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Ji Hao took out quite a lot valuable materials from Yao Mountain City’s storage. Among all these materials, the most precious one was a thin stream of ‘fairyland spirit’ that contained a slight trace of Chaos space power, and was collected from the Chaos by Kua E and his brothers when they built the city for Ji Hao.

Only after Gulo told Ji Hao about how precious this fairyland spirit was, did Ji Hao realize that years ago, for building Yao Mountain City, Kua E and the other descendants of ancient divine gods had not only gone to the stars in Pan Gu world to collect materials, they had also risked their lives and went to the outer Chaos to collect many Chaos materials that didn’t exist in Pan Gu world.

Thinking of the constructional scenes of Yao Mountain City, Ji Hao regretted slightly. He didn’t know about all this before. But now, he truly understood how dangerous the outer Chaos was. He thought he might have underpaid Kua E and his brothers.

Putting down these useless thoughts, Ji Hao carefully built a magic formation three-hundred miles in radius on top of Yao Mountain according to the Chaos world locating method. The core of this magic formation was that thin stream of fairyland spirit that had a nature of Chaos, but had also been releasing a slight spatial power vibration.

Gulo and a few Di Family elders stood beside the magic formation, shaking their heads endlessly.

To Ji Hao, this magic formation was already incredibly complicated, and had cost many materials. But in the eyes of those non-humankind beings, this magic formation built by Ji Hao for locating another world was extremely rough.

Back in the original world of these non-humankind beings, for locating a possibly existing new world, at least a ten-thousand miles in radius giant magic formation would be built. The materials consumed by that magic formation was millions, and even tens of millions of times more than the amount that had been consumed by this small one built by Ji Hao.

Such a hundreds of meters in radius small magic formation built with so little resources, it would be impossible for it to grasp even a slight little bit of trace of any new world.

Ji Hao didn’t know what had those non-humankind beings been thinking. He stood in the middle of the magic formation, gently pointing his finger on the formation and instantly, large numbers of magic crystals began burning inside energy pivots. Next, a strong force began flowing along large spell symbols on the base of the magic formation, eventually forming a hair-thin stream of Chaos energy that injected itself into the fairyland spirit.

The fairyland spirit was exquisitely processed by Gulo already. It was now shaped like a triangular pyramid, and was embossed with countless tiny and complicated spell symbols. At this moment, the fairyland spirit sparkled with a dim light. Ji Hao sent his spiritual sense into the fairyland spirit and suddenly found out that the coverage of this spiritual sense had been raised by thousands, and even tens of thousands of times.

Countless images of stars flashed across his eyes. Along with a rumblingly loud noise, the moving tracks of countless stars had been slowly moving. Ji Hao saw countless magical spheres of light, and thousands of layers of indescribable, splendid scenes.

Afterwards, a tremendous force struck over from an unknown source, violently bumping into Ji Hao’s body.

The Pan Xi divine mirror quaked, releasing a dim stream of light to protect Ji Hao’s primordial space while swallowing this force that attacked Ji Hao directly. Next, dense streams of power spread out from the mirror, slowly nourishing Ji Hao’s body and primordial spirit. Ji Hao quivered, then staggered back for many steps.

That terrifying stream of power, which was more than enough to perish both his body and soul, didn’t manage to harm him. However, this locating magic formation only worked for one millionth of a second before it drained the power of Ji Hao’s primordial spirit. His primordial spirit was even nearly dragged into the fairyland spirit.

If Ji Hao didn’t have the Pan Xi divine mirror to protect him, he would have definitely suffered this time.

Ji Hao gasped deeply for air. Above his head, the nine ancient Gold Crows were floating above the top of Yao Mountain, releasing a bright golden light that warmed Ji Hao’s entire body. His consumed primordial spirit began recovering speedily.

"Such a small locating magic formation," yelled Gulo loudly aside, "It can’t possibly grasp any trace of any world. The base of this formation is way too small. It has no defensive power at all…I will not admit that this magic formation has anything to do with me, it’ll be way too humiliating!"

Those Di Family elder stood aside with complicated looks while carefully looking at Ji Hao. Seeing Ji Hao stabilize his own body, they hurriedly bowed deeply to Ji Hao and said, "Dear Master, we didn’t intentionally let you been through the danger. We’ve reminded you that, such a small locating magic formation is dangerous, extremely dangerous…Back in our hometown, only the poorest noble families will use rough magic formations like this, that too under desperate situations."

Ji Hao waved his hands and responded, "It has nothing to do with you. I just wanted to know will the locating method work or not. It seems that this wasn’t as simple as I thought."

Pondering for a while, Ji Hao gave a bitter smile and continued, "We don’t know if they can find all needed materials yet. Gulo, is a perpetual portal truly so hard to build? How much will it cost, exactly?"

While shrugging, Gulo embarrassedly grinned and said, "Dear Master, if I have to describe it…Each of the twelve most powerful twelve families of Yu Dynasty has only one perpetual portal. They’ve been looting Pan Gu world, collecting all kinds of resources for all these years, but each of the twelve families has only built one perpetual portal."

"As far as I know, the day when Liang Zhu City was destroyed, the perpetual portals that belonged to the twelve families were destroyed as well. Therefore, it’s not quite possible for the twelve families to reach to the twelve new words soon." Spreading his hands, Gulo gave a weird smile, as if he was quite glad to mention about the great disaster that happened in Liang Zhu City.

"It’s a shame though, you only have one world coordinate." said Ji Hao as he obtained a rough big picture from Gulo’s words. Curving his mouth corners downwards, he continued, "If you knew more…hm?"

Ji Hao abruptly turned around. A sense of power that only he could sense flashed across a building in the backyard of Earl Yao’s mansion. With a great surprise, Ji Hao left Gulo and those Di Family elders, immediately transformed into a golden beam of light and dazzled towards the central area of Yao Mountain City. He flashed across the sky and swiftly returned to the main hall of Earl Yao’s mansion.

In the broad and simply decorated hall, Yu Yu sat on a cattail hassock with his legs crossed. A dark golden sphere of light that seemed to be quite old floated in front of Yu Yu, and had been releasing heavy waves of pressure.

Po, Gui Ling and around ten other brothers and sisters, that Ji Hao had never met, stood on both sides of Yu Yu. Seeing Ji Hao coming, they all smiled and nodded to him.

Ji Hao hurriedly walked up, happily kowtowed to Yu Yu and said, "I, Ji Hao, am greeting to you, dear Shifu. I wish you an eternal life! Ah, Shifu, was everything good on your journey with my sisters and brothers?"

Yu Yu and been carefully looking at that golden sphere of light floating in front of him. As Ji Hao kowtowed to him, Yu Yu chuckled, then nodded and responded, "Good, all good. Hehe, I started a fierce fight against that crappy flower and that piece of corroded wood. I’ve been seeking and fighting for this ‘Heaven and Earth golden bridge’ for so many years. At last, we now have it.:

"The Heaven and Earth golden bridge?" Ji Hao looked at that dark golden sphere of light, that had been causing waves of heavy pressure and asked, "Shifu, what kind of a treasure is this?"

Yu Yu gave a faint smile, lowered his head and answered, "A precious treasure from the Chaos. It can transform the Chaos into a broad portal, connecting two different worlds in the Chaos. So it’s called the heaven and earth golden bridge!"

Ji Hao loudly swallowed his saliva while his eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets in shock.

Seeing the erect eye between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, Yu Yu also had his eyes popped out, seeming to be quite surprised as well.

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