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"Brother, I’ll bee seeing you!"

Ji Hao stood on a cloud, grinningly nodded and said goodbye to Guangcheng.

Ji Hao sincerely respected Guangcheng, not only because of his fame, but also because of the fact that he had been living in this place solitarily, to keep a watch on those non-humankind beings in Liang Zhu City, for all these years.

The humankind had already destroyed all records about Guangcheng. By now, probably even Emperor Shun couldn’t remember if Emperor Xuanyuan had truly visited Guangcheng to learn the magic of immortality. The humankind had all forgotten about what these powerful and mysterious cultivators had done, and had still been doing for them. However, Priest Guangcheng stayed in this wild mountain area for so many years by himself, which made him a great man in Ji Hao’s heart.

Guangcheng stood by the entrance of the mountain area, waving his hand towards Ji Hao. "Little brother Ji Hao, you know where I live and you know how to come to this wild place of mine. Just come to visit if you have the time. I have nothing nice to treat you, but you can have as much tea and fruit in here as you like." laughed Guangcheng loudly.

Ji Hao responded with a loud laugh as well. Then, he controlled the cloud and rose to the higher sky, flying quickly towards the meeting spot that he agreed with Si Wen Ming and the others.

This cloud-controlling flying magic Ji Hao had been casting now was taught by Priest Guangcheng under a good mood. Compared with Ji Hao’s flowing light flying magic, this cloud-controlling flying magic didn’t seem to be much better, as based on Ji Hao’s current level, the flying speeds that could be delivered by these two types of flying magics were similar. Ji Hao’s flowing light flying magic was even slightly faster. However, Ji Hao’s flowing light flying magic was dazzling. As he cast that magic, an eye-piercing golden stream of light would flash across the entire sky. Although the speed would be incredibly fast, people with great eyesight could still discover him from hundreds of thousands of miles away.

Guangcheng’s cloud-controlling flying speed could generate nothing but an ordinary cloud when it was cast. The cloud drifted freely along the wind, silently without causing any abnormal scene. Additionally, the cloud could conceal the power vibration released from its controller, in which case, the entire cloud could also serve as a small-scale concealing magic formation.

Treading upon the clouds to fly and singing a song while facing a gale, this was how free Qi cultivators should be.

Treading on the cloud and flying for over a thousand miles, Ji Hao couldn’t help but feel so surprised. The cloud-controlling flying magic of Guangcheng was indeed amazing, especially under the current situation, as Ji Hao was being hunted by non-humankind beings from all over Liang Zhu City. This cloud-controlling flying speed was now much safer than his flowing light flying magic.

Standing on the cloud, Ji Hao took out a purple jade scroll.

The faintly purple jade scroll had been shining with a splendid light, with four golden characters faintly visible in the middle of it — ‘Thunder Magic by Qingwei’.

Yu Yu’s second brother named himself as Priest Qingwei, and Thunder Magic by Qingwei was the thunder magic created by him. Only his disciples could learn this thunder magic from him. Guangcheng destroyed the twelve floating mountains with nothing else but the thunder magic recorded in this scroll, Thunder Magic by Qingwei.

Ji Hao sent a strand of spiritual power into the jade scroll. Instantly, the scroll transformed into a faint sphere of purple mist, drilling into the spot between Ji Hao’s eyebrows. Soon, a detailed and included thunder magic was imprinted in Ji Hao’s body. Countless purple thunder spell symbols and the thunder spell symbols generated by the thunder magic Ji Hao learned from Yu Yu’s scriptures attracted each other. Those spell symbols quickly rose in pairs, began spinning and hovering in Ji Hao’s spiritual space.

Pondering for a short while, Ji Hao found great differences between these two type of thunder magics.

Yu Yu’s thunder magic was more violent and quick, like a giant ax wielded in the hands of an ancient divine God; every strike was fierce and quick. On the other hand, the thunder magic recorded in Thunder Magic by Qingwei was refined and detailed. It put more attention on layering up the powers, just like building a levee in a valley area. Once the levee was opened, the accumulated water would roar out, causing an extremely strong force that could destroy everything in the world in a moment.

