who had amazing backgrounds and were born with extremely powerful spirit treasures, could be qualified enough to cultivate themselves with this magic of Dao. Simply speaking, a cultivator needed to cultivate his or her accompanying spirit treasure into the second him or herself with immeasurably great efforts.

The second self was tightly related to the original self. They could share a mind, but were completely independent. Every detail of the two selves was exactly the same, from the physical body to the soul, from the cultivation foundation to the talents. The minds of the two selves were exactly the same as well. Additionally, the powers and cultivations of the two selves could be gathered together. This meant that the cultivation of this cultivator would be a hundred percent more efficient than before after he or she attained the second self.

More importantly, if one of these two selves fell, the other one wouldn’t be affected at all. On the contrary, the other self would immediately attain all powers and cultivation of the fallen self. Therefore, the power wouldn’t be weakened. Instead, it would improve by over one-hundred percent.

Such a powerful magic was something only a few among Yu Yu’s disciples had the qualification to learn. But Gui Ling was the very first one among Yu Yu’s disciples who had successfully learned this magic. This was the very first time even for Po to witness the second self of a cultivator.

Ji Hao popped up his eyes, and couldn’t help but laughed loudly out while grabbing Gui Ling’s sleeve and saying, "Sister, you’re so lucky! Congratulations my sister! Sister, the God and devil water bombs you secretly made, please give me tens of those as a gift! Otherwise, I will be unhappy!"

Gui Ling grinningly nodded, took out a small bag and delightfully threw it to Ji Hao as she said, "You can have it, you can have it! Hehe, hehe… hehe!"

Gui Ling’s laughter now sounded even a bit silly. Yu Yu said that she could never easily learn this magic without an especially severe cultivation. But just now, she did that so quickly in this world. Gui Ling didn’t even dream that she could attain such a great fortune. She was so happy right now that she grinned, even squeezing her eyes into a pair of curved lines.

Ji Hao grinningly grabbed the small bag, scanned through it with his spiritual space and found at least three to five hundred fist-sized, cyan-colored bombs contained in it. Instantly, Ji Hao carefully put the small bag into his sleeve with satisfaction.

This God and devil water bomb was a special type of bomb invented by Gui Ling. This type of bomb could silently destroy the enemies’ primordial spirits in a moment and silently, with a destructive power. These bombs were extremely lethal, and could be counted as the most mysterious and quietest thunder magic among all thunder magics mastered by Yu Yu’s disciples.

This type of bomb was not easy to make. Usually, Gui Ling would only make a few to give to her disciples for protection. Today, Ji Hao gained so many water bombs from her. This proved that Gui Ling was seriously in a good mood now because of this great surprise.

Gui Ling let out a loud series of laughter, then pointed her finger forward. The tiny turtle roared slightly while swaying her head and tail, then transformed into a thin stream of water and disappeared.

This tiny turtle had the same power and cultivation as Gui Ling did, and she was generated by the magical life-force of this world. Therefore, she could move freely in this world without any difficulty, and was even safer than Gui Ling. Gui Ling let her go to wander in this world and cultivate herself freely, without needing to worry about her safety at all.

Po smilingly cupped his hands towards Gui Ling to congratulate her, then her disciples came to Gu Ling to congratulate her as well. Seeing all these, those spirit mermaids and mermen curiously stared at them. They didn’t know how Gui Ling made that tiny turtle so suddenly, and why did the sense of power releasing from her body change.

In this very moment, a magical change happened to those, tens of thousands of quiet life divine flowers.

Once the second primordial spirit of Gui Ling was born, all quiet life divine flowers shrunk, their petals withering. Meanwhile, no life-force could be sensed anymore. Instead, a faint aroma spread out. What happened next was a hundred-meter-radius fruit quickly growing out beneath each flower.

In around a quarter of an hour, loud popping noise could be heard without an end, as those fruits burst open, transformed into purple light spots, and merged with the water. Numerous healthy star dolphins happily dashed out from those fruits, then groups of spirit mermaids and mermen slowly swam out. These newborn mermaids and mermen still had confusion in their eyes.

Ji Hao and the other cultivators popped their eyes out in a great shock once again. Were these star dolphins and spirit mermaids and mermen actually born from the quiet life divine flowers? No wonder Starlight said that these flowers were the origin of life.

A while later, a few extra large fruits cracked. These fruits were only over a hundred meters in radius, but six enormous spirit mothers were spurted out from them. These spirit mothers stretched their long and soft tentacles, letting large clouds of glistering glow spread speedily in the water.

Along with a buzzing noise, the last thousand fruits cracked. From them, countless long spears and swords and blades flew out, along with a beautiful watery light.

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