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"Lost? How was that even possible?" Ji Hao looked at Guangcheng and asked, as he just couldn’t believe it.

Not to mention Emperor Wa and the other three protectors, Ji Hao couldn’t even imagine exactly how powerful Yu Yu and his two brothers were.

Not long ago, Guangcheng cast a stunningly powerful thunder magic when he saved Ji Hao. The lightning bolts released by him stuck straight down on the twelve floating mountains that were thousands of meters tall and thousands of meters in radius, and each of these mountains had over a million non-humankind warriors stationed on it. In mere terms of effectiveness, Guangcheng’s thunder magic definitely surpassed the power of Divine Magus, as even a hundred Divine Magi couldn’t possibly strike down those floating mountains within a short period of time, not even by joining hands. However, under Guangcheng’s thunder magic, the great defensive formation formed by the twelve floating mountains was destroyed with a single move.

Such an amazing level of cultivation, such a great power and such a destructive magic with such a stunning effect was delivered merely by Guangcheng himself! Not to mention anyone else, in Ji Hao’s heart, his brother Po and sister Gui Ling, who both were Yu Yu’s disciples, should be even more powerful than Guangcheng. Nevertheless, so many truly powerful beings joined hands to fight, but still lost to the non-humankind. Was this even possible?

"Speaking of which, that was nothing to be proud of." Guangcheng sighed slowly and continued telling the story.

In that war, not only the four protectors launched their moves, Yu Yu and his three brothers had fought too, added with Netherworld Priest, Priest Hua and his brother, Priest Green, and many powerful beings who had been living in Pan Gu world with low profiles.

However, among all these powerful beings, the ones who could be counted as an absolute main force was the group of ancient divine Gods. The number of ancient divine Gods was great, and each of them had great powers and amazing abilities. Not to mention the others, the Green God from the east, known as Emperor Green, the Water God from the north, known as Emperor Black, the Gold God from the west, known as Emperor White, the Fire God from the south, known as Emperor Red, the Earth God from Midland, known as Emperor Yellow, and the large groups of lower level Gods under their commands, who each domineered a piece of land, merely this great force was absolutely terrifying.

Ancient divine Gods were incredibly powerful. Therefore, they usually fought in the battlefront against the non-humankind. Because of their bravery, mysteriousness, and power, many human clans worshipped them. Back then, human beings lived together and fought side by side with the God-kind, and human beings especially respected the God-kind.

But gradually, things changed.

No one knew the name of that powerful being. Once, a large-scale human clan was encircled by an army of the non-humankind, and a powerful being came to help. After a crazily cruel fight, that powerful being slaughtered over a hundred thousand non-humankind warriors and saved that human clan.

Ancient human beings were simple and honest, and back then, the human civilization was still new. Those human beings didn’t have anything nice to present to their savior to express their gratefulness. Therefore, they built an altar and worshipped that powerful being along with their ancestor souls.

The problem occurred when the God was worshipped by those human beings.

That powerful being unexpectedly found out that since the human clan began worshipping him, his mind became much clearer, and some difficult problems that he couldn’t normally solve in his daily cultivation could now be solved within just a few days. Not only that, he could now absorb natural powers at a much higher rate, and attaining deep understanding regarding the great Dao of nature with a much higher efficiency.

A human clan with the population of a million worshipped him, which raised his cultivation efficient by around fifty percent. As he figured this out, this powerful being started intentionally helping and saving human clans. As a result, more and more human clans built altars for him and worshipped him. His cultivation efficiency was raised soaringly fast, quickly reaching ten times faster than before.

Because of what this powerful being had been doing, the ultimate secret of the fortune of human beings was eventually revealed.

The ones who changed their attitudes were those ancient divine Gods. Guangcheng vaguely explained this with a short sentence. All in all, all top-grade powerful beings on the side of human beings were dissatisfied.

Facing powerful non-humankind beings, this powerful alliance, which was no longer unified, was a bit difficult to maintain. Besides, back then, Yu Yu and his two brothers, Priest Hua, Priest Green and Netherworld Priest, all of them were far less powerful than now, added with some tangled troubles between each other. When facing the non-humankind powerful beings, their abilities were barely equal to their ambitions, and this was inevitable.

In one word, technically, the humankind lost that war.

Nevertheless, Emperor Wa and Emperor Xi had paid a great price for that war. Emperor Wa launched an ultimate attack by risking her own life and severely wounded those non-humankind powerful beings, while Emperor Xi disappeared from the world. Not a single living being knew where he went. Non-humankind powerful beings suffered a great loss as well, that they no longer had the energy to continue conquering Pan Gu world.

However, the ancient heaven suffered the gravest loss. For all kinds of reasons, the ancient heaven, which was once domineering, was broken by the non-humankind armies. Ancient divine Gods fell one after another, and eventually, only Zhu Rong Family from Southern Wasteland, Gong Gong Family from Northern Wasteland and some declined small God-kind families survived.

"Since then, I’ve been living in this place, keeping a watch on Liang Zhu City under my Shifu’s order." said Guangcheng while making another long sigh.

"The power of fortune?" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. He thought of a while ago, back in Yao Mountain territory, he freed those slaves and turned them into his clansmen. Those grateful people worshipped him that gave him the power of faith.

That power of faith largely improved Ji Hao’s understanding regarding the great Dao of natural, and also improved his cultivation efficiency.

Ji Hao believed that he was a talented one, otherwise, why would Yu Yu take him as a disciple? But even if he was incredibly powerful, the improvement speed was way too fast, based on his background.

Not to mention the fact that he was unbelievably fortunate. For example, the Pan Xi divine mirror and the nine suns spear were great treasures which ordinary people couldn’t even see normally. But, Ji Hao attained both of them so easily.

"The fortune of the humankind is not as simple as you thought." said Guangcheng while smilingly looked at Ji Hao, "Therefore, all kinds of powerful beings had their eyes fixed on the humankind, but for some complicated reasons, they could only sneakily make some plans. But, none of them dared to talk about those things in public. After all, Emperor Wa was not easy to deal with, and neither were Donggong and Ximu were a pair of nice elderly people."

Guangcheng then carefully counted all powerful beings who had joined that war. After the war, Emperor Wa fell into a deep sleep once again and rarely showed up in the world.

Donggong and Ximu had been living a free life since then, and ordinary people couldn’t even found them, neither would they show up in public too often.

As for the humankind, since that war ended, some hidden changes silently happened. For example, some information regarding Yu Yu, Priest Hua and Priest Green began gradually disappearing from the historical records kept by the humankind; some secret records regarding the ancient heaven disappeared as well.

Emperor Xuanyuan visited Guangcheng to learn the magic of immortal, which was the last time for human leaders to make contact with those powerful cultivators who were normally out of all kinds of worldly affairs. After Emperor Xuanyuan, even though the humankind had faced massive attacks launched by the non-humankind numerous times, no matter how dangerous the situation was, except for joining hands with Gong Gong Family, Zhu Rong Family, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, the humankind had never asked those mysterious powerful cultivators for help again.

Till present, even core human leaders like Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming only knew very little about powerful beings like Yu Yu, as they could only find some incomplete traces about these powerful beings from damaged old records.

"Therefore, Ji Hao, my little brother… by now, the elderships of our sect values you a lot." said Guangcheng while looking at Ji Hao with a faint warm smile.

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