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A quarter of an hour later, guided by a maid, Ao Li walked into the small building.

Sniffing loudly, Ao Li glanced at the light cyan wall, grinned and thundered, "Ha, wind dragon nest, this might violate some rules… But, good stuff indeed."

Wind dragon next naturally contained strong green power. By living in a building like this, the bodies of human beings could be strengthened, and the life spans could be prolonged. Therefore, Ao Li said that it was good stuff. However, back in the ancient era, wind dragons were exterminated by the dragon-kind. The wind dragon nests were surely banned among dragons. For this reason, very few people dared to show any thing crafted from wind dragon nests in front of dragons.

Tushan old man smilingly nodded to Ao Li and said gently, "Prince Ao Li, you must be joking. Wind dragons have ceased to exist in the world. Where could I find such thing as a ‘wind dragon nest’? This was nothing but a silver streak tree."

Ao Li snorted and unhappily sat down beside Ji Hao. He turned around, nodded to Ji Hao and said, "Earl Yao, you’ve indeed given us a great challenge. Those materials you needed, I think we need a while to find all of them."

Ji Hao clearly understood what Ao Li meant by those materials he needed, those were surely materials required for building the base magic formation of the perpetual portal. However, what he didn’t expect was that as the wealthy dragon-kind, they split the materials expenses with the phoenix-kind, but still didn’t manage to find all needed materials, even when so many days had passed.

It seemed that everyone had oversimplified the perpetual portal.

Blinking his eyes, Ao Li looked at Tushan old man, then glanced at Ji Hao, abruptly patted on his own head and laughed, "Eh? Tushan old man, why did you invite me over? I didn’t know…And you also have Earl Yao here as your guest…Do you want him to be your son-in-law as well? Earl Yao hasn’t married yet. He’s a good future-son-in-law, but…"

Ao Li seemed to think of something interesting, that he laughed loudly out, then picked up the teapot served by the maid and poured a whole pot of hot tea into his own mouth.

Tushan old man laughed embarrassedly while he sneakily started looking at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao immediately sensed a sharp coldness from every corner of his body. He popped out his eyes and stared at Tushan old man. All of a sudden, he thought that, according to some legend he knew in his previous life, hadn’t Si Wen Ming married the daughter of the leader of Tushan Family in the end?

Did that mean Tushan Family also liked to marry their girls to those elite human beings to build relationships? Judging from Ao Li’s words, Tushan Family had indeed done many things like this!

In not a long while, Feng Qinxin walked slowly in with her chin raised slightly. She looked just like a proud young hen which had laid her very first egg. Same as Ao Li, she glanced at the wall and said, "Eh? Wind dragon nest? Good stuff, but what a shame… Back then, those long worms were way too violent, burning almost all wind dragon nests. But such a huge piece survived?"

Ao Li angrily stood up, rudely thudded his fists against the large square table in front of him, which was also carved out of wind dragon next, , and yelled, "Little bird, who were long worms?"

Ao Li did that intentionally. Ji Hao discovered that Ao Li beat the square table on purpose, wanting to destroy it. Nevertheless, Tushan old man moved even faster. Smilingly, he reached out his pair of hands, and that scrawny pair of hands easily caught Ao Li’s fists. A loud thud was generated. Tushan old man’s hands remained perfectly unmoved, while numerous blood veins bulged up from the back of Ao Li’s hands. Apparently, he was suffering a serious pain.

"I’ve spent quite an effort for all this furniture, Prince Ao Li. Please be careful, don’t break my furniture." Tushan old man threw a sideway glance at Ao Li and said, "The old rule of our Tushan Family, Prince Ao Li, I assume you know about it. If anyone snatches even a straw from us, we would have to burn his house to vent our anger."

Feng Qinxin chuckled, threw a sideway glance at Ao Li as well, as if she enjoyed to see him suffer. Next, she sweetly bowed to Tushan old man and said, "Tushan old man, you look as healthy as ever. How’re your sisters? If they have some spare time, tell them to come visit us!"

Before Tushan old man said anything, Feng Qinxin gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao and said, "Earl Yao, you have just attained a large new territory and the right of punishment. This is a wonderful news! You have to hold a dinner party to celebrate. But, when did you and Tushan old man become friends?"

Ji Hao laughed embarrassedly and didn’t respond. Instead, he spread that boa skin scroll on the square table.

Characters written on the scroll caught the attentions of both Ao Li and Feng Qinxin. They popped their eyes out simultaneously, then suddenly turned around and looked at Tushan old man. Feng Qinxin’s movements seemed to be smoother than Ao Li, as Ao Li’s head seemed to be punched that way, that even his neck bones let out a cracking noise.

"Tushan old man, are you trying to steal our business away?" Feng Qinxin’s voice turned cold.

"Old man, look at your sneaky face, just like an old fox. How dare you steal business from our dragon-kind?" Ao Li rolled his sleeves straight up and showed his muscular arms. His pair of eyes glowed with a bright golden light as he growled, "No one ever dares to steal food from our bowls! Old man, just tell me, how do you want to die? Do you want to be cut into pieces? Or sliced into strips?"

Ao Li made an especially fierce look, but Tushan old man only gave a calm and careless smile while slightly waving his hands.

"Young Master Qinxin, please calm down… And Prince Ao Li…As for whether I would prefer to be cut into pieces or strips, if your grandpa said that to me, I will take it seriously. But you, you are still too young." Tushan old man had a cold beam of light flash across his eyes as he continued slowly with that smile remaining on his face, "I am not trying to take anything from you. Instead, I am just offering you mutual benefits."

Slightly flicking his finger on the table, Tushan old man continued in a bland and calm tone, "Your dragon-kind and phoenix-kind are indeed good at collecting treasures and resources from your territories. But speak of managing a territory, and how to attain the highest profit from a productive territory, these are our Tushan Family’s specialties."

Tushan old man then glanced at Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, who seemed to be a bit embarrassed now, and carried on smilingly, "Our Tushan Family wants to get on board. We can cover ten percent of the cost, and we promise, as long as we can attain the full managerial right of that new world, we will only take a part of the profits, and will not lay a single finger on the ownership of the world."

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin glanced at each other, then all turned to Ji Hao and asked, "Earl Yao, what do you think?"

A series of footsteps could then be heard. Following that, Si Wen Ming was guided into the small building by a maid. Finally, everyone was here.

After a discussion, the four sides drafted a detailed contract together and accepted Tushan Family as a new shareholder, and the only manager of the new world. Meanwhile, Tushan Family had to cover forty percent of the cost of the portal, and would gain twenty percent of the profit earned through the exploitation of the new world.

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