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A slim boat drifted over along the great river and suddenly stopped in where Yu Mu cooked the fish soup.

River Earl sat on the head of the boat, looking at those people who had been swiftly approaching Yu Mu and Feng Xing. Flicking his fingers, a black bowl flew up into the sky, floated in the air, hundreds of meters away from the ground. Dense black mist poured down from the bowl, transformed into a five-mile in radius mist cover, and enveloped half of the river bend.

The dark mist spread out, blocking all lights and sounds. Wherever the mist reached, the air turned as dense as water, that declined the moving speed of everyone by ninety percent. The ground was affected by the mist as well. Hundreds of meters deep into the ground, the soil was frozen by the bone-piercing coldness released by the mist, turning hundreds of times harder than iron. By now, even a cultivator who had mastered all underground moving magics couldn’t possibly escape through the ground.

In addition to that, blade-edge-like threads of dark ice descended from the sky. Countless dark ice threads wove into a giant net, completely sealing this entire area. If anyone dared to bump into this dark ice net, he or she would definitely be cut by these sharp and freezing cold ice threads.

A series of tinkle could be heard without an end while waves of arrows fell onto Yu Mu’s body like a storm. The gray light screen spun speedily while the pot let out a deep buzzing noise. All kinds of fierce magic curses with all kinds of effects, including armor-breaking ones, exploding and poisonous ones, blasted against the magic screen one after another, raising countless eye-piercing beams of light.

Yu Mu stood steadily on the ground. With the large pot crafted by Yu Yu, he now had a strong defensive power. Ordinary arrows could never even touch his body, and neither could they cause any threat to his safety.

"Feng Xing, be careful!"

Yu Mu blinked his pair of small eyes, which were slightly bigger than soy beans. Then, his palms turned dark green once again. He rubbed his palms hard while the highly poisonous air silently spread from between his fingers, quickly surging towards all directions. The poisonous air didn’t have any smell, nor did it have any color.

Between Yu Mu’s eyebrows, the gray Disease God Streamer was faintly visible. Countless twisted, gray spell symbols ceaselessly merged into the poisonous air, raising the power of this already terrifying poisonous air by over a hundred times.

Behind Yu Mu’s body, the air was rippling weirdly, while a strange, faintly audible mysterious laughter came out from the rippling air. The power of the Disease God Streamer corroded the space, allowing some mysterious beings to look over through the cracks of space from another, unknown space. These mysterious beings were attracted by the powerful poison.

Feng Xing staggered out from the air. The dragon-skin soft armor worn by him now had seven to eight slashes on it, with blood gushing out from them.

The arrows used by those approaching Eastern Wasteland archers were all exquisite, with powerful spell symbols, and were highly lethal. Those Eastern Wasteland archers were all stronger than Feng Xing. Feng Xing’s wounds squirmed quickly, but the outer force lingered on those wounds, disabling the wounds from healing themselves.

"Supreme Dark Sun." Feng Xing didn’t notice when the girl with a long black dress moved behind him. She gently waved her hands and released a soft black light that covered Feng Xing’s body.

The lingering outer force on Feng Xing’s wounds was absorbed by the black light within the blink of an eye. Afterward, Feng Xing’s life-force quickly gathered around the wounds and healed those bone-deep wounds soon, without leaving any scar.

The girl was now only less than half a foot away from Feng Xing. Arrows flying towards Feng Xing paused suddenly, and only the waves of arrows flying towards Yu Mu were still zipping in the air. Yu Mu’s protective light screen continuously let out muffled bangs, as the shocking waves created by those fierce arrows even made Yu Mu’s fat ripple.

Obviously, the order gave by Gong Gong Wuyou just now was effective. Those archers were afraid that they might hurt the girl by accident. Therefore, they stopped attacking Feng Xing.

