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"No!" A Pelo screamed in both fear and sadness while glancing at Moho Yuanku’s head, which was rolling quickly on the ground. Afterward, A Pelo flashed swiftly across the air, moving backward and fleeing at his highest speed while leaving tens of shreds of afterimages in the air.

The golden fiery light suddenly shrouded the entire Black Shark Castle. The main body of the castle evaporated, and the small building, where used to be Chi Zhan’s office, was turned into ashes by the golden flame.

Chi Zhan’s face twisted as he growled with a slight trace of sadness and a slight trace of happiness, "No! My building! My collections! My cherished artworks that I collected for over a thousand years! My god! You! Moho Family bastards! Pay for that, you have to pay for that!"

Chi Zhan’s sturdy body began quivering because of the excitement while his four eyes nearly popped out of his eyes. Ji Hao destroyed the castle, how many escaped prisoners he could add to the report because of this? Ji Hao burned his office building, how much should he demand as compensation? He should take his people, go straight to Moho Family and A Family and demand a giant sum of money as compensation. But exactly how much should he demand?

A Pelo fled, and following after him were all Moho Family people, who were still able to move, fleeing at their highest speed while cursing loudly. While crying, shouting and cursing, some Moho Family people also had their eyes rolling quickly in their eye sockets, glancing at Moho Yuanku’s dead body from time to time.

These Yu Clan nobles could still do the calculations even when running for their lives. Moho Yuanku was dead, but his position, his power, the family resources he possessed, even those good positions that belonged to Moho Yuanku’s direct relatives, those were all large juicy pieces of meat that could make any family member drool!

Many of the surviving Moho Family people fled even faster as they thought of the rich legacy left by Moho Yuanku. Their broken limbs stoped hurting and their internal organs, which were severely damaged by Ji Hao’s magic attack, stopped causing any pain. Even their consumed spiritual power had largely recovered.

These Yu Clan nobles, who were supposed to have weaker and more fragile bodies, now fled even faster than A Pelo.

Ji Hao bent his waist and picked up Moho Yuanku’s head. He reached his finger out and pressed the spot between Moho Yuanku’s eyebrows. Moho Yuanku’s erect eye was now as cold as ice and as hard as stone. It had already lost all of its power, turning completely useless.

Gulo, who was wounded badly, reached his hand out from upon the fence wall, looked at Ji Hao with a bitter smile and said, "No, no… Yu Clan nobles died like this can’t possibly leave an undamaged spirit magic eye. Only those sneakily murdered ones, who were then offered to mysterious evil beings on altars, could leave a complete, unharmed spirit magic eye."

Letting out a mouthful of blood, Gulo continued in a hoarse voice, "Moho Yuanjia was assassinated, without question. Moho Yuanku tracked this spirit magic eye on you, not only because he wanted its power, but also want to find out the real reason of Moho Yuanjia’s death."

Before he finished his speech, Chi Zhan abruptly showed up behind Gulo, stepped on his head, gave a large grin to Ji Hao and said, "Dear Lord, this old man has already offended Moho Family, he’s doomed."

Pausing briefly, Chi Zhan slightly put forth his strength, squeezed a creaking noise out of Gulo’s head. Then, he excitedly looked at Ji Hao and continued grinningly, "How much do you want to pay to buy him out? Master Gulo is the top-ten Xiu Clan craftsmen, he is worth a fortune."

Ji Hao restrained the surging golden flame around his body and transformed it into a nine-meter thick flame screen, wrapping himself up. Next, his erect eye glowed dazzlingly with a golden light as he looked at Chi Zhan, smiled and said, "Don’t you worry that he might come to my side? By now, you should have figured out the story of this spirit magic eye of mine, I assume?"

Ji Hao pointed at his own erect eye, sort of revealing his true identity to Chi Zhan. His spirit magic eye came from Moho Yuanjia, which proved that he was actually a human being.

Gulo was the top-ten Xiu Clan craftsmen. How much knowledge, technique and skills did he have? Such a man could even be seen as a valuable public asset of a

large country. Did Chi Zhan truly dare to let Gulo fall into the hands of the humankind?

Chi Zhan gasped deeply. Suddenly, his right arm expanded by nearly a hundred percent as he pointed at Gulo. A sharp stream of spirit blood power surged out from his fingertip, momentarily being absorbed by Gulo’s body. Gulo’s body began healing itself after that. All wounds left by Moho Family people were healing speedily and soon, his body recovered completely, which made Gulo seemed to be much more energetic and healthy than before.

"I said, he is worth for a fortune," said Chi Zhan while honestly looking at Ji Hao. "With money, anything is negotiable. He offended Moho Family, so he’s doomed. Not only he himself, but his entire family will also suffer a crazy revenge of Moho Family. Rather than letting him turn into a pile of corroded meat, why don’t I trade him for a pile of beautiful magic crystals, or other treasures?"

Ji Hao glanced at Chi Zhan in a complicated way, then straightened both of his thumbs towards him and said, "Business is business… I like this quality of yours. In the future, I think we can continue our collaboration."

Chi Zhan shrugged and responded passionately, "With money, anything can be negotiable!"

Blinking his four large eyes, Chi Zhan grinned and continued, "Master Gulo is important and noble, and has an immeasurably wide range of knowledge. To the humankind…Their civilization is far way less advanced than ours. So, Master Gulo is immensely valuable to them, therefore…"

"Ten-billion pieces of top-grade magic crystal." Ji Hao interrupted Chi Zhan and said, "Paying right now. I give you the crystals, you give me Master Gulo!"

Chi Zhan immediately pressed his right hand on his own heart while he popped out his eyes and tremblingly began talking. "Ah, ah, ah, what did I hear? Ten-billion pieces of top-grade magic crystal? Oh, mine, great supreme High Moon, ten whole billion top-grade magic crystal pieces! Master Gulo, you have just delivered the value of our life. Truly, I truly envy you so much. Your life is sublimed! Ten-billion top-grade magic crystal! Ah, High Moon, High Moon, ah, Master Gulo!"

Chi Zhan’s four eyes glowed with a red light as he carefully, politely held Gulo up from the ground. He attentively tapped the dust off his body, then held Gulo with both of hands, as if he was an obedient grandson of Gulo, bringing him to in front of Ji Hao.

Ji Hao let out a long breath, then threw a space wring to Chi Zhan and said, "Contained in this ring are some precious materials. The total value is only more than ten-billion pieces of top-grade magic crystals. Just take it for now, later, we will do the clearing together. If it’s not enough, I’ll give you more… And if it’s too much, you can give me a refund."

Chi Zhan glanced at the ring, then gripped it tightly.

He passionately spread his arms and gave a huge hug to Gulo, then happily grinned and said, "It’s truly touching, Master Gulo. I thought, it would be already amazing if you could make ten-million pieces of top-grade magic crystals. But I didn’t think…A race that is willing to respect knowledge certainly has a bright future. As the humankind value your knowledge so much, I think, they will rise for sure."

Gulo’s face twisted, looked at Chi Chan in a weird way, but couldn’t say a word.

Ji Hao grabbed Gulo, called Di Yantuo’s family members over and teleported Gulo out through the teleporting magic formation as quickly as they could.

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