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Above Yao Mountain territory, upon a cloud, Ji Hao had a pair of ragingly blazing wings condensed from the essence sun fire, bringing him up into the sky, swaying slightly in the wind.

A dark-golden sphere of light had been sparkling in his chest, releasing waves of heavy yet light, turbid yet clear sense of power, which was filled with a feeling of ambivalence. The golden light constantly sparkled in Ji Hao’s chest, just like his beating heart, bringing up visible circles of ripples around Ji Hao.

The Heaven and Earth golden bridge was an incomparable supreme treasure.

The reason why it was described as an incomparable supreme treasure was the fact that even Yu Yu couldn’t figure out its true grade. Yu Yu had quite a lot pre-world supreme treasures, after-world great treasures, world-accompanying magic treasures, and natural-crafted holy weapons in his hands. Speaking of how wealthy Yu Yu was, even the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind couldn’t compare with him. Speaking of Yu Yu’s knowledge of magic treasures, not too many people in the world could compare with him either. However, this Heaven and Earth golden bridge wasn’t produced by Pan Gu world. Instead, it came from the Chaos and broke straight into Pan Gu world; no one knew when did that happen. The golden bridge was attracted by the power of Pan Gu world and became like a natural satellite of the world, hovering around Pan Gu world.

The Heaven and Earth golden bridge was extremely powerful. It seemed to have an independent consciousness already, added with its all kinds of amazing abilities. It had hovered around Pan Gu world for countless years until Yu Yu’s big brother discovered it by accident. That night, Yu Yu’s big brother had been observing stars in the sky and trying to figure out the rule of the power of destiny.

Ji Hao’s oldest uncle never cared too much about treasures, as he valued his own cultivation more. Therefore, he only carelessly mentioned the treasure he discovered to his two brothers. At first, Yu Yu and his second brother didn’t take this treasure with an unknown background too serious, neither did do anything specially for it. However, one time, one of Yu Yu’s disciple went to the Chaos to collect some pre-world materials, and by accident found that Priest Hua and Priest Mu had sent a large group of their disciples out to track the golden bridge. According to what Yu Yu sneakily told Ji Hao, that crappy flower and the corroded piece of wood[1] were seriously not good people. Therefore, for anything they wanted, even if it was only a piece of cow dung, he had to attain it first and ruin their plan.

For the above reason, Yu Yu sent out his disciples to seek the Heaven and Earth golden bridge. Since then, they searched for hundreds of thousands of years. Po, Gui Ling and the other Yu Yu’s disciples all had specially crafted tools with them, to keep tracking the golden bridge when they traveled across the world.

As they searched for the golden bridge for so many years, gradually, Yu Yu and his disciples realized that this was indeed an extremely important treasure. Countless years of hard work and immeasurably great efforts had been spent on searching the golden bridge. In addition to that, openly and secretly, Yu Yu and his disciples had fought against Priest Hua and Priest Green for countless times. Finally, this time they discovered that the Heaven and Earth golden bridge would appear in a secret spot in the Chaos every thousand years, to strengthen itself with the ‘original ice spring’ that was condensed from the coldest Chaos power.

This time, Yu Yu launched his move personally. He took a group of his disciples deeply into the Chaos, broke into the secret spot and rushed directly in, setting up forty-nine layers of great magic formations and finally boxed the golden bridge up. Meanwhile, Priest Hua and Priest Mu had joined hands and brought a group of disciples into the secret spot at the most crucial moment. Because he yelled that symbolic sentence ‘This treasure is destined to be ours’, Yu Yu was enraged straightaway. As a consequence, Yu Yu pulled out his sword, blocked Priest Hua and Priest Mu’s way and madly launched a fierce wave of hacks. Priest Hua and Priest Mu were forced to flee, but seriously or not, Yu Yu was injured as well.

After attaining the golden bridge and on their journey back to Pan Gu world, Yu Yu and his disciples did their initial study of this treasure.

For the other Chaos treasure, every piece of treasure always contained a certain number of pre-world natural inhibitions, and the number usually varied from one to twenty. Larger was the number of pre-world natural inhibitions of a Chaos treasure, the more powerful this treasure was, and the more abilities the treasure had. For example, the Pan Xi divine mirror had forty-nine most complicated natural inhibitions, this already made it a top-grade supreme piece.

Nevertheless, the Heaven and Earth golden bridge was different. The golden bridge was quite weird, that sometimes, it didn’t contain any natural inhibition, and sometimes it contained whole fifty most complicated pre-world natural inhibition. Sometimes, if one looked carefully into it with one’s primordial spirit, they would find it was actually filled with tangled symbols of patterns of disintegrated natural inhibitions. But sometimes, one would find absolutely nothing in it.

In Yu Yu’s words, the inside space of the golden bridge was just like a world in gestation, that it was unpredictable and constantly changing. He also said something even nicer — Since Ji Hao had already attained the coordinates of a new world, and that happened exactly when Yu Yu attained the golden bridge, this proved that the golden bridge was somehow naturally connected with Ji Hao!

Therefore, Yu Yu gave the golden bridge directly to Ji Hao without any hesitation. Meanwhile, he even consumed some of his own power to process the golden bridge for the basic degree, helping Ji Hao built a tight connection with it.

The golden bridge was special, completely different from the other Chaos treasures. Therefore, even Yu Yu could only help Ji Hao to control it for the most basic stage. As for whether Ji Hao could truly attain a full control of the golden bridge, Yu Yu couldn’t tell for sure.

After all, this treasure was way too mysterious, and even Yu Yu himself hadn’t figured it out completely.

Ji Hao spent three days to achieve a basic control of the golden bridge. By now, he floated in the air with the golden bridge inside his primordial spirit. Meanwhile, Ji Hao had been silently sensing the faint power vibration releasing from the golden bridge.

"Ji!" Ji Hao abruptly burst with a growl. The ground and the sky quaked simultaneously while a dark-golden, bridge-shaped light stream flew out of Ji Hao’s chest. One end of the bridge was connected with Ji Hao’s chest while the other end reached far, far away, such that Ji Hao couldn’t see it with his eyes.

When the golden bridge appeared, a thunder-like noise could be heard while Ji Hao’s body disappeared. In the next moment, Ji Hao arrived at a vast ocean.

Waves rose, and beautiful fishes could be seen in the water; the ocean was boundless. Occasionally, a gale would blow across and raise hundreds of meter high waves. Then, an enormous whirlpool around a thousand meters in radius was created on the ocean surface.

‘This is…’ Ji Hao stared at this ocean in a daze.

This was the most eastern area of the Midland, called East Wild, and was countless miles away from Yao Mountain territory. With the golden bridge and without much of power consumption, Ji Hao had actually come to the most eastern area of Midland from the central area.

He was teleported to half a Midland away by the golden bridge!

With JI Hao’s current power, he would have to fly for nearly a thousand years at his highest speed with his flowing light flying magic to come to this place, and he would have to fly twenty-four hours a day without any break for that.

Lowering his head, Ji Hao looked at that dark golden sphere sparkling in his chest and murmured, "So this is your most basic function?"

The most basic function of the golden bridge — traveling across space!


[1]‘Hua’ literally means flower in Chinese, while ‘Mu’ literally means wood in Chinese. Therefore, Yu Yu and others who hate Priest Hua and Priest Green always call them ‘a crappy flower and a piece of corroded wood’.

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