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Over a thousand dolphin-like fishes moved quickly in the water. As they slightly flipped their strong tails, their faintly glowing, cyan-white bodies could be pushed forwards for miles.

The cyan-white glow released from their bodies had a magical effect. No matter how fast they moved, Ji Hao, who was sitting on the back of one of them, couldn’t feel any resistance from the water.

Gui Ling sat on the back of an extra large fish with her legs crossed. Around her body, a dim watery light had been coiling in streams. She was silently sensing and analyzing the cyan-white glow of the fish with a secret magic taught by Yu Yu. Faintly, a cyan-white light sparkled under Gui Ling’s skin, judging from which, Gui Ling had gained some understanding regarding this magical glow.

Po was also sitting on the back of a large fish, smilingly chatting with a merman, who seemed to be an elderly man. Ji Hao hadn’t mastered the language magic yet, but Po had almost traveled across the entire Pan Gu world in the past countless years, and had become a genuine master of that language magic long ago. He created a few magic seeds of the language magic, and with an enlightening magic, he planted them in the heads of a few mermaids and mermen, who seemed to be the leaders of the troop. Thus, Ji Hao and the other cultivators could all smoothly communicate with the few mermaids and mermen.

Not far away from Ji Hao, the mermaid girl who commanded the troop to launch the sneak attack and saved the group of kidnaped mermaids and mermen, slightly leaned her body towards Ji Hao while curiously looking at him with a large and watery pair of eyes, speaking with a bird-song-like voice.

Ji Hao still couldn’t understand the girl’s language, but with the language magic, he could get the girl’s meaning, and translate her language into the human language in his head.

The girl and her clansmen, these smaller shaped, human-sized mermaids and mermen, called themselves ‘spirit mermaids and mermen’. They were intelligent, and had developed a mature language system over a long period of time. They had invented words, and created their own civilization.

Those larger-shaped mermaids and mermen, who had thick layers of sharp teeth in their mouths and thorns and fins on their backs, were called ‘evil mermaids and mermen’.

These two types of mermaids and mermen looked almost the same from the outside. Their natural abilities were the same as well, but evil mermaids and mermen had completely no intelligence. Instead, they were a group of scary, blood-thirsty beasts. Evil mermaids and mermen tended to do everything instinctively. Besides cruel predation, they would do nothing but mate and reproduce day and night.

If the food resources were richer, based on the crazily high reproducing-rate of those evil mermaids and mermen, this ocean, which was called ‘Mother Sea’ by those spirit mermaids and mermen, would have been filled with evil mermaids and mermen long ago.

What made spirit mermaids and merman fear and helpless was that evil mermaids and mermen had strong desires for food, and the brains of spirit mermaids and mermen were the favorite food of those evil mermaids and mermen.

For countless years, because of the hunting and retaliation that happened between these two races, countless different-scaled wars had burst.Those evil mermaids and mermen could always slightly suppress these spirit mermaids and mermen. Therefore, spirit mermaids and mermen had been hunted by evil mermaids and mermen all these years.

The group of beautifully shaped large fishes moved forward quickly in the water. During the journey, Ji Hao had been talking with the girl with a low voice. He learned this mermaid girls’ name — Starlight.

Starlight was especially honest and simple, or in other words, all spirit mermaids and mermen were simple and honest. Ji Hao and the other cultivators broke the nest of evil mermaids and mermen and helped them saving their clansmen, who were kidnapped. Therefore, these spirit mermaids and mermen now saw Ji Hao and the other cultivators as good friends.They invited Ji Hao and the other cultivators to ride on their mounts without any hesitation or doubt, which were called ‘star dolphins’, and come to their nest.

After moving forwards for over twenty-thousand miles, rapid water flowing sound could be heard from the front.

Looking from a long distance away, an enormous whirlpool floated in the water like a funnel. Around the dark whirlpool, countless different-sized undercurrents surged ragingly, generating thousands of tiny, barely visible whirlpools.

Starlight and her people drove their star dolphins carefully through tens of undercurrents. Then, an invisible whirlpool emerged in the front and swallowed all of them up, along with their star dolphins. Ji Hao felt that his body suddenly became weightless, then a faint watery light shone around him. In the next moment, they were pushed out from another whirlpool, after which, they arrived in a whole new water area.

Po abruptly sent his voice secretly into Ji Hao’s ears. He said that just now, when they were swallowed by the first whirlpool, Po had measured the change of their locations with a powerful magic. He found that within this short moment, as they entered into one whirlpool and came out from another, they had actually moved over thirty-thousand miles far.

An elderly spirit merman gave a deep shout, then took out a fist-sized, water-drop-shaped white crystal piece. He gently threw it into the whirlpool where they came out from. The spinning speed of this whirlpool instantly dropped, while it shrunk into around a hundred-meter in radius.

A faint ripple of space power flashed across the air, then disappeared without leaving a trace.

Po and Ji Hao glanced at each other. It seemed that what this elderly merman just did was sealing this whirlpool, that had a teleporting function. Thus, even if those evil mermaids and mermen could track them, they would never be able to come over through the teleporting whirlpools.

They kept moving forwards, and through three similar teleporting whirlpools, they were sent over one hundred thousand miles away. After that, Starlight and the other spirit mermaids and mermen showed relieved smiles.

With a silvery bird-song-like voice, Starlight grinningly explained to Ji Hao that, recently, they didn’t have enough food in the storage of their nest. Therefore, a batch of their clansmen took the risk to seek for food in further areas. But unfortunately, they were caught alive by evil mermaids and mermen.

Starlight and the others had already hidden around the nest of those evil mermaids and mermen for quite a few days. If those evil mermaids and mermen didn’t crazily rush out of their nest today, they wouldn’t be able to find a chance to rescue their captured clansmen. Fortunately, Ji Hao and the other cultivators showed up and helped them, and none of their clansmen were killed or injured as they successfully rescued all of their clansmen, which made them feel extremely lucky.

For preventing the search of those evil mermaids and mermen, spirit mermaids and mermen built their nest in an extreme depth underwater. This area was purely dark, and only those star dolphins had dim cyan-white glow releasing from their bodies.

However, on moving forwards for hundreds of miles, a faint white light lightened up the area, that had a radius of tens of miles.

Ji Hao held his breath, looking at the three stunningly beautiful creatures in a daze.

Those were three magical creatures, shaped like jellyfishes. These twenty to thirty miles long creatures were entirely transparent, with countless fist-sized, white light spots swaying and glowing on their light-blue bodies.

The three enormous creatures floated in the water and formed a triangle. Some smaller-shaped spirit mermaids and mermen, who were clearly immature, had been happily swimming in and out of the mouthparts of the three enormous, beautiful creatures.

Occasionally, one of these enormous creatures would slightly move its long tentacles. Then, their over ten miles long tentacles would stir up water currents and raise large clouds of breathtakingly beautiful, thin glowing mist, as splendid as polar lights.

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