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Human beings called her Emperor Wa, but powerful ancient beings, especially those divine Gods in heaven, called her Spirit Wa. Emperor Wa or Spirit Wa, this incredibly powerful being, who woke from a deep sleep, saw that human beings enslaved, kept and slaughtered. Therefore, she ragingly launched her move and fought fiercely against those powerful non-humankind beings.

Ji Hao was charmed while listening to Guangcheng. From Guangcheng, he heard the magical stories about those top-grade powerful ancient beings. Although it was only a verbal statement, Ji Hao felt like being enlightened suddenly. His body was now soaked in sweat, and somehow, he fell into a magical state.

Guangcheng might be bored by the solitary life in the mountain area. Therefore, he now had a great mood as Ji Hao showed up. Passionately and vividly, he told Ji Hao about the great war between Spirit Wa and powerful non-humankind beings.

"Emperor Wa, she was amazing. Emperor Wu, Emperor Xi, Donggong and Ximu, I can say for sure that the four of them are the protectors of the entire Pan Gu world." Guangcheng’s eyes sparkled brightly while he increased his force brought to his fingers subconsciously, even creating countless cracks on the wooden teacup in his hand. However, within the blink of an eye, a cooling stream of power coiled around his finger and fixed that tea cup perfectly.

"Wait, what do you mean by protectors of Pan Gu world?" Ji Hao instantly grasped a sensitive word. Especially that Ji Hao’s spiritual space had quaked slightly when he heard that, as a huge sphere of mist vibrated and the mysterious man flashed across. A topic that could even shock the mysterious man, Ji Hao would surely get to the bottom of it. Therefore, he threw the question out.

Guangcheng took a sip of the tea, narrowed his eyes, pondered for a while then told Ji Hao about the background of Emperor Wa.

Emperor Wa and her brother, Emperor Xi, and Donggong and Ximu, who were two countless years old powerful beings, the four of them were the protectors of Pan Gu world. Although the four of them had never given any explanation regarding this, according to the information given by Yu Yu and his two brothers and added with his guess made with the power of destiny and all the other information, Guangcheng could tell this for sure.

The Chaos was boundless, with countless powerful creatures living in it. These powerful creatures were differently shaped. Some had human-like bodies and snake-like heads, some had beast-like heads and human-like bodies; some had wings on the backs, some had their bodies wrapped in flame; some were simply spheres of flame, streams of light, voice or aroma.

For some even more mysterious beings, one might even be a dream that lingered forever and ever, or simply a mystical name. One just couldn’t describe their existence with actual language.

Among these, countless powerful beings, one type of creature was extremely lucky. Each of them was born in the original Chaos, together with the early form of a world. Naturally, these creatures could break the Chaos, create natural powers, and even create an independent world and generate all kinds of creatures.

The original Chaos was filled with dangers. All kinds of unpredictable dangers could easily perish their souls and crush their bodies. However, once these powerful beings created a world, a great fortune would descend on them, along with an inexhaustible power of natural reward to protect them. They would be like a tiny fish swimming in a vast ocean who abruptly found a sturdy coral reef. In the coral reef, the fish built a home for itself, and since then, its home could shelter the fish from natural disasters and attacks launched by enemies.

Additionally, the worlds created by these powerful beings would keep changing and growing under their wills. A mature and powerful world could be seen as the sturdiest battle fort. No matter how many enemies came, the owner of the world wouldn’t be harmed, not even a little bit.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that creating a world could bring endless benefits, it was also highly risky, and could generate a lethal counterforce. For many of these powerful beings, although they were born with the early forms of worlds and shared the same origin, yet most of them fell in the Chaos before they matured enough to be able to truly create their worlds. Some lucky ones successfully created their worlds, but the counterforce generated when the Chaos was broken was way too fierce. As their worlds were created, these powerful beings were also killed by the counterforce. The number of these poorly fallen beings was quite big.

Some of them successfully created the world and withstood the terrifying counterforce. Nevertheless, they were exhausted. The newly created worlds couldn’t yet provide their owners with any protection, neither could they replenish the powers of their owners. Taking this opportunity, countless fierce creatures broke into these new worlds in groups from the outer Chaos, killed these world creatures joint handedly, and then occupied their worlds.

For the above reasons, before Pan Gu created the world, he asked his best friends to come to help and protect him from possible dangers. As he expected, Pan Gu was exhausted after the world was created. Three-thousand mysterious and fierce Chaos creatures launched a joint attack, attempting to devour Pan Gu’s body and occupy this new world. Pan Gu didn’t have the power to fight his enemies. Therefore, Emperor Wa, Emperor Xi, Donggong and Ximu joined hands and started a long-lasting war against those Chaos creatures. At last, the four protectors were badly wounded while over ninety percent of the three-thousand Chaos creatures fell, while the rest of them fled with injuries.

The three-thousand Chaos creatures were defeated and had fled, but Pan Gu was still affected by this terrifying, long-lasting war. His physical body collapsed and his primordial spirit split. Tremendously great power of creation burst from his body, generating all creatures in Pan Gu world.

Many powerful creatures in Pan Gu world were generated by Pan Gu’s spirit blood and his original power of creation, mixed with some body pieces and spirit blood of those Chaos creatures. Therefore, these powerful creatures had always been holding a vicious intent to the other Pan Gu world creatures, seeing the other Pan Gu world people as their enemies.

Pan Gu was fallen. Before he fell, he asked Emperor Wa and the other three protectors to guard Pan Gu world. In return, the four protectors could attain amazingly great powers and some special rights from Pan Gu world.

Nevertheless, all four protectors were badly wounded in that long great war. Therefore, after the war, they all fell into a deep sleep to heal and cultivate themselves.

When the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, the strong and strange force disturbed the four protectors. Emperor Wa woke up the first and started an earth-shaking war against the enemies.

While Emperor Wo was fighting against the enemies, Emperor Xi turned himself into the first generation of human emperor, gathered the forces of all human clans, and lit the first torch of the civilization of the humankind. Therefore, Emperor Xi was known as the first ranked emperor among the three legendary ancient human emperors.

Emperor Wa and Emperor Xi fought the enemies while managing the humankind. They also forced the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind to sign an eternal covenant to strengthen the humankind. Meanwhile, Donggong and Ximu found Yu Yu and his two brothers and begged them to come to help with their disciples. For that, Donggng and Ximu owed them a great debt.

Afterwards, Guangcheng followed his Shifu, and started a sky-shattering brutal war against the non-humankind in Liang Zhu area, and by that time, the original alliance of human clans had just been roughly founded.

"What was the result of the war?" asked Ji Hao curiously.

"We couldn’t defeat them…But neither did the non-humankind gain much of advantages…Emperor Xi disappeared, then the top-grade forces on both sides stopped fighting simultaneously. After that, the conflicts between the humankind and the non-humankind never ended, till present times." said Guangcheng while letting out a long breath.

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