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Pu Ban City…

The atmosphere of the banquet was upbeat, both outside and inside of the Town Hall.

After all, this was an amazing victory, the most glorious military achievement achieved by the humankind in so many years. The amazing wine was served without limitation, and delicious dishes were always ready for everyone. Beautiful and muscular girls from the four wastelands danced passionately, and some boys joined while shouting and yelling, dancing with those girls amidst the applauses, stomps, and laughs.

Around ten miles away from the Town hall, in a river bend area, Yu Mu had smilingly raised a bonfire, with that huge pot of his floating upon the fire while glowing with a faint red glow. He carried this pot literally everywhere.

Water contained in the pot was already boiling. Some neatly cut herbs and roots had been rolling in the boiling water, releasing a dense herbal aroma. The smell released by the pot of boiling water also contained a slight trace of weird odor. Mixed together with the herbal aroma, it became an indescribable scent that would make anyone drool with a great appetite.

Holding a pair of bronze chopsticks, Yu Mu quickly knocked the edge of the pot while trying his best to reach his neck out and pop his eyes up, looking at the rapidly flowing river.

It was late at night, the sky was filled with dense clouds, and the light was dim. Yu Mu didn’t have any special eye power. Therefore, his eyesight could only reach to around two to three miles in the night, and was blurred, even though he had been trying his best.

"Come on, come on, this herb poison soup is boiling perfectly. As long as I throw fresh ingredients in, it will become so delicious…delicious…If I let it boil for another quarter of an hour, it would burn, and won’t be so delicious…Feng Xing, Feng Xing, can’t you be quicker? I am starving!"

Yu Mu’s stomach let out a thunder-like noise that sounded like the yawns of old frogs, deep yet resonant.

Emperor Shun had held a banquet, and that banquet surely wouldn’t be lacking delicious food. However, food served in the banquet was all ordinary, like grilled meat, and was cooked with normal condiments, without any special types. After all, Emperor Shun was the human emperor. How dare his cooks treat the guests with weird dishes like fried poisonous centipedes in his banquet?

Therefore, those ordinary foods on the banquet couldn’t satisfy Yu Mu’s strong desire of glutting himself with truly delicious food. This left him no choice but to drag Feng Xing to sneak out together and to cook for themselves.

A while later, a rapid wind swishing noise abruptly came from above the river. Following that, Feng Xing trod on a gust of wind and rushed over swiftly with a nearly ten-meter long, dark silver fish held in his arms.

"Dragon bone silver fish, a good one… Yu Mu, it’s a dragon bone silver fish!" Feng Xing yelled excitedly, and even had a stream of saliva flowing out of his mouth corners. He rushed over happily and threw that huge fish to Yu Mu from a long distance away, while the fish was still struggling intensely.

Yu Mu tried his best to reach his neck out as much as he could while swallowing his saliva with difficulty.

Dragon bone silver fish, as the name stated, this type of fish had dragon bloodline. In the eyes of great eaters like Yu Mu, any aquatic creature, weak or strong, was a top-grade food material. Not to mention the fact that silver fishes were already tastier than the other fishes, and for a silver fish with dragon bloodline, Yu Mu felt absolutely dying from starvation. His stomach squirmed so quickly as he merely tried to imagine its flavor, as if it was going to digest itself.

"Up!" Following a strong voice, Yu Mu leaped up nimbly like a ball, while pulling out an exquisite jade blade with his left hand. He created tens of shreds of afterimages in the air while hacking towards that nearly ten-meter long dragon bone silver fish.

Puff! The dragon bone silver fish was chopped into two almost in a moment. The silver, glowing fish meat was split up from bones and flew out. A sphere of magic fire that had been releasing a dense herb scent hovered around the silver fish bone. Instantly, the fish bone released a strong, magical aroma. Tens of fierce beams of blade light flashed across the air, cutting the fish bone orderly into pieces. Then, the bone pieces flew into the boiling soup one after another.

The clear soup instantly turned sticky, gradually turning milky white. The fish bones rolled for a few times in the soup and then quickly melted. The marrow contained in the bones perfectly merged into the soup. Afterwards, the dark-silver fish skin flew out in whole, and as the blade light flashed again, the fish skin was cut into hair-thin threads that fell into the soup pot like a gentle rain. The fish skin didn’t melt in the soup, but the soup turned even stickier, and was added with a light silver glow.

Yu Mu gave a slight shout in excitement while the jade blade in his hand raised countless beams of light. Following a slight series of swishing noise, the ten meters long silver fish was turned into thousands of baby-fist-sized slices that fell into the soup pot one after another.

The silver fish meat rolled quickly in the jelly-like soup, letting a dense and exotic aroma to spread out along the wind. Rolling in the boiling soup for a few times, the silver fish meat quickly turned transparent, with a light silver luster.

The great and fresh scent in the air turned denser and denser, stronger and stronger.

Yu Mu waved his hand, threw the internal organs into the great river, then put down the blade and jumped directly beside the pot, flexibly flicking his fingers. Following his moves, numerous shaking silver fish meat pieces flew up accurately into his widely opened mouth, without splashing out a single drop of soup.

"My ancestor’s soul…" Yu Mu kneeled by the giant pot, put his palms together devoutly, even having tears flowing out from his eye corners in affection.

Delicious, the most delicious food he had ever tasted. His cooking skill was much better than before, added with the poisonous hundred-herb soup he carefully made and this top-grade dragon bone silver fish meat, the flavor of this pot of boiling fish soup had even sublimated his soul at this very moment.

To Yu Mu, a complete gastronome, tasting an incomparably delicious food in such a cold snowing night was the happiest thing that could ever happen in his life.

Feng Xing flashed over, stood beside the pot and swiftly reached his hand into the pot. He popped out his eyes widely, glaring at Yu Mu and yelled, "You bloody fatso, I’ve counted. We have eight-thousand, eight-hundred and sixty slices of fish in total. We split half and half, no one can have more than the other one!"

But Feng Xing then gave a sudden scream when his finger was still an inch away from the soup. Next, he swiftly stepped back, left tens of shreds of afterimage and moved over ten miles away with a single step. Meanwhile, he had already pulled out his long bow open, with a faintly golden arrow glowing on the string.

The arrowhead was pointing at the darkness behind Yu Mu while Feng Xing growled deeply, "Who is it? Come out! Don’t get yourself killed! Raise your hands and come out!"

Yu Mu instantly paused, and a colorful mist abruptly rose from around his body, then quickly merged with the air without leaving any trace. By now, thirty-meter radius around Yu Mu had become a deathly area.

A slight series of footstep could then be heard. As the feather-like snow gently fell, a young girl staggered out from the darkness. The girl had a long smooth hair, and was wearing a long black dress, all stained by mud, that made her look like a poor, drowning mouse.

The bonfire was sparkling, lighting up the girl’s elf-like, beautiful face.

"Wow, a girl!" Feng Xing whistled and said, but the golden arrow on his bowstring immediately glowed brightly.

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