Comparing these two types of thunder magics, Yu Mu’s thunder magic was straightforward and changeable; it could burst at a single moment under the will of the caster, and was the best for a fight between magic casters. Thunder magic in Thunder Magic by Qingwei was powerful and wildly effective; if use it in a fight between magic casters, it might seem to be slightly rigid. Therefore, it was better to be used as the ultimate move.

In a small-scale battle, the Qingwei thunder magic was inevitably a bit inflexible, but if one allowed it to accumulate enough power then burst the power out with all of one’s spiritual force, the effect would be incomparably great. Compared to this stunning effect, Yu Yu’s thunder magic was slightly weaker.

Both these two types of thunder magics had their own advantages and disadvantages. If Ji Hao could master them both and use them complementarily, his power would certainly be improved tremendously.

Silently studying the Qingwei thunder magic for a while, Ji Hao let out a long breath and recalled the last part of the conversation that happened between Guangcheng and himself.

By now, not only Yu Yu, but his two brothers, Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei had also been paying attention to Ji Hao.

The cultivation style of Yu Yu and his two brothers decided their free lifestyle. In other words, they were rather proud. Since the humankind had already taken the initiative to cut off the relationship between these mysterious cultivators and themselves, Yu Yu and his three brothers would never go find the humankind and try to be their friends ever again.

Compared with the other two equally powerful cultivators, Yu Yu and his two brothers were indeed high-hearted, as the former had been ceaselessly and sneakily playing all kinds of tricks, creating all kinds of new methods to recruit human disciples. In the eyes of Yu Yu and his brothers, these things done by those two were just lowly and dirty. They themselves would never be shameless enough to do the same. Instead, Yu Yu and his brothers had only sent out their disciples to travel around the world, follow the guidance of the destiny to take disciples of their own, but they never had intentionally expanded their sect.

Therefore, although Po, Guiling, Guangcheng and the others of Ji Hao’s brothers and sister had all taken quite a few disciples, all those disciples had learned the same temper from their Shifu. Through years of cultivation, those disciples tended to be less ‘human-like’, that they would rather hide deeply in a forest to concentrate on cultivating themselves than getting involved in any worldly affairs. They would keep on cultivating until they achieved immortality, which was the ultimate goal of theirs.

Such a situation was maintained until Po bumped into Ji Hao when he was traveling across Southern Wasteland without a destination.

Po thought Ji Hao was a nice and honest boy with a simple heart from a Southern Wasteland clan, and for a kind and talented ‘future cultivator’ like this, he might become another ‘nerd’, who cared nothing but his own cultivation under Yu Yu’s guidance.

Who would know that nice qualities like ‘simplicity’, ‘honesty’, ‘kindness’ had absolutely nothing to do with Ji Hao’s personality.

Ji Hao abruptly became Si Wen Ming’s friend, then quickly went to Pu Ban City, met Marquis Chong Si Xi, and even Emperor Shun. Soon, he joined the Chi Ban Mountain War, played some tricks and added with Yu Yu’s help, he actually became the newly promoted Earl Yao.

It wouldn’t be so shocking if he were along with the title of Earl Yao, but in fact, he had over a hundred million clansmen. Every single day, not only Ji Hao could attain the power of faith and the power of fortune from these clansmen, even the sect founded by Yu Yu and his two brothers was largely benefited.

Guangcheng honestly told Ji Hao that ever since Ji Hao built the Yao Mountain territory and the territory began growing stronger, the cultivation efficiency of Yu Yu, his brothers and all their disciples had raised by fifty percent!

Based on Guangcheng’s current power, he was shocked by his crazily high cultivation efficiency at first, as he didn’t know about Ji Hao. He just thought that he had driven himself crazy by cultivating too hard.

Therefore, Ji Hao had now caught the attentions of Priest Dachi and Priest Qingwei.

Therefore, Priest Xuandu came to Yao Mountain City to send him all those powerful tools and treasures before the life-and-death game started.

Therefore, Priest Qingwei told Guangcheng to give Ji Hao the Thunder Magic by Qingwei.

Therefore, Ji Hao was now the most treasured disciple of those three old Priests, and anyone who dared to touch a hair of Ji Hao would regret it immensely.

Therefore, Ji Hao was now quite excited, and he truly wanted to find a person that he didn’t like and start a conflict against that poor one.

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