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Ji Hao took those Di Family people, Jia Clan warriors, and Xiu Clan masters he bought from Black Shark Castle, all back to Yao Mountain City.

Every single one of these non-humankind beings had made an oath with their spirit blood and soul, and had put a trace of their spirit blood and the trace of their souls in the Pan Xi divine mirror.

Suppressed by the Pan Xi mirror, unless these non-humankind beings could find an even more powerful supreme Chaos treasure to wreck the Pan Xi divine mirror, they would be controlled by the mirror forever and ever.

Because of the blood and spirit oath they made, regardless of the sky-high pride of these non-humankind beings and no matter how hard were they to deal with, when facing Ji Hao, they were as obedient as rabbits.

Ji Hao had specially circled an empty area in Yao Mountain City for these non-humankind beings, allowing them to build their own accommodations.

Yu Clan people were never good at physical labors, but they indeed had a good taste of art, and had the abilities to make beautiful designs. Xiu Clan people had amazing manual dexterities, no matter how complicated the designs were, they could just make them possible. The Jia Clan people were strong and strengthful, and without a doubt, they were the best labor ever. From carrying jade and gold minerals out of the mines to cutting giant pieces of rock from mountains, they could complete the jobs perfectly.

Non-humankind beings from three different races combined their powers. Additionally, Ji Hao had given them a part of those dark-kind slaves warriors and non-humankind slaves, that he bought from Pu Ban Market. With all resources given by Ji Hao, Di Yantuo and the other Di Family people happily started building their new home.

They had been saved from the fate of death and attained the right to build their new home freely in Yao Mountain City, which was such a beautiful and rich place. Even extremely picky people like Di Yantuo and Di Luolang couldn’t pick any problem out of their current situation now.

As for Ji Hao, he called up the leaders of Yao Mountain territory. Under the guidance of a few Di Family elders and Gulo, they began studying the ‘Chaos world locating method’ that was created by the non-humankind.

This was an extremely profound subject, and required complicated calculation and rich experiences, added with great luck. Most of the times, one had to depend on specially designed magic treasures to reach a certain level on this subject.

Complicated calculations and data collection from all aspects were shared. A few hours later, as the first one, Man Man rushed out of the hall with her head buried in her arms while screaming. Following her, Ji Xia and a group of Gold Crow Clan people embarrassedly escaped, after scratching a large wisp of their own hair off. A while later, Feng Xing and the other few Yao Mountain territory leaders ran out, as they suffered a serious dizziness.

At last, only Shaosi and Yu Mu stayed in the hall, continuously studying this subject with Ji Hao.

The Chaos was vast and boundless, without a start and an end. Within the Chaos, no directions could be told, no rain could fall, no sun could shine, no thunder could rumble, no fire could burn, no nothing could exist. Nothing but Chaos power existed in the Chaos, swooshing across, and this phenomenon was called Chaos tide. Even a hair-thin stream of moving Chaos power could destroy a world.

In Pan Gu world, no matter the humankind, dragon-kind or phoenix-kind, they were all still stuck inside the world, without having started observing the outer Chaos. To local people in Pan Gu world, this Pan Gu world was the whole universe. However, to some extremely powerful, mysterious beings, the outer Chaos was just like a vast ocean, and the different-sized worlds were like lands, islands and reefs in this ocean.

These worlds were far away from each other, and ordinary living creatures could never directly cross the distance between two worlds. Normally speaking, the humankind didn’t have the quality to step into the outer Chaos, but according to Di Yantuo, human Magus Kings could leave their original world and reach around ten-thousand miles away at max.

Ten-thousand miles was a comparatively safe distance. Without accidents, Magus Kings could search for treasures in Outer Chaos. If any rare Chaos minerals bumped into them in the outer Chaos, that would certainly be a sky-great fortune. After all, things which could survive the Chaos tide were all extremely precious.

Divine-Magus level beings could withstand the Chaos tide to a certain degree. From a million miles to ten-million miles, Divine-Magus-level beings could reach into the outer Chaos for at most ten-million miles.

Ten-million miles at best. For a Divine Magus, no matter how powerful he was, he could reach into the outer Chaos for ten-million miles at most. This distance was short enough to allow him to struggle back to his original world before he encountered any Chaos tide that could literally destroy everything, if he wasn’t extremely unfortunate that is.

Only powerful beings at the level of Supreme Magi, which equaled to the stage of sun and moon, had each merged at least one stream of the power of great Dao into their bodies and souls. With the power of the great Dao of nature of an independent world, these powerful beings could absorb the Chaos power and forcibly transform into their own powers. Therefore, only Supreme-Magus-level powerful beings could truly travel in outer Chaos, but only for a low degree. Just like a kid who learned how to swim, the kid could swim in the sea without drowning, but all kinds of fierce creatures and mysterious evil beings in the sea, whirlpools, hidden and dangers undercurrents, even the most terrifying tsunami and ocean storms, could easily destroy the kid. In outer Chaos, Supreme Magi could be crushed just as easily.

Therefore, Yu Clan ancestors gradually created Chaos world locating method when they explored the outer Chaos. Based on the constant changes of Chaos tides and the moving tracks of all kinds of energy streams in the Chaos, added with all kinds of calculations, estimations, unstopping mapping tests operated by large-scale locating magic formations that would cost huge amounts of precious materials, and special locating magic treasures and enough luck, eventually, a world could be located from another world.

For example, the world coordinate given to Dishi Yanluo by Dishi Cha was measured and calculated based on the basic longitudes and latitudes formed by the moving track of the sun and the other three-hundred-million and sixty thousand stars.

In cosmic terms, that world wasn’t too far away from Pan Gu world. But to cover the distance between these two worlds, Ji Hao would have to fly straight at his highest speed with this flowing light flying magic for thirty-seven thousand years, if no accidents happened on the journey and if he could improve his power by a hundred times now.

In order to safely and quickly reach another world, they had to build a portal to connect Pan Gu world and the destination, or use a special magic treasure that could serve as a portal.

That world was different from Pan Xi world. When the life-and-death game started, Pan Xi world had already been captured by Pan Gu world. Under these circumstances, building a portal to connect these two worlds wouldn’t be too costly. However, this world represented by the coordinate in Ji Hao’s hands was far away from Pan Gu world. This meant that building a portal to connect this world and Pan Gu world would cause a great consumption. Additionally, the portal between these two worlds had to be a perpetual one, which required a special magic formation.

Ji Hao brought all non-humankind beings he saved from Black Shark Castle back to Yao Mountain City.

Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, and Si Wen Ming all went back to where they came from, to prepare all kinds of necessary resources. Without the support of their wealthy families, not even a corner of that perpetual portal could ever be built, not even if they drained Ji Hao’s blood and sold it.

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