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The Moho staff just stood in the tent like this.

The purely dark, pillar-like staff was decorated with countless eye-shaped gemstones, and those different-colored eyes shone dimly and evilly. In the core of each eye, a tiny and complicated spell symbol had been spinning slowly. Occasionally, sharp beams of light would be released from these spell symbols.

Within the span of a few breaths, streams of natural powers had speedily gathered over, and soon created a foot-thick, clear-water-like stream around the staff.

Shaking and rippling, this stream of power quickly condensed into true water, turning more and more sticky. Then, after the span of around ten breaths and following a series of tinkle, fist-sized, flawless crystal pieces, that were condensed purely from natural powers, fell down from the air around the staff.

The Moho Staff could naturally gather natural powers, and it was a greedy treasure that would violently and limitlessly attract natural powers. The density of the natural powers that gathered around Moho Staff reached to a certain state, after which, the transforming magic formation contained in the staff would automatically, forcibly transform the natural powers into crystals.

Ji Hao picked up one piece of crystal and found that this fist-sized crystal was perfectly flawless. Those crystals were cyan, blue, or red colored, according to the natures of the powers contained in them.

Natural powers contained in each piece of these crystals equaled to the amount contained in a high-grade magic crystal piece.

Soon, thousands of crystal pieces of natural powers fell and piled up around the staff. These crystals sparkled brightly. Meanwhile, more natural powers had been gathering by the staff and forcibly being sent into these crystal pieces.

Squatting beside this pile of crystal, Ji Hao carefully observed and calculated the merging speed of natural powers to these crystals. Then, he raised his head, grinned to Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, who were complete stunned by now, and said, "In about forty-eight hours, these crystals can be turned into top-grade pieces."

"This is the Moho Staff, the inherited supreme treasure of Moho Family, and an important supportive treasure of our Yu Clan expeditionary force." said Di Yantuo, who stood aside and had been greedily looking at the staff. His Adams’s apple moved continuously as he swallowed saliva and continued, "With the Moho Staff, we have to never worry about magic crystals. Anytime, anywhere, even without existing magic crystals mines, as long as natural powers exist in the air, we will never lack magic crystals. Therefore, all of our large-scale weapons can always remain fully activated."

A serious of tinkle could be heard without an end as more high-grade magic crystals were forming and falling from the air.

Soon, the swirl of natural powers surrounded the staff was already around three meters in radius. Obviously, the attraction of natural powers delivered by the staff would raise as time went on. If the staff was put in a place with rich natural powers, with abundant time, this staff could serve no worse than a top-grade magic crystal mine.

Di Yantuo said that this staff was an important supportive treasure for the entire Yu Clan expeditionary force, which clearly was not an exaggeration at all.

"Ji Hao, I…" Ao Li wanted to say something.

"Save it, this treasure is mine. Whoever dares to fight me over it, I will even risk my own life to fight back." Ji Hao raised hie head, fiercely glanced at Ao Li and said.

"Brother Earl Yao, I think…" said Feng Qinxin with a silvery, sweet voice. She even enchantingly blinked towards Ji Hao.

"This time, I was almost killed by the non-humankind, but someone saved me." Ji Hao glanced at Feng Qinxin and said with a cold voice, "He called himself Priest Guangcheng, and is related to me somehow. Hmm, for something regarding Emperor Xuanyuan, the records don’t exist in the history books written by human beings anymore. But I assume, the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind must still remember the story about the Shifu of Emperor Xuanyuan, don’t you?"

Feng Qinxin and Ao Li shut their mouths simultaneously, popped out their eyes and looked at Ji Hao in a daze. They seemed to be witnessing a scary, enormous Chaos beast rush suddenly out from its own grave and start to do a sexy dance right in front of them by twisting its hip bone.

Priest Guangcheng, the Shifu of Emperor Xuanyuan.

Hehe, for some reasons, the humankind destroyed the records regarding many ancient stories, but the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind were quite close with the humankind. Meanwhile, because of their long lifespans, their histories had been kept and recorded perfectly. How could they not know about Priest Guangcheng?

"No wonder you’ve been acting so weirdly." murmured Ao Li disappointedly.

"Damn it, will the ten-billion magic crystals of mine be spent in vain?" said Feng Qinxin while angrily staring at Ji Hao, "Let’s put this crappy stick apart, and those stupid Xiu Clan prisoners…Ji Hao, what about the world coordinates you promised us? You promised us yourself, you won’t break that, will you?"

Feng Qinxin was a bit anxious. If she weren't a proud young master of the phoenix-kind, she would have shouted out and cursed Ji Hao with ugly words long ago.

Si Wen Ming narrowed his eyes. ‘Priest Guangcheng? The Shifu of Emperor Xuanyuan? Someone related to Emperor Xuanyuan?’

Back then, when Si Wen Ming was still a kid, he read through all history records secretly kept in the Magi Palace. In the later years of Emperor Xuanyuan, the records about him were indeed quite vague. Apparently, a lot of records had disappeared. Not only Emperor Xuanyuan, but some earlier records had also been missing as well, and that didn’t happen by accident.

Connecting with the information provided by Netherworld Priest, Si Wen Ming figured that he should squeeze out some time to sit down and talk with Ji Hao. But now, this wasn't the most important thing. Since the Di Family had chosen to follow Ji Hao, and Ji Hao had brought back so many important non-humankind beings from Black Shark Castle, those Yu Clan nobles and Jia Clan warriors were not too useful to the humankind, but those Xiu Clan people way too valuable.

Not to mention that, coordinates of a world? A world like Pan Xi world?

"Di Yantuo, Di Luolang!" Ji Hao didn’t put down the staff. Instead, he let it stand straight in the tent, continuously producing magic crystals. He wanted to tell Ao Li and Feng Qinxin that ‘don't be too stingy… Just follow Ji Hao, and the money will never be used up. Do not think about all those insignificant treasures all the time.’

This seemed to be effective. At least, the fierce looks of both Ao Li and Feng Qinxin had been softened already, and both of them were showing smiles on their faces.

Di Yantuo bowed to Ji Hao, raised his finger and sliced through the air. Instantly after that, a dim stream of light surged out.

Facing Ji Hao, Di Yantuo had been especially polite, but once he started talking to the others, the pride imprinted deeply in his bones and soul would work. "Stupid barbarians, even you don’t know about your own world. Just look at this, this is your Pan Gu world…Surrounding your Pan Gu world are many other worlds."

"This is a fertile piece of land, a wild virgin land." Within the dim light, an enormous light sphere emerged. Near this light sphere, many smaller light spheres showed up.

"In order to conceal his sin, Dishi Cha promised a coordinate of a world to each of the twelve emperors in power."

"As far as I know, only Dishi Yanluo from Dishi Family has received his coordinate."

"If you have the supreme treasure to build a portal, you will be able to invade this new world before everyone else and make immense profits."

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