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When those tentacles swooshed down towards Ji Hao’s head, all large waves of whirlpools in the surrounding ocean surface with a radius of hundreds of miles disappeared. It was as if the powers of these waves and whirlpools had been drained by these beasts and transformed into immeasurably great shocking waves, striking towards Ji Hao and the others. Those long tentacles vibrated the air, creating visible, white air blasts.

Po and Gui Ling stood up simultaneously, while the six disciples of Gui Ling formed a small formation, each with a large black flag held in their hands. On those flags, patterns of waves, hurricanes, and thunderbolts had been sparkling quickly.

The formation was called ‘six-direction formation with the negative power’, a powerful formation, and was one of Gui Ling’s specialties.

The six of Gui Ling’s disciples, who were more powerful than Ji Hao, had joined their hands. They formed the formation with six pre-world magic flags, after which Gui Ling sat down in the middle of the formation to give orders. With this formation, the seven of them could easily deal with nearly a hundred enemies, bottle and kill the enemies.

Along with a clear roar, Gui Ling flashed across the air and disappeared in the formation. Immediately, streams of refreshing negative power surged out of the formation, quickly wrapping up the entire warship.

Po smiled and said, "Brother, go try their powers. Your sister Gui Ling and I will cover for you."

Ji Hao had already growled out and leaped up into the sky. His pair of fists glowed with a faint golden light while punching towards those tentacles like mountain-splicing axes. The move of Sky-opening had somehow become an instinct of Ji Hao, that in the air, the golden light stream brought up by every single punch Ji Hao launched had a magical, arc-shaped moving track.

The natural law in this world was not the same as the natural laws of Pan Gu world, but the eye of Dao of sun, which was crafted by Yu Yu himself, could still deliver countless functions. The move of Sky-Opening taught by the mysterious man was also a powerful one, and carried the ultimate meaning of the great Dao.

When the tens of transparent tentacles smashed down, Ji Hao clearly saw that on the surfaces of these tentacles were many sparkling, dim light spots and streams. These beasts were indeed powerful, and could absorb power from surrounding water, but their attacks were simple and straightforward, and were full of weaknesses.

"Break!" Ji Hao cast a deep growl. Meanwhile, his heavy punches landed on each tentacle, like shooting stars banging against the earth.

Faint golden fiery light flashed across the air and then disappeared. The few beasts howled in pain, their strong and sharp voice causing a piercing pain in everyone’s eardrums. Meanwhile, huge waves rose again in the surrounding area. The tens of tentacles were shattered simultaneously, turning into countless sticky, jelly-like spheres that fell on the deck of the warship, shaking nonstop.

These jelly-like things seemed so gross, yet with a researching spirit, Po picked a small piece up, put near his mouth and took a gentle bite, then chewed for a few times.

Po’s eyes shone instantly as he exclaimed with surprise, "Wonderful! These are not fleshy bodies. Instead, these are tangible essences, condensed from pure after-world essence water power! This, this, back in our world, this can be considered as a rather precious type of natural material."

Gui Ling leaned a big half of her body out from the formation, staring at the few thousands of meter long beasts with shining eyes.

Living creatures condensed from after-world essence water power? To Gui Ling and her disciples, this was much more important and useful than any other precious natural powers. With some small efforts, Gui Ling could turn these enormous beasts into a greatly powerful magic treasure with water power, that could improve the powers of her disciples largely.

Ji Hao laughed out instantly. He swung his arm backward and grasped in the air. Following his move, the Moho staff flew up while glowing with countless beams of dark-blue light and fell into Ji Hao’s hand. Raising the staff high, Ji Hao injected his spiritual power into it. After attaining the seed of Dao, Ji Hao’s spiritual power had grown hundreds of times greater than before. By now, he felt like his spiritual power was just like a fierce gale, that could sweep across the tens of thousands of miles in a moment. Inexhaustible water power gathered from all directions, coming under the control of the Moho staff.

Swooshing noises could then be heard, followed by which, over ten three-thousand-meters wide black hands descended from the sky, reaching towards the few enormous beasts along with a fierce coldness. The few beasts struggled and roared in rage, but the few enormous hands condensed from the water power under the control of the Moho staff were incredibly sturdy and powerful. Those beasts were forcibly grabbed out of the water by these gigantic hands.

Po laughed out loud. The small square-shaped caldron floating upon his head released a rapid stream of air, which coiled around these enormous beasts that were disabled from moving. Then, the air streams tightened up and dragged those beasts down towards the small caldron.

Within a few breaths, the few enormous beasts were sealed in the small caldron, no longer able to move.

Po grinned towards Gui Ling and said, "Sister Gui Ling, you can do whatever you want to these big ones when we return to our world."

After a short conversation and a series of laughter, they together turned back to the initiator of all this, the girl, who was sitting on the spindrift and had tried to snatch the Moho staff.

The girl was in a daze. She watched Ji Hao and Po deal with the beasts she called, and witnessed the great powers of Ji Hao, Po, and Gui Ling. Suddenly, she furiously pointed at Ji Hao, growled and yelled with a quacking sound, with her beautiful pair of eyes filled with fierceness. She opened her mouth and showed those layers of sharp teeth, which were shining with a cold light. Those teeth made her look like a hideous monster in a nightmare, that ordinary people would be frightened by merely looking at her.

Ji Hao also cast the language magic, that wasn’t practiced by him yet. With the language magic, he talked to the girl with a resonant and strong voice.

"Girl, we just met, but you tried to snatch my treasure already. Don’t you think that’s too much?"

The girl made no response to Ji Hao’s question. Instead, she waved her arms and gave a few deep roars. Meanwhile, the fierce light glowing in her eyes grew brighter and brighter, as she greedily stared at the Moho staff held in Ji Hao’s hands. Pondering for a while, she abruptly reached out her hand. A watery light spread out from her palms, within which, a six meters long spear, that was entirely wrapped in watery light streams, appeared in her hands.

Giving a sharp scream, the girl raised the long spear and leaped out of the water, into the air, just like a nimble dolphin. Then, she lunged the spear towards Ji Hao, leaving a clear arc trace in the air.

Still showing no sign of any peaceful conversation; the girl had a clear attitude that she wanted to kill Ji Hao and loot the treasure.

Po and Gui Ling glanced at each other and shook their heads together. They all realized by now that the girl wasn’t smart at all. All of her behavior was based on her instincts, and she had no idea about the effects which would be caused by her moves.

But one of Gui Ling’s disciples screamed out in shock, "Shifu, that spear…"

Po and Gui Ling nodded simultaneously. Since the girl tended to do everything based on her instincts, she was no different from a wild beast. But the spear held in her hands was indeed a great treasure.

The long spear sliced through the air, piercing towards Ji Hao. Wherever it swept across, countless ice crystals drifted down from the air. These ice crystals spun and fell, clashing against each other and generating thin bolts of watery lightning bolts. In both terms of quality and power, this long spear was definitely no worse than any after-world natural crafted treasure in Pan Gu world; it might even be a world-companying spirit treasure!

Ji Hao put the Moho staff back in his spiritual space, then pulled out the nine suns spear, lunging straight against the girl’s long spear.

Along with a thunderous bang, Ji Hao sensed a great pain from his hands while being sent up into the air nearly a thousand meters high.

The girl’s arms trembled as well, as she was forced to do an air flip and fell back onto that small spindrift.

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