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Treading on the cloud, Ji Hao could cover a thousand miles within a single moment. While flying southwards, Ji Hao found countless non-humankind armies flying all over the sky like headless flies, while different-sized floating mountains and castles swooshed from one side to another, then swooshed back. Ji Hao didn’t even know what those non-humankind beings had been looking for.

The cloud-controlling flying magic taught by Guangcheng was indeed amazing. There were many times when Ji Hao almost brushed against those non-humankind warriors, but none of them discovered him. He thus flew safely for a million miles and arrived in a dark pine woods.

Large traces of people could still be found in the dense woods. These traces were carefully covered, but still didn’t manage to hide from Ji Hao’s sharp eyes, because Ji Hao knew what happened in here.

The teleporting magic formation set in this place had already been dismantled, but many traces left by burning magic crystals still remained in the surrounding area. The soil was burned into glaze. Some people hurriedly dug a deep hole and buried the melted soil right on the spot.

Faint and slight space power vibration lingered in the air. Ji Hao twitched his nose and satisfyingly nodded. In this wood, in coordination with Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming built another teleporting magic formation, and those prisoners he saved from Black Shark Castle had already been sent away through the second teleporting magic formation.

Moving forwards, Ji Hao arrived in the other few meeting spots. All these spots were empty now, and all traces were covered carefully. The distance from Black Shark Castle to these few spots was connected by these few meeting spots, continuously sending those Di Family people away through numerous teleporting magic formations.

Ji Hao relaxed his tense nerves. He found tens of meeting spots in a row and didn’t find anything wrong. Finally, he boosted up the speed of his cloud and flew southwards at his highest speed, safely arriving in Chi Ban Mountain.

Many people had gathered in the base camp of the alliance of human clans built before the last Chi Ban Mountain War. Large groups of elite warriors under Si Wen Ming’s direct command guarded the surrounding mountains while hundreds of enormously shaped Longbo Country warriors stood on mountain tops with huge sticks carried in their hands. They were fiercely staring at those loudly yelling Di Family people in the camp with their gigantic pairs of eyes.

Only because they were frightened by those enormous and scarily looking Longbo Country warriors did these yelling Di Family not do anything wrong. Otherwise, since Ji Hao had armed those Di Family people with top-quality gears, if these nearly a hundred thousand elite Yu Clan nobles truly made a scene, the problem would be rather hard to solve.

Ji Hao’s cloud descended straight from the air, and even those warriors guarding on surrounding mountains didn’t discover him, letting a cloud land right in front of the gate of the base.

Dispelling the cloud, Ji Hao shocked the few warriors commanders guarding the gate. Those few warrior commanders even leaped up in startle as Ji Hao suddenly showed his figure

Ji Hao waved his hands and these warrior commanders recognized him, forcibly swallowing down the screams that were about to burst from their throats. They confusingly looked at Ji Hao from head to toe, wondering how the hell did he show up so suddenly.

Standing in front of the gate, Ji Hao carefully listened to countless people arguing loudly in the base.

Si Wen Ming’s strong and resonant voice even made the ground shake slightly as he said with a faintly helpless tone, "People, don’t panic, don’t worry. We can discuss. Earl Yao is lucky and powerful, how can he possibly die in Liang Zhu City?"

Feng Qinxin shouted with a high-pitched silvery voice, "I don’t care! This old man named Gulo, he has to belong to our phoenix-kind! Not only him, all Xiu Clan people have to belong to our phoenix-kind." Along with her voice, Ji Hao could also hear her jumping on the ground.

Ao Li’s sounded even more arrogant than normal days as he said carelessly, "As for Ji Hao, I think he is doomed. Therefore, for what he owes us, you have to pay it back with these people." Clicking his tongue, Ao Li continued, "I agree with the little phoenix, these Xiu Clan people have to belong to our dragon-kind. Whoever disagrees with me can talk to my fists first."

A heavy sneeze could then be heard, after which, Ao Li continued proudly, "Except for these five-eyed monsters, I also want those Yu Clan girls. Those Yu Clan men are useless, can’t even be eaten. So whoever likes them, just take them."

"You have to understand this, you stupid barbarians, I am the leader of Di Family. We have the noble blood of Di Family flowing in our bodies. Our family has a long, honored history. We are noble, and our ancestors had occupied countless worlds." Di Yantuo sounded even prouder and more arrogant than Ao Li.

A dark and heavy spiritual power vibration that contained a dense scent of blood spread out from the base. Next, Di Yantuo’s voice was added with fierceness and viciousness as he continued, "A tiny horned snake and a little bird, you lowly ignorant barbaric creatures, what do you think our noble Di Family people are? With a single hand, I can easily take your lives!"

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin shouted out simultaneously on hearing this.

"Shut up! You’re nothing but a bunch of homeless dogs now! How dare you talk to us like that?!"

"Stupid barbaric creatures, just take back your cheap pride and kneel in front of our noble Di Family people. Just kneel, lick our boots and beg us to gift you the honor of being our slaves!" The voices of Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the other Di Family elders grew brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger.

"People, calm down, just talk in peace!" Si Wen Ming’s strong voice resounded again across the base.

"Si Wen Ming! It has nothing to do with you!" yelled Ao Li, Feng Qinxin and Di Yantuo together, "We respect you, but, that doesn’t mean we have to listen to your orders! Just stand aside, this has nothing to do with you!"

Si Wen Ming coughed loudly. Soon, Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang’s voices could also be heard as they had both joined this three-sided dispute, and the base seemed to be thrown into a bigger mess.

Ji Hao rubbed the spot between his eyebrows, grinned to the few warrior commanders by the gate and asked, "Did Di Yantuo and the other Di Family elders come back by themselves? Good lord, these people are really good at fleeing!"

The few warrior commanders each gave a bitter smile and pointed at the gate of the base.

Ji Hao coughed, then opened his erect eye, releasing a dense, mountain-heavy spiritual vibration that spread out in a formidable way. The specially crafted door curtain that was hanging in the entrance of the main tent in the base, and was made from whole twenty layers of rhino leather, was suddenly shattered. Then, the strong spiritual power vibration shut everyone in the tent up.

Ji Hao took out the Moho Staff, carried on his shoulder, then walked into the tent. He didn’t speak, and instead, poked the staff heavily on the ground.

The ground vibrated, as Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and other Di Family elders paused simultaneously, then deeply bowed to Ji Hao and called him ‘master’."

Si Wen Ming slightly raised his eyebrows, smiled while surprisingly glancing at Di Yantuo and those elders, who had been behaving with unbearable insolences just now.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin immediately had their eyes fixed on the Moho Staff, even having sparkling drops of saliva gushing out from their mouth corners.

"Earl Yao, will you sell this treasure?" Both of them asked with one voice.

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