"Prince Wu You, I want to kill this kid." The dark mist rolled, while Yi Shen walked out of it with big steps. Displeasedly, he looked at Feng Xing, who was standing side by side with the girl and growled in a harsh tone, "Shoot this kid into pieces!"

"Wait, wait, wait, how can we offend such a lovely girl?" Gong Gong Wuyou walked quietly out of the black mist with a smiling face. Glancing at the girl’s beautiful, elf-like face, Gong Gong Wuyou showed a scorching greediness in his dark eyes. Fiddling with a smooth and shining black jade flute with both of his hands, Gong Gong Wuyou elegantly saluted to the girl in a Yu Clan noble way, then grinned gently and asked, "Beautiful Yu Clan lady, may I, with the name of Gong Gong, the Water God, ask your name?"

The girl instinctively lifted her dirty dress edge, bent her knees slightly, saluted back to Gong Gong Wuyou and responded, "Descendant of Gods are the embodiments of the original powers of a world. In whichever world, the descendants of Gods are worth to be respected. I am Yemo Shanye, a believer of the Dark Sun."

Feng Xing turned around and glanced at Yemo Shanye.

Gong Gong Wuyou looked at the girl, who had just saluted back to him. The greedy gaze of his turned hotter and hotter, even seeming to be slightly mad as he said, "Yemo Shanye? The blood younger sister of Yemo Luoye, the current emperor in power of Dark Sun? Ah, a possessor of the core bloodline of Yemo Family, the noblest Family of Dark Sun! You are indeed as beautiful and elegant as people said…No wonder Dishi Cha made a proposal to you for someone else!"

Hearing this, Yemo Shanye immediately took a step backward in fear. Popping out her eyes, she stared at Gong Gong Wuyou and asked, "How, how do you know?"

Gong Gong Wuyou’s face twisted. He took two steps forwards towards Feng Xing and asked back loudly and harshly, "Did you run out from home? That means, no other people know where you are, right? Great, just great…Damn it, Feng Xing, stay away from Miss Yemo Shanye. If she suffers any harm because of you, even being chopped into ten thousand pieces wouldn’t be enough to atone for your crime!"

Yi Shen stood aside, clenched his fists, and shouted towards Gong Gong Wuyou, "Prince Wuyou, do not ruin my plan for a woman. This guy is not Feng Xing. His name is Yi Feng, he’s a traitor of my clan who stole the greatest treasure of my clan!"

A sharp light dazzled from Feng Xing’s left hand, as he raised an oddly shaped long bow. He injected his power into the simply shaped long bow, as a bright stream of light reached straight into the sky instantly. A fierce gust of wind transformed into cyan-colored, violent hurricane, sweeping across the entire area. Within the hurricane, the waves of arrows flying towards Yu Mu paused suddenly, then were shredded into tiny bits.

Yi Shen gave a cold snort, and next, following Gong Gong Wuyou’s scream, he pulled out a longbow as well. He flicked his finger on the string and immediately, thousands of cyan-colored, arrow-shaped beams of light roared out, flying towards Feng Xing and Yemo Shanye at lightning speed.

"Yi Feng, even though you are now under Ji Hao’s protection, you have to die today!" shouted Yi Shen with a bright voice, "The greatest treasure of my clan, can only be mine! Forever!"

Feng Xing gave a long and resonant roar as he sent all of his power into his longbow and flicked his finger on the bowstring as well. Over ten-thousand golden beams of light dazzled out and bumped violently against those cyan lights.

"Yi Shen! When you killed my whole family, I swore that one day, I will destroy the entire Ten Sun Country!" Feng Xing leaped high into the sky and growled, "I am not Yi Feng, that bloody forename, I will bury it along with this damned bloodline of mine sooner or later! For good!"

"I am Feng Xing, this is the only name I have!"

The golden beams of light clashed against the cyan beams of light and generated a scary cracking noise. The golden light beams were shattered while the cyan light beams stayed perfectly unharmed, continuing dazzlingly towards Feng Xing’s entire body.

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