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Puff! Following a thunderous noise, the Heaven and Earth great formation of Yao Mountain City quaked intensely. The three layers of defensive light screens, which normally opened all year long for security, were torn apart by a dark golden stream of light. Following that, Ji Hao bumped into the city while shouting loudly.

The security light screen was broken, instantly after which, the enormous Heaven and Earth magic formation began activating itself. Seven-colored mist rose into the sky, warm light covered the entire area while a great pressure descended right onto Ji Hao’s head. Additionally, forty-nine tremendous swirl-shaped thunderclouds emerged above his head.

Nevertheless, as invisible streams of ripple swept across and hovered around Ji Hao’s body, the activated Heaven and Earth magic formation was immediately quieted down. All light streams and glows and other abnormal scenes disappeared within the span of a single breath, and the thunderclouds int he sky was dispelled as well.

Ji Hao touched the dark golden sphere of light in his chest, and couldn’t help but widely open his eyes in shock.

Just now, he excitedly broke into Liang Zhu City with the power of the golden bridge, threw out a handful of powerful magic talismans and thunder bombs, which were made by Priest Dachi, and launched a wave of terrorist attack in that city. By doing that, he almost destroyed a big half of the reconstruction work in Liang Zhu City. After that, he turned around and rushed straight back into Yao Mountain city, before the non-humankind realized what had happened.

However, he didn’t know that he would come back so loudly. The Heaven and Earth magic formation wasn’t fully activated on ordinary days, but any one of the three security magic screens could easily stop a heavy attack launched by a peak-level Divine Magus without even shaking. With all three layers of magic screens together, even ten peak-level Divine Magi couldn’t break through, not even by constantly attacking for a whole hour.

However, the golden bridge released a golden stream of light and tore apart the three layers of magic screens so easily, then threw Ji Hao into the city. This treasure could not only allow its owner to travel across the whole world, but also had a hidden function of breaking magic formations. As for whether this function truly existed and how powerful it actually was, Ji Hao would have to figure it out in the future.

The noise made by the Heaven and Earth formation alerted everyone in the city. As a breeze blew across, Yu Yu, Po, Gui Ling and the others simultaneously showed up in front of Ji Hao, and soon, Ji Xia rushed over as well.

"Ha, we were just talking about you, good boy. Come on, try this eye of Dao of sun. I, your Shifu, made it together with your few brothers, for you!" Yu Yu excitedly handed a purely golden, brightly glowing eye, that seemed to have a small sun in side it, to Ji Hao. Then, he continued smilingly, "Try it, try it… I’ve merged a whole jar of original sun essence into it! I spent quite an effort to collect it back then!"

"How generous. Not only the original sun essence, but it now also contains other tens of types of Chaos materials related to the Dao of sun." From Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man’s voice could be heard, "More importantly, your Shifu even imprinted all of his own understanding to the great Dao of sun in this eye…" Clicking his lips, the mysterious man continued, "This Shifu of yours is truly nice!"

The mysterious man’s tone sounded complicated, as it was mixed with an indescribable emotion.

Ji Hao paused briefly, then politely took over the golden eye, naturally intending to kneel down and kowtow to Yu Yu.

Yu Yu released a gentle stream of power and stopped Ji Hao. Then, he had his eyes widely open as he stared at Ji Hao while grinned excitedly and said, "Don’t be a kowtower. Just try this eye and let me see how powerful it is!"

Taking out a wine calabash from his sleeve, he gulped the wine then continued impatiently, "I’ve been wondering this. This thirty-eye-opening magic can become a potential secret magic…It can be even used as a protective magic of our sect, just try it!"

Ji Hao didn’t hesitate. Instead, he picked up the eye and pressed it into the spot between his eyebrows."

Earlier, Yu Yu took the eye away from his body. Ji Hao’s strong body healed itself, not leaving any trace between his eyebrows. Today, the eye merged back into his body, that split Ji Hao’s skin and generated a series of creaking noise from his skull. Soon, a slit, that was big enough to contain the entire eyeball, appeared between Ji Hao’s eyebrows.

Countless golden neurons and blood veins were generated from the eye, quickly connecting with Ji Hao’s original neurons and blood veins.

Large streams of boiling hot and purely golden power streams surged out of the eye. Ji Hao quivered, and was surrounded by a raging fire. His entire body was burning, such that he couldn’t even sense his body anymore. Instead, he could only see the golden light, that was boundless and inexhaustible, seeming to suffuse the whole world.

Yu Yu’s voice came deeply from Ji Hao’s soul, word by word, sounding as beautiful as the singing of an angel. It was like a star moving across the sky, causing a resonant noise that could resound across the entire world.

‘The Chaos is broken, then there’s Yin and Yang. The great Dao of sun is the most positive part of the great Dao of nature. It can generate all living creatures, its great heat can also destroy any living creature. The great Dao of sun can be violent, can also be gentle; it can create and can also destroy; it can be fast, can also be slow…’

All the understanding gained by Yu Yu in all his life, ever since he was born, was put into Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

Ji Hao was enlightened all of a sudden. His primordial spirit, that had naturally been through a transformation, silently changed. Fifty brightly golden streams of Yu Yu’s Qi of Dao had already merged with Ji Hao’s primordial spirit and transformed into a glowing ball, floating in Ji Hao’s spiritual space. As the eye of Dao of sun continuously merged with Ji Hao’s body, this mist-like glowing and spinning ball had a faint fire burst from it.

Just like the most original fire that burst after the world was created, this tiny fire set Ji Hao’s entire primordial spirit ablaze. The golden essence sun fire burned thrivingly from the core of Ji Hao’s primordial spirit. Ji Hao first howled in pain, as he felt like this primordial spirit was going to burn out at that moment. But soon, he sensed an amazing pleasure, as a warm and inexhaustible sun power condensed into nearly tangible spell symbols in his primordial spirit. These spell symbols represented the great Dao of sun. They combined with each other, clashed against each other, generating even raging flames, rising straight from Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

An immeasurably strong life-force was suddenly generated from Ji Hao’s empty spiritual space. Ji Hao’s primordial spirit transformed into a small sun, shining in the spiritual space. The tremendously powerful golden fire spread towards all directions. Wherever it reached, a great transformation had been caused. Within the span of a few breaths, Ji Hao’s spiritual power had been improved and purified by a hundred times.

Letting out a muffled moan, Ji Hao opened his eye and released a strong stream of spiritual power, that surged out swiftly. Visible waves of golden ripples spread towards all directions. Ji Hao’s spiritual power now contained the power of sun. It was scorching hot, and could burn everything in the world.

The seed of Dao of sun was attained.

Ji Hao raised his head, looked directly at the sun with all three eyes of his. He wasn’t sensing any pain from his eyes. Normally, he could feel the heat of the sunlight. But now that he had just attained the seed of Dao of sun, he could clearly sense every single stream of sun power in the air. No matter how thin and slight that stream of sun power was, Ji Hao could clearly sense its power vibration.

His spiritual power had already merged into one with the power of sun.

The seed of Dao of sun was generated, and by now, Ji Hao’s power and his cultivation had formally reached the level of Divine Magus.

All the above were not the only changes caused by the appearance of the seed of Dao. In addition to this, Ji Hao’s body could now perfectly merge with the power of sun. As the power of sun ceaselessly surged into his body, the spirit star power contained in his meridians and Magus Acupoints had been transforming as well.

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