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In the darkness of the night, heavy snow was falling silently.

The long and shiny hair of that girl were like a beautiful waterfall, reaching to her ankles. The hemline of the girl’s long dress was soaked in muddy snow, but her long hair were perfectly smooth. The tail of her hair brushed against bushes and withered grass countless times, yet no stains could be seen on the hair.

The wind blew fiercely from the river, raising large puffs of snow that slapped on the girl’s body. Tremblingly, she looked at Yu Mu, who was standing by the bonfire. She couldn’t help but look at that potful of fish soup upon the bonfire.

Following a series of clops, an entirely snow-white unicorn with one lame leg walked slowly out of the darkness, and came to where the light of the bonfire could reach. Sensing the attractive scent of the fish soup, the unicorn sniffed, then gave a deep snort.

Yu Mu slowly stood slowly up, with streams of faint mist hovering around his body. Occasionally, these thin streams of mist would twist and form figures of all kinds of poisonous bugs. But as a breeze blow across, these misty figures would naturally dissipate, turning into countless tiny spell symbols and merging into the air. From his skin, countless colorful freckles emerged quickly, adding all kinds of colors to his white skin. They were just like those vivid patterns which could be seen on bodies of poisonous bugs, that would make people feel dizzy for no reason.

"Indeed a beautiful girl, but, a girl like you shouldn’t show up in here!" Yu Mu raised his chubby hands and said. The skin and muscle on his chubby hand squirmed, and soon, his palms turned crystal clear, and the skin, flesh, and bones of his hands weirdly turned dark-green.

This was a secret magic created by the Magi Palace, called ‘five-poison Supreme Magus hands’, and was highly lethal. In the recent years, Yu Mu made immeasurably great contributions along with Ji Hao, that allowed him to accumulate quite a lot of credits. With them, he learned this powerful legendary secret magic.

With Yu Mu’s talents and the cultivation resources possessed by Yao Mountain territory, although Yu Mu was now only at the basic stage of this magic, he could already release a terrifying poison through it. Streams of dark green mist ceaselessly puffed out of his fingertips, swaying like flames, even making the surrounding air ripple, as if the air was set ablaze by the poisonous flames.

The girl stopped. The black crystal pendant worn on her forehead suddenly released a thin black light screen, enveloping her entire body. Along with a sizzling noise, flames with all colors abruptly spurted out from the surface of the light screen, because the poisonous mist released by Yu Mu had been quickly attacking the light screen.

"I, I have no evil intent!" The girl hurriedly waved her hands in panic while subconsciously taking a step back.

The unicorn gave a deep roar, stepped up and shielded the girl behind it. The unicorn’s horn glowed with a dim stream of light, then a foot long stream of golden light flashed across the air, locking up Feng Xing, who was around ten miles away.

Feng Xing pulled his bow open and the golden arrow sparkled even brighter. He had his teeth firmly gnashed while staring at the girl’s stunningly beautiful and delicate face. The long dress worn by that girl was indeed dirty and messy, but it was extremely luxurious, with complicated decorations. The jade belt worn around her waist was exquisite as well, as it was decorated with over ten rose-shaped embossments. Apparently, it was designed in the style of the non-humankind.

This was a Yu Clan girl.

In this world, which was filled with giant beasts, poisonous bigs, fierce and enormous birds and all other kinds of dangers, only Yu Clan girls could be so tender and weak, just like a tiny flower in the strong wind, that even a breath let out by a man could break it.

A Yu Clan girl, a delicately sweet Yu Clan girl, had actually, abruptly appeared showed up in Pu Ban City, less than ten miles away from the Town Hall of the government of the human emperor…

Even if those human clans and human armies in the north, who were all under the direct command of the human emperor were as weak as a bunch of pig, it was still too unreasonable for this girl to come to this place alone.

In the darkness, Feng Xing held his breath, prepared to catch the girl with all his powers. If he couldn’t defeat the girl, he would run at his highest speed while screaming as loudly as he could for help.

The girl sensed the strong aura of killing created by Yu Mu, and also sensed the fierce intent of killing of Feng Xing. In a great panic, she shook her head and stammered, "I-I have no evil in-intent…I don’t know where to-to go. I don’t know how I came to thi-this place…Where is this?"

Yu Mu and Feng Xing had struggled in the wilderness for their lives ever since they were little kids. Therefore, their instincts were as sensitive as wild beasts. Just like they trusted Ji Hao when they first met, they instinctively realized that this girl wasn’t lying.

She didn’t have any intention of killing, or any other evil intention.

Although she showed up abruptly and weirdly in an embarrassed shape, her heart seemed to be as pure as a piece of white crystal, perfectly clear and flawless.

"Am I seeing a ghost? You’re just like a bunny from the nest of a bunch of wolves!" said Yu Mu loudly while looking at the girl, "But, girl, do you know what this place is? You just came…" Flicking his tongue, Yu Mu continued, "You’re so brave!"

The girl confusingly looked at Yu Mu and asked, "What is this place? I, I am lost."

Yu Mu and Feng Xing’ faces twisted simultaneously. ‘Lost? Alright, you lost and came to Pu Ban City by accident, and so safely all the way. Good, is this because you’re way too lucky, or those human clans and warriors in the north are way too unlucky?’ thought the two of them. If those human leaders knew about this, Emperor Shun and those ministers would certainly and seriously punish those human clans located wherever this girl passed by.

"This is Pu Ban City." said Yu Mu while showing the whites of his eyes. Carefully, he restrained the poison he released. Meanwhile, the light screen wrapped around the girl dissipated as well. Yu Mu looked at the trembling girl and said in a deep voice, "Pu Ban City, do you know about this place?"

The girl had her eyes suddenly popped out, staring at Yu Mu as if she was staring at a true monster, and screamed, "Pu Ban City? The nest of those barbaric monsters?!"

"Barbaric monsters?" Yu Mu and Feng Xing’ faces twitched once again.

"No, I didn’t mean to insult you. But, normally, people around me just call you that." The girl looked at Yu Mu in fright and described, "They all said that you human beings are a bunch of dirty, nasty, shameless…"

Yu Mu glared at the girl, trying his best to make a twisted and scary look on his chubby face.

The girl was frightened and shut her mouth, daring not to say any other word.

Remaining silent for a while, the girl glanced at that pot of soup, and said embarrassedly and shyly, "That, that soup smells so good. Can I, can I buy some of the soup from you? I, I have a string of ten-thousand years old black pearl, can protect you from all kinds of poison."

Rummaging in her wide left sleeve for a while, the girl took out a string that contained twelve thumb-sized black pearls. She handed the string to Yu Mu and said carefully, "I only want a little bit of the soup…I, I eat like a bird!"

No one noticed when Feng Xing packed his bow and walked back silently. He looked at the girl, then glanced at that string of pearls and responded with a deep voice, "We don’t want your pearls. Just fill your belly, then go back to where you came from."

Pausing for a second, Feng Xing’s voice turned softer as he said in a complicated tone, "This is Pu Ban City… It’s too dangerous for you."

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