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The evil mermaid girl led hundreds of fierce mermaids and mermen and rushed out of the water surface.

Fierce waves and roaring whirlpools disappeared abruptly, leaving hundreds of water columns standing on the still water surface. Each column had an evil mermaid or merman sitting on it. They wielded their weapons, widely opened their mouths, and showed their sharp teeth while letting out shrill screams, which were not pleasant to hear.

Over a hundred large creatures with long tentacles on their faces hovered and bumped into each other in the water. From time to time, they waved their long tentacles and slapped loudly on the water surface, making the water splash.


An elderly evil merman, who was strong and muscular, with slightly dark skin, gave a deep roar towards the mermaid girl.

The mermaid girl confusingly glanced around. Just now, right in this area, Ji Hao snatched her precious bead and wounded her with the nine suns spear. But now, when she brought her clansmen to take revenge, where were those strangely-shaped living beings?

Angrily waving her long spear, the evil mermaid girl pointed at the water surface and released a strong stream of cold power. It froze the water surface of the entire area with a radius of hundreds of miles into thick ice.


Another strong evil merman, who seemed to be in the middle of his life, showed his teeth furiously while growling at the girl. Abruptly, he flicked his tail, leaped to the top of the water column where the mermaid girl sat on, then threw a heavy slap on her face.

The evil mermaid girl let out shrill screams, then raised her long spear and lunged towards the strong evil merman. Another few evil mermen leaped up together, circling up the one who slapped the girl, with their eyes sparkling with the light of sexual desire. They even quivered when they glanced at the evil mermaid girl.

High up in the air, the group of people with simple and coarse clothes had been looking down at this group of evil mermaids and mermen, who were now fighting against each other.

"Poor, pathetic… They are so talented, yet have no intelligence, and can only struggle in this world, like wild beasts. Indeed, the lives of all living creatures are bitter." That fat man sighed slightly, then grinned and said to the tall and slim one, "Brother Kong Chan, do you think we can cultivate these local creatures?"

The tall and slim man narrowed his eyes, gave a faint smile while a magical flow of light moved inside his eyes, and said, "Brother Bao Xiang, since you value their talents, this is their fortune. With your power, even a rock can learn to nod its head, not to mention these creatures."

The fat man, who was called Bao Xiang, humbly nodded, then rubbed his hands. His hands were then wrapped up by a soft layer of golden light, as he smiled and said, "In this case, my Cloud Floating Sea can just use some guards, and these creatures fit my needs."

He said that he needed some guards for his place, but when he looked at those evil mermaids and mermen, his eyes had been fixed on their weapons all the time.

The weapons belonged to these furious evil mermaids and mermen, who were more like wild beasts, were all top-grade pieces. Every single one of those weapons had been shining with a bright, splendid light, while releasing a strong power vibration. These weapons were all great treasures, and even the worst one was above the level of world-companying spirit treasures.

If Bao Xiang could truly turn these local creatures into his guards, that would be wonderful, as he could gain both these powerful creatures and those valuable weapons. Bao Xiang grinned brightly while he flashed across the air and descended from the sky, floating above the water surface less than three-hundred meter high. Stately and gently, he smiled and said to those evil mermaids and mermen, "My friends, the great masters of our sect are immeasurably powerful. We have our gate widely open, and we are willing to have all living creatures to join us, to enjoy the endless peace and happiness."

Taking a long gasp, Bao Xiang had a splendid glow released from his head. Within the golden glow, a four-tusked silver elephant was faintly visible. Carried on the back of the silver elephant was an exquisite, well-designed bottle, with dim streams of multicolored lights rippling around the bottleneck.

Surrounded by the golden glow, Bao Xiang seemed to be especially tall and sturdy. His skin was snow-white, and had a pearl-like luster, while his entire body shone with a multicolored light, as if that body was made from the glaze. Seriously, he looked just like a divine god descending from the heaven. Back in some primitive clans in Pan Gu world, he would definitely be worshiped by those clansmen.

Nevertheless, things were different in the eyes of these evil mermaids and mermen. The fleshy body, snow-white skin of Bao Xiang, and the faintly sensible scent of sandalwood releasing from his body made the saliva of those evil mermaids and mermen flow out of their mouth corners in large streams. Tens of evil mermaids and mermen roared out simultaneously while straightening their long spears, fiercely lunging towards Bao Xiang.

Evil mermaids and mermen were the most powerful race, the domineering race in this world. They were at the top of the food chain of this world. To these evil mermaids and mermaids, who tended to do everything instinctively, any creature that looked different from them could be counted as food. Bao Xiang looked so different, but those evil mermaids and mermen saw him as nothing more but a new type of food.

Long spears tore the air apart, while countless ice thorns, ice daggers and sharp gusts of wind roared towards Bao Xiang.

Bao Xiang sighed slightly while slightly parting his both hands. Instantly, a thin layer of golden light, that contained a sweet scent of sandalwood, descended from the sky, and covered him up like an enormous light column. Tens of Divine-Magus-level evil mermaids and mermen, who possessed amazing physical strengths, fiercely attacked the protective golden light of Bao Xiang. Large ripples were stirred up from the thin layer of golden light, and generated countless round-shaped golden glows. Yet the storm-like wave of attacks launched by those evil mermaids and mermen was sturdily blocked.

Large spheres of golden glow were released from the protective golden light. Then, the golden light spun in the air and transformed into numerous golden lotuses three meters in radius.

Hundreds of golden lotuses released mountain-heavy power vibrations while airily moving through the air. Each lotus flew to above the head of an evil mermaid or mermen, released a faint golden light, and shrouded their bodies.

Those evil mermaids and mermen screamed in panic, madly waving their weapons to strike the golden light. Those golden lotuses vibrated intensively, letting out slight cracking noise from time to time. But abruptly, a golden pestle abruptly appeared in Bao Xiang’s hands. He sat in the midair with crossed legs, gently waving the pestle. Meanwhile, the golden light released from those golden lotuses grew brighter, and the sealing and suppressing power of the golden light was raised by a hundred times.

From the air, a spell-incasing voice, that sounded coming from countless people, could be heard. These evil mermaids and mermen felt that billions of people had squeezed into their ears, while murmuring the same sentence to them — Come join us, you will be so happy!

These evil mermaids and mermen were just like wild beasts, that everything they did would be based on their instincts. Their soul powers and spiritual powers weren’t so great. Therefore, facing the powerful magic cast by Bao Xiang, tens of evil mermaids and mermen threw their weapons away and began kowtowing to Bao Xiang with solemn faces, only in the span of a few breaths.

"You are indeed fortunate creatures!" Bao Xiang smiled so gently and warmly as he slightly waved the pestle. Following his move, those obedient evil mermaids and mermen coiled their fish tails and began devoutly incanting the same spell, which was created by Bao Xiang.

One after another, more evil mermaids and mermen dropped their weapons and kowtowed to Bao Xiang.

Back in the air, the seventeen people, who were led by Kong Chan, enviously looked at Bao Xiang. Hundreds of powerful guards and so many great treasures, Bao Xiang had indeed attained a great harvest this time, that could even make the others drool.

A quarter of an hour later, all evil mermaid and mermen were brought under control by Bao Xiang, obediently kneeling in front of him and daring not to move.

"Good, good, good, just find these people for me." Bao Xiang smiled as a golden light screen emerged in front of him, showing the images of Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

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