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"Yu Clan woman…" Besides the bonfire, Yu Mu was holding a huge iron bowl, that was three times larger than his head. He had loudly gulped a full bowl of soup, swallowed around ten kilograms of fish slices, then gently flicked the edge of the bowl with his fingers and sent out a secret signal, that only existed between Feng Xing and himself.

Feng Xing glanced at Yu Mu’s chubby fingers, holding an iron bowl and slowly tasting his fish soup without making any response to Yu Mu’s signal.

Indeed, this was a Yu Clan woman. She was a non-humankind being with an unclear background. Now matter how stupid and useless those human clans and armies stationed on the northern side of Pu Ban City were, since this girl managed to bump straight into Pu Ban City without catching anyone’s attention, this girl was definably not as weak as she looked like.

Who knew why she came to Pu Ban City?

Who knew what purpose she had?

In Yu Mu’s opinion, the best solution was to capture this girl alive, then hand her to Ji Hao and let Ji Hao make the final decision. However, Feng Xing showed no change in his facial expression, neither showing any sign of speaking. Instead, he was simply enjoying his soup and those fish slices. The light released from the flicking bonfire shone on Feng Xing’s body, and created a long dark shadow of his, swaying on the ground, looking unsettling yet as cold as the snow.

The girl was holding a small, exquisite jade bowl, sitting near the bonfire while taking sips of the fish soup. From time to time, she raised her head curiously and vigilantly, taking quick glances at Yu Mu and Feng Xing. She looked just like a frightened baby deer.

Gradually, the girl’s eyes turned away from Yu Mu, who looked like a giant meat ball, and also like a monster in shape. She fixed her eyes more often on Feng Xing.

Feng Xing was tall and slim, wearing an ordinary-looking dragon skin soft armor, that tightly wrapped his body. Through the thin armor, one could clearly see the smooth lines of his muscles. He sat quite far away from the bonfire, in where the light met the darkness. He looked like a lonely and proud wolf, having a cold and bland vibe.

The girl had seen countless elite young men who were at her age, but those Yu Clan young men were all like tender tulips, proud, luxurious, elegant and incomparably beautiful, but all similar.

Feng Xing was entirely different from those Yu Clan young men from wealthy families. He was aloof and proud, cold, powerful, and independent; from his slim body, one could sense a thriving life force constantly.

The girl felt that even if Feng Xing were blown up entirely and only had a finger or a tiny piece of flesh left, as long as someone could bury the slight part of his body in the soil, a whole new, lively Feng Xing would certainly grow out.

Such a strong life-force, such a wild, aloof and proud temperament of Feng Xing was unfamiliar to the girl, that made her curious. Quickly and slight twitching her nose, the girl touched the large black crystal pendant worn on her forehead, putting it perfectly in-between her eyebrows and covering the deep dark line, which seemed to devour everything in the world, between his eyebrows.

"The soup is delicious…Can I…have another bowl of soup?" The girl’s face blushed a little bit. She dared not to raise her head, only murmured in a low voice, "I only need less food…A bowl of fish should be enough…But, Gold Horn is injured too. She’s starving as well."

Yu Mu had been loudly gulping the soup. Hearing the girl, he abruptly stopped swallowing, unhappily put down the large iron bowl, popped out his pair of beady eyes and said with a muffled voice, "We never have too much meat. I am already so poor as Feng Xing has been trying to eat more all the time. Girl, you’re not a greedy eater, and I was trying to be nice by treating you with a bowl of fish soup…But, now you want me to treat an animal with my delicious fish soup?"

Feng Xing narrowed his eyes, emptied the iron bowl held in his hand, then said with a bland, emotionless tone, "Eat the grass. Although she has a horn, a horse with a horn is still a horse. The earth is frozen, so no fresh grass can be found, but she can still fill her stomach by chewing some withered grass."

The unicorn standing beside the girl heard Feng Xing and widely opened its eyes and mouth, staring at Feng Xing in shock, as if it couldn’t believe its own ears.

Did he call it a horse with a horn?

Did he ask it to chew some grass? That black, dirty, withered grass buried in the snow?

The long hair of the unicorn straightened one after another, as it unsettlingly swung that injured hoof of its, snorted loudly and let out a warm breath.

"Gold Horn!" The girl patted on the unicorn’s neck, lowered her eyelids and said with a gentle and polite tone, "Sorry, Gold Horn is not a horse, she’s a divine creature of light. Hmm…I heard that you don’t have a strong sense to the power of light. You can see her as a divine creature with the power of sun."

Pausing for a second, the girl continued in that gentle voice, "Gold Horn never eats grass. Back at home, she only ate the freshest fruits. Occasionally, she would try some fishes or shrimps, and she never eats raw foods. She…She eats like a bird too."

Yu Mu knitted his eyebrows. This was not about if this animal ate like a bird or like a pig, this was about his principles.

For the food he cooked with a hell of an effort, it was reasonable that Feng Xing could have a half. After all, they had been supporting each other, relying on each other to survive since they were little kids. Treating this girl with the delicious soup? Fine, this girl looked adorable anyway, and wasn’t as annoying as the other non-humankind beings. Besides, Feng Xing had a weird attitude to this girl, the way he had been treating the girl was quite different from his usual style. Therefore, Yu Mu had generously, kindly and nicely allowed the girl to have some of his soup.

Nevertheless, letting an animal share the soup cooked by him, Yu Mu?!

This had just touched Yu Mu’s bottom-line, that he would never, ever agree!

Standing angrily up, Yu Mu pointed his finger at the unicorn that stood beside the girl, prepared to say something to defend his soup. But all of a sudden, the looks of both Feng Xing and himself changed.

Along with the whole pot of soup, the large pot flew up, released a dim stream of light and hovered around Yu Mu. Tens of fist-sized spell symbols dazzled out of the pot and created a gray colored, foot-thick light screen around Yu Mu.

Meanwhile, Feng Xing flashed across the air and transformed into hundreds of afterimages, darting towards all directions, as if he had just exploded. Fierce gusts of wind swished out from those afterimages let out by Feng Xing, raised waves of mud, melted snow, and also stirred the bonfire into bits. Countless fire sparkles zipped out towards every direction, mixed with mud and melted snow and broke the darkness for miles in radius.

With the dim light released by the flying fire sparkles, numerous human silhouettes could be seen approaching swiftly.

When Feng Xing and Yu Mu reacted timely, oddly shaped longbows appeared in the hands of these people. A gentle breeze was released from the bone strings while waves of arrows flew towards Yu Mu and Feng Xing’s vital body parts without making even the slightest sound. These arrows were wrapped in the breeze, and were like poison fangs of snakes.

A gentle breeze blew across people’ faces and brought bone-piercing cold intent of killing.

The arrows sliced through the air, almost covering the whole area.

Hundreds of shreds of hazy afterimages created by Feng Xing were shot by arrows. Then, followed by a slight moan, drops of blood fell from the air, being shredded into nothing before they made it to the ground.

Gong Gong Wuyou’s voice suddenly came from far away.

"Eh? Why is such a beautiful girl here? Be careful, don’t harm even a hair of hers!"

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