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Ji Hao was seriously shocked. Even the secret records kept in the Magi Palace didn’t include these things.

According to Guangcheng, the invasion of the non-humankind provided the humankind with an opportunity to free themselves from those legendary creatures. Without this opportunity, those creatures would never allow the humankind to develop and rise, because they didn’t need the humankind to grow stronger, become smarter and create a culture. Instead, they only wanted the humankind to learn to build altars, then worship them as ancestor souls!

"Wait a minute, I’m confused." Ji Hao looked at Guangcheng and asked, "They didn’t need the humankind to be strong. They protected the humankind, and in return, they only wanted the humankind to build altars and worship them as ancestor souls, why?"

Guangcheng smiled and waved his hands, telling the pair of boys to play with the tiger and boa. Then he boiled the water and continued making the tea himself. While smoothly and unhurriedly making the tea, Guangcheng carried on the story.

Building altars to worship those legendary creatures which protected the humankind as ancestor souls, this was a method learned by those powerful creatures from the oldest Gods in the world.

To those legendary creatures, the well-being of the humankind had nothing to do with them. They protected the humankind, and even allowed the humankind to inherit their bloodlines and attain their powers, because they wanted something from the humankind.

Pan Gu’s bloodline generated three races, the dragon-kind, the phoenix-kind and the humankind. However, the humankind was the most fortunate one.

The dragon-kind inherited Pan Gu’s strong body, the phoenix-kind inherited Pan Gu’s powerful soul, and the humankind inherited the fecundity from Pan Gu’s bloodline. The responsibility of the humankind was spreading and strengthening Pan Gu’s bloodline. However, only a few people knew that, except for the fecundity, the humankind had also inherited the true spirit from Pan Gu’s soul, when they were created. The phoenix-kind only gained Pan Gu’s soul power, but never inherited a slight little bit of Pan Gu’s mysterious true spirit.

Therefore, the dragon-kind was arrogant while the phoenix-kind and proud, but when making contact with human beings, those phoenixes always had worse attitudes. That was because they were jealous of the humankind for inheriting that true spirit of Pan Gu.

Unlike the phoenix-kind, the dragon-kind believed that they were the strongest race in the world. Because of their strengthful bodies, they feared nothing. Therefore, they didn’t care about that so-called true spirit at all. In this way, the dragon-kind could still maintain their normal attitude when making contact with the humankind.

Because of that true spirit, human beings were mostly clever, with strong learning abilities, with which, they could learn, divergently think, remould and improve existing knowledge.

Also because of that true spirit, human beings became the owners of Pan Gu world. The flower of great Dao grew on Pan Xi’s forehead could control the great Dao of the entire Pan Xi world. The humankind inherited Pan Gu’s true spirit, and the true spirit was divided into countless parts. Therefore, human beings could not control the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Nevertheless, they were close and in conformation to the great Dao of this world. Consequently, the humankind were gifted with great talents in cultivation, and also earned good graces of this world. In other words, the humankind was under the protection of the power of the great Dao. For this reason, as long as the humankind build altars to worship those legendary creatures as their ancestor souls, those creatures would be able to share the fortune that belonged to the humankind.

These legendary creatures were born with powerful yet mature bloodlines, which meant they didn’t need to cultivate themselves severely to attain great powers, because their powers were born with them. However, their bloodlines were also the limitations of their powers, which they could never break.

To those legendary creatures, their powerful bloodlines were gifts, but also curses, because they could never surpass their ancestors. Besides, generation after generation, the bloodline powers would be thinned, and those creatures would turn weaker and weaker, eventually becoming just like ordinary animals. However, only if the humankind build the altars to nourish these creatures with their fortune and allow the souls of these creatures to continue absorbing the fortune of the humankind and strengthen, the bloodlines of those creatures wouldn’t decline. On the contrary, those bloodlines would grow even more powerful through the generations.

Additionally, the growth rate of the powers of these creatures’ bloodlines would rise along with the number of human beings who chose to worship them. If a certain type of legendary creature could be worshipped by all human beings, no matter how weak this type of creature was in the beginning, it could become the sole owner of the great Dao of this world in the future!

Hearing all this, Ji Hao popped his eyes out with his mouth widely opened in shock. Back in Southern Wasteland, when he activated his Gold Crow bloodline, he had seen his human ancestors bitterly begging those Gold Crows for power, and those Gold Crows floating high in the sky above the whole world.

But, the truth turned out to be like this!

Those human beings shouldn’t cry and beg those creatures to share their powers. On the contrary, those creatures should’ve held the legs of those human beings and begged those human beings to build altars to worship them!

This whole thing was upside-down!

"At first, those legendary creatures didn’t know about this." Guangcheng smiled and continued, "However, those most original gods, who were generated by natural powers, they could naturally merge with the original power of this world. Therefore, more or less, they figured this out. One of them might have mentioned that to those creatures, accidentally teaching those creatures to keep human beings like livestock and loot their fortune."

‘Keep’, what a wise choice of word. Ji Hao silently nodded.

All in all, the non-humankind invaded and defeated the army of legendary powerful creatures, hunting those creatures as a rare type of resources. Unfortunately, the non-humankind killed and captured those creatures way too effectively, and the reproductive speed of those creatures was too low. Therefore, many races of domineering ancient legendary creatures gradually declined.

Those powerful creatures declined, and the humankind was freed, independently developing their culture and powers.

With the strength to protect themselves, human beings soon showed their great talents in many aspects.

Within the blink of an eye, the non-humankind shockingly discovered a local enemy, even before they woke up from the happiness of conquering a new world. This local enemy was the original alliance of human clans, and it was much harder to deal with than those powerful animals. The alliance of the humankind showed up right in front of those non-humankind beings, as abruptly as those rapidly growing wild grasses.

The wild fire might burn a grassland out, but as the spring breeze would blow, the grasses would regrow.

Unlike those powerful creatures that were not so easy to breed, the humankind inherited the fecundity from Pan Gu’s bloodline and was under the protection of the great Dao of Pan Gu world. The reproductive speed of the humankind was incredibly high.

The most terrifying thing wasn’t an extremely powerful enemy. Instead, it would be a group of enemy that one could never kill out. When one killed an enemy, ten more suddenly showed up. And when you killed ten enemies, a thousand more, ten-thousand more would have already risen…

That was a true nightmare.

Long-lasting wars happened one after another between the humankind and the non-humankind. By the time, the humankind had already grown much stronger. At least, the non-humankind armies that came to Pan Gu world as the first batch suffered an utter defeat. Helplessly, the defeated non-humankind armies called incredibly powerful beings, which were far more powerful than the strongest human beings back then, from their own world to help.

"Then, Emperor Wa launched her move." said Guangcheng while letting out a long breath.

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