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What appeared before Ji Hao’s eyes was a land.

The land was formed from ice, perfectly smooth and flat. The cyan-white ice was clear and transparent, completely flawless, that one could see through it with a single glance. Down below, the boundless land with an unknown thickness had been glowing with a faint cyan-white light, giving a magical peaceful feeling that made Ji Hao feel even his soul wasn’t willing to move at all.

If that were simply an ice land, Ji Hao wouldn’t be so amazed. After all, he had seen too many magical scenes back in Pan Gu world, such as floating lands, mountains, and all kinds of dangerous yet wonderful places. An ice land was far from enough to shock him.

What made Ji Hao largely open his eyes and hold his breath, disabling him from saying any word for quite a while, were things inside the ice land.

Those were countless spirit mermaids and mermen, huddling their bodies and silently lying inside the boundless Ice land, with peaceful smiles on their faces. They were with the same pose, the same look, and the spacing distance between each of them was also exactly the same.

The tremendous ice land was divided into countless cells, which were around three meters in square. In the middle of each cell was a smiling spirit mermaid or merman. Numerous spirit mermaids and mermen were smilingly inlaid in the ice land, which had no visible boundary.

Ji Hao’s fine hair straightened up one after another while staring at those spirit mermaids and mermen, which were inlaid in the ice. He spread out his strong spirit power and scanned the area with a radius of ten-thousand miles. His spirit power easily drilled deeply into the ice, and scanned across the bodies of those spirit mermaid and mermen over and over again.

These spirit mermaids and mermen were dead. Their bodies had already turned into a jade-like material, but their heads remained in the state between alive and dead, because a jelly-like tissue that was contained in the brain of each of them.

Slight soul power vibration had been releasing from the brain of each of these spirit mermaids and mermen, and the soul power vibration released from all of them were exactly the same. Through his spiritual power, Ji Hao found that these soul power vibrations released from the brains of these spirit mermaids and mermen had merged perfectly into one. Or in other words, the jelly-like brains of these spirit mermaid and mermen, which were inlaid in the ice land, had already formed a unity, which was an organism in itself.

Elders of Starlight’s clan swam out from a spirit mother with a group of clansmen, who possessed relatively higher social status, following behind. These group of people carefully reached to the ice land, with some things, that Ji Hao couldn’t really identify, held in their hands.

Those elders began singing that beautiful song again while gently swaying their tails, and placing the glowing things held in their hands on the ice land. Magical light streams came up from deep inside the ice land and wrapped around the glowing things, which were placed on the ice. Then, all of those glowing objects disappeared.

The heads of those spirit mermaids and mermen lying inside the Ice land sparked with a faint light simultaneously. Next, the soul power vibration released from their bodies was instantly improved. The soul power vibration released from countless spirit mermaids and mermen gathered together, eventually turning into an incomparably strong and dreadful spirit power.

This spirit power seemed to be as powerful as the will of the world itself. It covered the bodies of all spirit mermaids and mermen, star dolphins and spirit mothers. Then, Starlight and her clansmen all smiled, seeming to be happy, relaxed and conformable. They felt safe now, just like babies returning to the arms of their mothers.

A magical humming came from deep inside the ice land. The melody was slow and beautiful, making people want to sleep so much, just like the lullaby that Ji Hao heard back in his previous life.

Po, Ji Hao, Gui Ling and the other cultivators were all disabled from moving at the moment. That spirit power was way too strong, and even powerful beings like Po and Gui Ling could not resist. Po seemed to be quite struggling, as he sent a message to Ji Hao and Gui Ling with difficulty by using his own spirit power, a spirit power which was only slightly weaker than Yu Yu’s spirit power.

In the next moment, this spirit power surged into Ji Hao’s spiritual spaces like a flood. Following that, a warm and gentle voice sounded in the spiritual spaces of Ji Hao and the other cultivators. As this voice came, Starlight and her clansmen had all fallen into a deep sleep.


The warm and peaceful voice said word by word, especially slowly. Along with his voice, the brains of all spirit mermaids and mermen laying in the ice sparkled with the same frequency, like countless fireflies.

Ji Hao tried his best to look at this ice land, and even showed his teeth. With his eye power, he could see things over ten-thousand miles away with a glance. But now, matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see the bounds of this ice land. Spirit mermaids or mermen was sealed in this ice land in every nine cubic meters, then exactly how many spirit mermaids and mermen were sealed in the ice?

"May I ask your name?" said Po with a gentle voice.

This spirit power communicated directly with the primordial spirits of Ji Hao and the other cultivators. Therefore, this conversation was made with spirit power vibrations, and it happened extremely fast. Everyone in this conversation could immediately get each other’s meaning.


"If…you…have…to…know…Mother Spirit…"

Sparkling images were sent into Ji Hao’s mind, that allowed Ji Hao to ‘witness’ the scenes that happened when this world was created.

A beautiful mermaid floated upon an enormous water sphere, with a bottle held in her left hand and a bead in her right hand. These two dazzlingly shining treasures fiercely struck on the gray water sphere. Then, eye-piercing light burst out, and a world with surging water was created with this single move.

The beautiful mermaid sat on a transparent lotus with her tail coiled, while sparkling and sticky blood dripped down from her mouth’s corner. But she was smiling, gratifyingly looking at the world she created.

Nevertheless, before her smile faded, a large group of oddly shaped Chaos creatures roared over from the Chaos void and launched waves of attack to this mermaid.

After a great war, the mermaid’s body was destroyed, and only her true spirit was left existing. However, those Chaos creatures were mostly killed by her, and only an especially powerful one had half a body remained.

This powerful creature launched the last, fiercest attack with its remaining half body and all of its power, splitting the true spirit of the mermaid into two; they were colored blue-purple and cyan-white. Afterwards, the two dimly glowing spheres of light quickly merged in the storm.

"All…spirit mermaids and mermen…are me…not me…born by me…should die in me…"

"When…spirit mermaids and mermen…tired in the heart…return…to…Holy Land…merge back in me…"

"All spirits…into one…not alive…not dead…eternal…lonely…"

Without any change of tone, the peaceful voice stated the truth of this world.

"This world…is…a dream…of mine…no…more…power of…creation…"

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