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A three-hundred long metal warship protected with cowhide violently smashed a giant wave, splashing the water in all directions. The warship was entirely metal, decorated with countless hideous statues of aquatic creatures. By now, the ship had been quacking intensively, and the magic crystal stove was consuming a huge number of top-grade magic crystal pieces in every single second to generate a great power.

Dim blue spell symbols had formed a large circle, inlaid in the tail area of the warship. They had been ceaselessly releasing strong water streams to push the ship forwards. Waves were torn apart by the warship one after another, along with thunderous noises.

Standing on the head of the warship, Ji Hao activated his eye of Dao of sun and released thin beams of golden light while looking around. But wherever his eyesight reached, he saw nothing but the boundless ocean, nothing but water. The air was filled with dark clouds, and countless waterfalls had been falling from the sky, while endless waves roared over. This simple, changeless natural scene even made Ji Hao want to vomit.

The warship hadn’t been moving with a high speed, at least, it’s speed was much slower than the flying speed of Ji Hao and the other cultivators. But three days ago, after Ji Hao and the other cultivators flew and searched for a while, the power vibrations they released finally caused an attack to be launched by this world itself, with its natural law.

Back then, countless black divine thunderbolts dazzled out from the surrounding water area, striking towards Ji Hao and the other cultivators like raindrops. Even Po and Gui Ling, who could cast so many types of magics and were both extremely powerful, had been thrown into an embarrassing situation by those thunderbolts. If Ji Hao didn’t activate the Pan Xi divine mirror and sent all those divine thunderbolts away, both Po and Gui Ling would have suffered that day. Therefore, Ji Hao took out this large warship, which was produced by Xiu Clan people, as a tool of transportation.

Ji Hao finally understood why were those non-humankind beings liked to invent all kinds of strange large-scale armaments so much. Apparently, under many situations, these large-scale armaments could be highly useful, and even life-saving. At least, in the past three days, since Ji Hao and the others started to move on this warship instead of their own powers, no natural attacks were launched anymore.

This world was way too simple. The suppression given to outsiders by this world itself was not so strong. Therefore, Ji Hao could see things even a million miles away by fully activating this eye of Dao of sun. Nevertheless, three days had passed, and Ji Hao still had no new discovery; nothing at all, absolutely changeless. There was just water, boundless water; the water falling from the sky, the water roaring on the surface of the vast ocean, endless streams of flavorless water, the water that numbed people’s feeling and could drive them crazy.

For countless times, Ji Hao lowered his head, looking at the surface of the vast open. What shocked him was that the ocean in this world was immeasurably deep, truly immeasurably deep. Although his eyesight would be largely weakened in water, at least, he could see around a hundred thousand miles into the water. However, he never saw the bottom of the ocean. Thinking of this boundlessly deep ocean under this warship, Ji Hao felt really unsettled.

What made Ji Hao even more helpless was that even when he looked into the water countless times, he saw absolutely nothing in the clear water; even grains of dust were extremely rare. Ji Hao counted clearly that during the past three days, he looked down into the water for many times, but only found thirty-seven-thousand, eight-hundred and ninety grains of dust in total. The metal warship had moved for more than a hundred thousand miles within these three days, but Ji Hao had only found over thirty-thousand grains of dust, it was not hard to tell how pure the water in this world was… Deathly pure, despairingly pure.

Another great wave roared over, against which, the dragon-head-statues on the head of this ship released a strong stream of light. It shattered the wave and forcibly opened up a broad path among the fierce waves. Pushed by an enormous whirlpool, the warship moved faster forwards, leaving a sharp arc on the water surface.

Sailing in this boundless ocean, Ji Hao and the other cultivators didn’t find anything valuable.

From where the golden bridge broke into this world, a dim golden light spot abruptly lit up on the light screen around this world. Following a slight cracking noise, a three-hundred-meter long golden shuttle released pure fire and lightning bolts from both ends of its, while drilling into this world through the protective light screen with difficulty.

The golden shuttle was decorated with complicated patterns, but now, its smooth surface was thickly covered in slashes. In quite a few spots, human-head-sized holes could be seen, with black smoke and flames puffing out from time to time. After forcibly drilling into the protective light screen, the almost broken golden shuttle spun swiftly for a few times and let out a series of grating noise. Then, both the purple fire and lightning bolts released by it disappeared, after which, the golden shuttle fell straight from the sky like a rock.

While falling, spider-like cracks spread out on the golden shuttle while slight and continuous exploding noises came from the inside. This great treasure that was able to travel across the Chaos had obviously suffered an irreversible damage, and was on the edge of destruction.

All of a sudden, a stream of light dazzled out of the middle of the golden shuttle, from which, over ten people wearing simply designed clothes rushed out. An especially tall and fat man, who had a pair of eyes shining as brightly as the sun in Pan Gu world, and thick, vividly-red lips, lowered his eyelids, looking at the breaking golden shuttle. He gave a long and bitter sigh and said, "How should I explain this to our Shifu? This treasure was not easy to attain, but it is now destroyed in our hands."

A scrawny man, who was a foot taller than this fat guy, and with an extra serious look, said harshly and coldly, "For the great plan of our sect, losing a great treasure is inevitable. As long as we work hard, our Shifu won’t blame us for this."

The fat man gave another sigh while looking at the golden shuttle that was quickly cracking and falling apart, then nodded slowly. His facial skin showed a pearl-like luster, as he turned around and said to the other people with a gentle voice, "Our two Shifus consumed their spirit blood to make a spirit talisman to allow us to catch up with the Heaven and Earth golden bridge."

Pausing briefly, this fat man continued with a serious tone, "But the Chaos was dangerous, and this nine-Heaven ten-Earth evil-destroying golden shuttle is broken at last. Without this treasure, we can’t return to Pan Gu world. If we want to go home, we only have two choices."

The group of people seriously looked at the fat man while breathing heavily.

The fat man straightened a finger and said with a deep voice, "But in my eyes, we have no other choice but the best one — Take back the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, and return with glory."

A fierce look showed in the fat man’s eyes as he continued harshly, "My younger brothers and sisters, you have to understand that if we can bring the Heaven and Earth golden bridge back, how delightful our Shifus would be, and how many rewards you would gain. Therefore, we have to work hard!"

The group of people glanced at each other, then bowed towards the fat man together.

Boom! The golden shuttle exploded, shattering a few dark clouds in the process.

Countless water-tank-thick, black divine thunderbolts dazzled out of the air, striking towards this group of people like a heavy rain.

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