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The three stunningly beautiful enormous creatures were like the most beautiful elves in a dream.

Ji Hao widely opened his eyes, quietly appreciating the smooth and beautiful lines of their bodies, looking at waves of glow gently spreading out in the water from their long and slim tentacles.

Same as the evil mermaid girl, Starlight and her clansmen, as well as these three enormous jelly fishes, had perfectly merged with the surrounding environment, such that Ji Hao couldn’t sense anything from them. However, their beauty and relaxed movements made Ji Hao feel that they were quiet and peaceful creatures, as beautiful as orchids blooming in a wild valley.

"Spirit mother!" Faintly sensible soul power vibrations came over, as Starlight told Ji Hao the name of the three enormous creatures.

Spirit mermaids and mermen called these enormous jelly fishes ‘spirit mother’. They were accompanying creatures of the spirit mermaids and mermen. They were not so good at attacking, yet they had a pretty great defensive power. They moving speed was amazing, and in addition to that, as long as they had enough energy, they could create teleporting whirlpools and send all spirit mermaids and mermen to far away, along with themselves.

Because of the existences of these spirit mothers, spirit mermaids and mermen managed to survive till present, under the crazy predation of those evil mermaids and mermen.

More amazingly, spirit mothers were able to absorb the essence water power and generate a ‘spirit mother magic liquid’ inside their own bodies. The liquid contained strong life-force, with which, no matter how badly spirit mermaids and mermen were injured, as long as they could still breathe, they would be able to quickly recover by soaking in the spirit mother magic liquid timely.

In the middle of the head of each enormous spirit mother was a small space hundred-meters in radius, that had been glowing with a dreamy light. Contained in the space was a magically glistering liquid, which was nothing but the spirit mother magic liquid.

Inside the body of the spirit mother, which was the nearest one to Ji Hao, a few spirit mermaids and mermen, who had their bodies broken, had been soaking in the liquid. Their bodies were wrapped in a soft layer of light, and Ji Hao saw that their broken bodies had been slowly growing back out.

"What a magical and beautiful creature." praised Ji Hao sincerely.

Gui Ling satisfyingly nodded, delightfully glanced at Starlight, then looked at the other spirit mermaids and mermen, who had been talking to their clansmen which came out from the nest to welcome them. Based on their talents, these spirit mermaids and mermen could all be counted as top-grade geniuses, if they cultivated themselves in Gui Ling’s way. The six disciples of Gui Ling who followed her to this world were already top-grade ones, and they were all powerful aquatic creatures. However, compared with these spirit mermaids and mermen, the six disciples were still slightly weaker in the both terms of talent and potential.

If Gui Ling could take these spirit mermaids and mermen as disciples, as a faction of the sect which was founded by Yu Yu and his two brothers, Gui Ling could definitely improve largely, and become the strongest branch among all under Yu Yu’s guidance.

"Sister, it’s a great opportunity, and a great fortune." Po smilingly stood aside. With admiration, he looked at these spirit mermaids and mermen, but without any jealousy. As he said, this was Gui Ling’s opportunity and destiny.

A few elders of these spirit mermaids and mermen swam over and cordially invited Ji Hao and the other cultivators to come into the bodies of those spirit mothers to rest.

Other than the spirit mother magic liquid, the life-force and spirit power contained inside the bodies of spirit mothers were both much denser and stronger than the outside. On staying inside the bodies of these spirit mothers, both the physical bodies and the souls could be perfectly nourished and healed. Those elders had been seeing Ji Hao and the other cultivators as reliable friends and honored guests. Otherwise, a clan of a spirit mermaids and mermen would never easily invite any outsider into their own nest, as they depended on their nest for survival.

Ji Hao and the other cultivators grinningly thanked those elders, then slowly moved towards the beautiful and enormous spirit mothers together. Those spirit mothers seemed to know that those captured clansmen had safely returned, as a constantly changing, splendid glow was released from their bodies. Their long tentacles waved happily, as if they were welcoming Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

The three spirit mothers opened their mouthparts, that looked like silently bloomed flowers. Their mouthparts were the only entrances into their bodies.

When Ji Hao and the other cultivators were going to enter into a spirit mother’s body through the long path of the mouthpart, gentle streams of light shone upon their heads, while strong and refreshing waves of life-force suffused the entire space.

Ji Hao raised his head and looked at tens, hundreds, then thousands of extremely beautiful flowers blooming right above their heads. He was stunned completely.

These flowers were shaped like the lily, with thin and transparent petals and a light purple color. In the dark water area, these flowers glowed with a dim light. These flowers were huge, each flower being three-hundred meters in radius, and the petals were thickly covered in tiny light spots.

Without any sign, these flowers bloomed gorgeously in this empty and dark water area, delivering a soul-shaking beauty.

Soft yet strong vines seemed to reach out directly from the water, with those tremendous flowers quietly blooming on these vines. Large spheres of glow puffed out from the pistils, following which, strong life-force condensed into visible, glistering streams, flowing towards the three enormous spirit mothers, thousands of spirit mermaids and mermen and Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

Ji Hao hesitated for a second, then while sensing the refreshing life-force, loosened his tightened nerves and shut down the defense of his body, letting the beautiful glow streams flow into his body.

Soft and cool streams of life-force merged into Ji Hao’s body. No digestion was needed, as this strong life-force was absorbed by Ji Hao’s body immediately. Ji Hao’s meridians and Magus Acupoints began strengthening and expanding speedily, and within the blink of an eye, his body condition was improved by at least thirty percent, while his physical power was improved by around fifty percent.

What shocked Ji Hao even more was that after absorbing this magical life-force, the seed of Dao of sun floating in his spiritual space had turned hundred percent larger than before!

Not only Ji Hao, Po, Gui Ling and the six disciples of Gui Ling were all staring at these beautiful flowers in a daze. Apparently, Po and Gui Ling had also gained great benefits, that improved their powers at a soaring rate.

Based on the cultivation-level of Po and Gui Ling, even swallowing tons of precious natural materials couldn’t improve their powers and cultivations by a slight little bit. However, as this magical life-force merged with their bodies, their powers and cultivations were both improved largely.

"This…this…" Even Po, who had seen countless rare and precious things in the universe, couldn’t tell the name of these flowers.

"Quiet life divine flowers, the origin of the life." Starlight looked at these flowers devoutly. Tears sparkled in her beautiful eyes as she continued, "Honored guests, you brought the luck and fortune to our clan. So many quiet life divine flowers… nothing like this had ever happened even in the oldest legends."

Ji Hao remained silent. Luck and fortune?

Did they truly bring any luck and fortune? Ji Hao could swear that if he released his power now, this world would crazily strike him with the fiercest thunder and lightning. These quiet life divine flowers did not bloom for them.

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