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Power level, this was an absolute power level difference.

Feng Xing glared at those cyan colored beams of light. As the longbow held in his hand glowed with a bright light, he suddenly moved ten meters away, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. The thousands of cyan beams of light only penetrated a stream of afterimage left by him.

Following a puffing noise, a thumb-thick cyan beam of light sliced through the air and fiercely pierced into Feng Xing’s shoulder. The dragon-skin armor was torn apart, while a fist-sized penetrated wound appeared on his shoulder. Sharp streams of blade-edge-like airstreams ceaselessly stirred in the wound, cutting off thin pieces of bones and muscles.

Yi Shen flew up into the sky, trod on a gust of wind, and floated in the air, staring at Feng Xing with a sharply sparkling pair of eyes. His whole body was quivering with excitement as he said, "Yi Feng, I know more about the goodness of the 0greatest treasure of my clan. I know every secret of its. You’ve been accepted by it, so what? You can’t possibly release its full power at the current stage."

"I can see through every single move you made with the power of that divine bow."

"Today is the date of your death. You lowly bastard, hehe, I’ve cut you into pieces countless times in my dreams. I sucked your blood, devoured your marrow, let the bone ashes of yours and all your families sink into a livestock cesspool!"

Feng Xing vomited blood while he was sent flying backward by Yi Shen’s arrow light.

He bumped into the black mist created by River Earl as countless danger-sharp dark ice threads screamed towards him. Feng Xing didn’t manage to react timely, and as a consequence, the dark ice threads sliced across his body and cut off pieces of skin and muscles.

Moreover, thin wisps of cold and dark air streams drilled into his body, freezing his marrow and paralyzing his entire back. Following a shrill howl, Feng Xing’s body was bounced forwards while blood spurted out from almost every corner of his body. The wound on his shoulder had been expanding in the meanwhile.

Feng Xing swayed his body. A strong gust of cyan wind coiled around him. He wanted to run and launch counter attacks, but a half of his body was now powerless, and he couldn’t pull open the bow.

"You are talented, even more talented than me."

Yi Shen floated in the air, looking down at Feng Xing, as if he was a God standing high above the masses, looking down at a soul of sin that was about to be executed.

"Even I couldn’t be accepted by the greatest treasure of my clan. But you, you triggered it when attending the great ancestor-worshiping ceremony for the very first time. The treasure chose you, and it took the initiative to merge with you."

"I am the prince of Ten Sun Country… I am the only prince of Ten Sun Country! I am surely the only successor of that great country! You lowly thing, you’re no one but the son of a guard of the Holy Palace in the ancestral temple. ‘Yi’, this noble forename was a great honor, gifted to your ancestors by my ancestors!"

"With your lowly bloodline, how dare you take my honor away? How dare you be even more talented than me?"

"You say, a stupid, reckless bastard like you, and those lowly families of yours who were as lowly as raised animals, if you people stay alive, wouldn’t I become a joke?"

"I don’t get it, how did you make it to Midland?!"

"Countless elders and I tried our best, but we still failed to figure out how the hell you fled to Midland. We sealed the entire Eastern Wasteland, all entrances and exits, all caravans, flying ships and cities, all starry night enormous creatures… we had checked them all thoroughly."

"How on earth did you get here? Do you know how much money and manpower we’ve spent for catching you?

"But today, finally, you’re in my hands."

"Yi Shen, why are you still wasting your breath to say these nonsenses?!" shouted Gong Gong Wuyou unhappily, "Just kill the kid and take back your bow. This little girl, be careful, all of you, do not harm even a hair of hers!"

Gong Gong Wuyou wasn’t going to conceal his greediness and evil desire for the girl as he smilingly said to her, "Beautiful lady, please come with me. I don’t want to use violence on you, but if you disobey, I can not tell for sure that if you will have a few ribs accidentally broken by me, just like those female slaves of mine."

Step by step, Gong Gong Wuyou approached Yemo Shanye. Meanwhile, large waves of black water surged out from his body, and snowflake-like dark spell symbols emerged from under his feet. A terrifying coldness shrouded Yemo Shanye, that the unicorn stood beside her already had a thin layer of dark ice covered on its body.

The unicorn quivered in cold while tremblingly shielding Yemo Shanye behind its own body. A sharp golden stream of light flew on its golden horn while letting out a puffing noise.

Gong Gong Wuyou smiled with pride and confidence. He spread his arms, seeming to grab Yemo Shanye’s shoulders. Dark mist spurted out from his fingertips, that made his hands look like claws of devils. The bone-piercing coldness released from his hands could seal Yemo Shanye’s power easily. Then, Gong Gong Wuyou would be able to take her away.

"It’s said that you have the most perfect talent in Dark Sun? You have some special kind of magical power? My ancestors’ souls, little girl, you wandered out here and bumped into me. In this case, the magical, mysterious power of yours, just let me enjoy it!"

Gong Gong Wuyou’s face blushed with excitement as he showed his teeth, seeming like a starving tiger pouncing on his prey.

The unicorn gave a raging roar while the coiling golden stream of light dazzled out from its horn like a sharp sword, reaching to Gong Gong Wuyou’s chest in a moment.

Gong Gong Wuyou snorted coldly while carelessly flicking his finger. A large wave of ice crystal burst along with a cold air stream, freezing the golden light. Then, the golden light was flicked into a puff of light spots by Gong Gong Wuyou’s finger.

Conveniently, he threw out a heavy kick and sent the tall and strong unicorn a hundred meters away. The unicorn thudded against the ground and vomited blood.

Yemo Shanye screamed. Looking at Gong Gong Wuyou’s vicious face, then glancing at Feng Xing, who had been struggling staggeringly, and Yi Shen, who was slowly pulling his bow open, she abruptly spread her hands while letting out a shrill scream from her delicate lips. That scream reached straight into the clouds.

The black crystal pendants worn on Yemo Shanye’s forehead shattered instantly. Then, the deep dark line between her eyebrows suddenly opened. A purely dark erect eye was opened, with streams of dark light rotating in It speedily. A terrifyingly great power, that seemed to devour the whole world, burst from the dark swirl in her erect eye, all of a sudden.

Following two puffing noise and Yemo Shanye’s sky-shaking scream, countless cracks appeared on the ground. Even the black mist released by River Earl began shaking intensively. Those Eastern Wasteland archers who had been approaching from all directions had blood spurting out from their ears, as their eardrums were all vibrated broken.

Two extremely thin black divine light dazzled out of Yemo Shanye’s erect eye and struck on Gong Gong Wuyou and Yi Shen’ bodies like two bolts of lightning.

The strong power vibration released from their bodies were weakened immediately. Then, in a great panic, both of them found out that their powers and spirit blood had begun losing at a scary rate.

Yemo Shanye’s erect eye swiftly spun in her eye sockets while devouring Gong Gong Wuyou and Yi Shen’ powers at a crazy speed.

After merely the span of a breath, two black thunderbolts were released from her erect eye, violently striking on Gong Gong Wuyou and Yi Shen’ bodies.

Gong Gong Wuyou and Yi Shen simultaneously gave a muffled moan while stepping back quickly and vomiting blood.

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