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With the power of the golden bridge, Ji Hao traveled freely across the whole Midland. Meanwhile, Yu Yu stayed in the main hall of Earl Yao’s mansion with his eyes narrowed, looking at the Full Moon Sky Eye floating in front of him.

Yu Yu gave the Heaven and Earth golden bridge to Ji Hao, but he had a great interest in the Full Moon Sky Eye between Ji Hao’s eyebrows. Therefore, he grasped the Sky Eye directly out of Ji Hao’s body to take a closer look at it.

Po and the other of Yu Yu’s disciples, who all loved making magic tools, had been sitting around with their eyes popped out. They were constantly staring at this Full Moon Sky Eye, that was glowing with a faint seven-colored light, but was also wrapped in a faint golden essence sun fire, and had been through some magical kind of transformation from the inside.

Gulo was carefully sitting on a small hassock with his legs crossed, squeezing a smile out of his face while daring to make absolutely no sound. He looked at Yu Yu, then looked at Po and the others. The five eyes of his blinked quickly, while his body, which was not strong at all, quivered slightly.

Not to mention Yu Yu himself, even the weakest one among these disciples of his was terrifyingly powerful. Gulo was never a good fighter, but as a high-ranking Xiu Clan masters. He could clearly tell if a person was powerful or not with a single glance, just like he could easily tell if a material was good or not.

Terrifying, as terrifying as monsters.

Every single one on the scene was much more powerful than the most powerful Yu Clan being that Gulo had seen back in Liang Zhu City. The sense of power released from the bodies of Yu Yu and his disciples was old and prehistorical, despite the fact that they all looked so young. Gulo believed that the ages of these people should be counted in the millions at the very least. These people were like the stars in the sky, glowing high above the masses,. Ordinary ones could never get too close to them; they were old and powerful, eternally powerful.

"Gulo?" Yu Yu abruptly called his name while smilingly sending out a stream of glow towards the Full Moon Sky Eye.

Buzz! Countless perpetual spell symbol groups, each representing a magic, began sparkling brightly. Next, these powerful Full Moon magics transformed into dim streams of light and surged out of the eye one after another, exposing themselves in front of everyone.

Gulo’s face twitched. So scary, it was just a careless move, but with it, Yu Yu exposed the greatest, most important secrets of Moho Family. These spell symbol groups hid in the core area of the eye. Yu Yu made them show up but didn’t trigger any of them, neither did any harm the Sky Eye.

"Ye-yes, dear lord! I am Gulo, a lowly Xiu Clan craftsman. I am willing to present all that I have to you." Gulo was so scared that he even kneeled on the ground, trying his best to express his loyalty to Yu Yu.

"Hm, you belong to my little disciple. Remember this, I, as a Shifu, can only gift treasures to my disciples, but will never take anything from them." Yu Yu waved his hands and continued with a faint smile, "Tell me, why did you want to craft this treasure? And, what kind of technique did you use? Just tell me everything!"

Po and the other few disciples instantly had their eyes shine while releasing waves of spiritual powers that gathered on Gulo’s body. They all fully activated their spiritual powers, as they didn’t want to miss a single word said by Gulo.

Gulo’s head was all blank by now. Being stared at fiercely by Po and the other few disciples, his lips and tongue moved swiftly while he told everything he knew at an amazingly high speaking speed. From the origin of Full Moon to their special bloodline powers, to those special magic symbol groups contained in their spirit magic eyes, and how he gained that eye and how he designed and made it into the Full Moon Sky Eye.

For over ten hours, Gulo had been speaking without an end or a break. He even told Yu Yu and his disciples about the most secret smithing techniques created by Xiu Clan. He just told them literally everything.

"How wonderful! Learn from the others to solve our own problems!" Po clapped his hands and praised. Meanwhile, five clear streams of mist rose over a hundred meter high, then quickly formed a cloud hundreds of meter in radius. Three cyan-colored lotuses silently bloomed upon the cloud, and inside each lotus, a hazy human silhouette sat with his legs crossed, with a dimly glowing magic treasure held in his arms.

Countless strangely-shaped spell symbols hovered around the three hazy silhouettes. Po’s body quivered slightly, as the tool-crafting knowledge, his own crafting philosophies and the secret techniques that belonged to the non-humankind told by Gulo, were magically merging, combining and transforming.

Po felt that the world had become larger, his field of vision had turned wider, and the confusion that had been lingering in his mind was suddenly dispelled. By now, he felt every corner of his body was so comfortable that just made him want to give a roar towards the sky.

Just like Po, the other few disciples also had streams of mist rising from their heads. Each of them had three cyan lotuses blooming upon the cloud above their heads. Each disciple at least had one human-shaped silhouette holding a treasure, sitting with crossed legs in their lotuses, and every single one of these hazy silhouettes had been releasing tremendously great power vibrations.

Yu Yu clapped his hands. Instantly his pair of eyes turned transparent. With countless clouds and mist streams drifting across, he gently pointed at the Sky Eye and began talking about a series of improvement ideas regarding the eye.

Po instantly joined the conversation. Excitedly and passionately, he expressed his own ideas, gave some new suggestions or tried to perfect some of Yu Yu’s ideas. The other few disciples also freely expressed their own opinions. They were surely not as powerful as Yu Yu, and were even far less powerful than Po, but they had also been confidently stating their own ideas, sharing all kinds of fascinating thoughts.

Gulo was shocked at first, then surprised. At last, he leaped up and joined the conversation as well, even waving his arms in excitement. He passionately exchanged ideas with Yu Yu, Po and the others. The longer they discussed, the happier they were. Gradually, everyone’s Dao of tool-crafting had been improved largely.

After three whole days, Yu Yu abruptly laughed out, swung his arms backward and grasped. A jar of golden with sunlight-like flowing streams flew out and quickly merged into the Sky Eye. "Good, good, good, I understand now. Let’s work together and make a true supreme treasure of Dao for your little brother, Ji Hao." laughed Yu Yu.

"Full Moon Sky Eye is too complicated. For the great Dao of nature, we only have to take a small part of it. To be brave, to seek for improvement, this is what our disciples should do." said Yu Yu excitedly, "Your brother Ji Hao has already attained a quite powerful Dao of sun. Let’s lead this power of sun back to its origin and make the purest eye of Dao of Sun for him."

"What do you all have? Just take out all the good stuff." Yu Yu raised his eyebrows in excitement while grabbing a wine calabash. He gulped a few large mouthfuls of wine, then continued, "This is not only about your little brother Ji Hao. This eye can become an inherited magic of Dao of our sect. Think abut this, indeed amazing!"

Along with a loud buzzing noise, a purely golden eye was quickly shaped under the join forces of Yu Yu and his disciples. Soon after, a strong and immense, scorching hot power of great Dao was released, spreading out and making the entire great hall golden.

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