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The insignificant sun in this world finally sank.

Ji Hao counted his own breaths, and found out that the daytime in this world was three times longer than the daytime of Pan Gu world.

After the dim and weak sun sank, dark blue stars emerged all over the sky. Blue streams of mist-like starlight descended from the air, pure and cold, without any impurities.

Gui Ling sat on the tallest spot of the warship with her mouth widely opened, happily inhaling the starlight. That was the purest pre-world power. Ever since human beings began existing in Pan Gu world and pre-world natural powers gradually got consumed, Gui Ling hadn’t inhaled such a pure pre-world negative power for many, many years.

Through every breath of hers, Gui Ling could inhale countless streams of blue star light, and after every single breath, the sense of power released from Gui Ling’s body would become stronger and deeper. Her power had been improving at an amazingly high rate, which could be clearly sensed by all others on the ship.

Ji Hao looked at Gui Ling while clicking his tongue in shock.

Pre-world negative power, Gui Ling was so lucky. Sadly, this extremely cold and pure negative power was completely useless to Ji Hao.

At the moment, Po had a square-shaped caldron floating around his head. Streams of starlight were sucked into the small caldron following a buzzing noise. The mist-like negative power streams rotated quickly in the caldron, gradually forming a foot-wide swirl.

The closer one got to the core area of the swirl, the greater was density of the negative power. Po sat on the head of the warship, with his fingers locked together while silently incanting a spell. Following his voice, fist-sized, dark-blue beads were condensed one after another, being stored in the large interspace of the small caldron.

The pre-world negative power wasn’t helpful to Po’s cultivation either. But back in Pan Gu world, it was extremely hard to find so much pre-world negative power that was so pure, except in some secret areas. This pre-world negative power was a wonderful material for crafting tools and weapons. For example, some flying swords with rare types of power had to be strengthened with the pre-world negative power to show their strongest effects.

Seeing Po’s moves, Ji Hao pondered briefly, then took out the Moho Staff and made it stand on the head of the warship.

Those gemstone eyes inlaid on the Moho Staff sparkled swiftly for a while, then all turned into dark-blue. Streams of dark light began gathering towards the staff, and gradually, all of the dark-blue starlight within the area a hundred thousand miles in radius gathered into a fierce hurricane, roaring towards the staff.

Gui Ling opened her eyes in shock. Sensing the surrounding pre-world negative power that had been growing denser and denser, she nodded and smiled.

Throwing a harsh glance at the six disciples of hers, who were also sitting on the deck and had been cultivating themselves, Gui Ling said, "What are you waiting for? Your Uncle Ji Hao cast a magic to gather the pre-world negative power for you to help you purify your primordial spirits and strengthen your powers. What a good chance! What are you waiting for by sitting there and doing nothing?"

The six disciples laughed together, then bowed towards Ji Hao, closed their eyes and soaked themselves in the pre-world negative power, which was turning denser and denser. The dark-blue starlight transformed into a sticky liquid that wrapped their bodies up. Without spending much of efforts, the pre-world negative power naturally surged into their bodies.

Around the Moho Staff, fist-sized, dark-blue crystals fell on the ground one after another, along with an endless series of clangs. Those dark-blue crystals fell on the deck and slid along the slight slant. Soon, a thick layer of negative power crystal was piled up on the deck of this ship.

Po gave a grin and said delightfully, "Indeed a great treasure, brother! You’re a lucky man!"

Ji Hao smiled and pointed at the staff, preparing to say some humble words. But a gentle wave then surged in from one side of the ship, within which, a crystal clear, transparent large hand reached over and grabbed a few pieces of crystal from the deck.

Po and Ji Hao quivered in shock simultaneously. Ji Hao was actually fine, because he understood that his power was limited and too many people were way more powerful than him. But Po was truly startled, because he failed to notice where and when did the large transparent hand come from. Both of them leaped straight up while looking at that gentle wave.

They saw a tiny spindrift stuck on one side of the ship, moving swiftly forwards along with the ship.

A beautiful girl, whose body was entirely blue and transparent, was sitting on the tiny spindrift, holding the few crystal pieces. She carefully looked at the few pieces of negative power crystal for a while, then happily opened her mouth and swallowed them up.

This girl had a human-like body and a fishlike tail, and was around three meters and six inches tall. Her face was no different from beautiful human girls, but when she opened her mouth to swallow the few crystals pieces, Ji Hao saw the layers of shark-like sharp teeth in her mouth. Those teeth made her beautiful face look slightly ferocious and scary.

More shockingly, Ji Hao scanned through this girl’s body with his spiritual power but gained no feedback through his spiritual power. Even though this girl was right in front of him, it was as if this girl was a part of the boundless ocean, with completely no difference from the water. Ji Hao circled this girl up with his spiritual power; his spiritual power reached every single corner around the girl, but still failed to grasp any trace of this girl’s existence.

Po’s look turned serious as well, as he failed to reach this girl with his spiritual power as well. Holding his left hand behind his body, Po silently cast a thunder magic, then raised his right hand and asked with a deep voice, "Lady, may I ask your name?"

Po’s voice was deep, strong and powerful; every single syllable had magically caused a vibration. This was a special magic, called ‘ten-thousand spirit holy language magic’. The magic caster could make a sound through the vibration of the soul instead of the vocal chords, and thus, the language of the magic caster could be transformed into a soul-language, that any creature in the universe could understand. With this magic, one could directly start a soul conversation with the target.

Back in Pan Gu world, spirit creatures which had just become conscious could often be found. Powerful beings needed to use this magic when they wanted to talk with these spirit creatures, who hadn’t yet learned the human language.

The girl popped out her eyes, looked at Po in confusion while picking up another few crystal pieces, grinding these extra hard crystal pieces into powder with her layers of sharp teeth.

After making a ‘quack’ like sound, the girl gave a grin-like facial expression.

She glanced at those crystals pieces on the deck, then glanced at the Moho staff standing on the deck, seeming to realize that this glowing staff was the source of these crystals. Without much of hesitation, she reached her hand out. Her slim arm extended suddenly as she attempted to grab the staff.

"Girl, this treasure is mine!" Ji Hao flashed across the air, shielding the staff behind his body while slapping the girl’s hand away.

The girl paused for a second, then suddenly raised her head and gave a resonant roar. Immediately, the surrounding water began boiling. Following a serious of long and sharp roars, a few whale-sized, transparent enormous beasts broke out from the water. They reached out tens of water-tank-thick, transparent tentacles towards Ji Hao and the others, along with a muffled swishing noise.

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