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The deal was continuing while the teleporting magic formation ceaselessly sent out Black Shark Castle prisons who were useful to Ji Hao.

Chi Zhan and Hartment had a great awareness of service. One of them followed closely after Ji Hao while another one stayed with Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and other Di Family elders. While dashing around, reporting the number, identities and power levels of prisoners who were sent out, they had also been directly bargaining with Ji Hao, trying their best to earn more money from him.

Ji Hao had witnessed countless dirty deals in both his current and previous life. But he had to admit that, right now, this big sale of Black Shark Castle prisoners that he was taking part in, was the dirties one among all.

Countless important non-humankind criminals, guilty or innocent, from whichever backgrounds and with whatever identities… No matter how important they were to the non-humankind or what kind of serious threat they could cause after they fell into the hands of the humankind, these prisoners were marked with clear prices and being purchased by Ji Hao in packs just like animals in a market.

In order to stimulate Ji Hao’s stronger desire of shopping, Chi Zhan had offered to give some less important prisoners, such as relatives of some important prisoners or even some immature children, for free as gifts.

The underground prison of Black Shark Castle was divided into nearly a hundred floors, each floor extending for nearly a hundred miles, and had countless non-humankind prisoners kept in it. Among these prisoners were some truly powerful ones. Many of them had a specialty, which seriously meant a lot to the humankind, especially those Xiu Clan prisoners. In Ji Hao’s eyes, every single one of these capable prisoners was worth much more than a hill-sized pile of magic crystals.

Therefore, as long as Chi Zhan dared to sell, he would pay generously. The money Ji Hao used to buy these prisoners all came from Pan Xi world anyway, with a part given by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind as an economic aid. That was the reason why he felt nothing when spending all that money!

Compared to those crystals, gold and jade coins, which were nothing but dead mineral pieces, those living non-humankind beings were the true treasures.

A Pelo and those desperately running Moho Family and A Family people had already returned to those battleships, which had the island encircled. Nearly a hundred enormous metal battleships speedily moved on the great river, firmly locking Black Sharp Castle up.

It was probably because that A Pelo and the other Yu Clan people trusted this encirclement formed by their battleships too much that with Ji Hao showing no intent to break out, they made no sign to attack either.

Black Shark Castle was surrounded, and faintly, streams of light rose from those battle ships, quickly flying towards Liang Zhu City. Obviously, A Pelo and the other survivors couldn’t deal with this situation anymore, and they had now been asking for help from higher level leaders of A Family and Moho Family.

The troop of battleships circled around the island without attacking. This allowed abundant time for Ji Hao and Chi Zhan to finish their deal.

Ji Hao was paying while Chi Zhan was counting; both of them were quite happy. Chi Zhan even let a few of his guards to bring a large table, allowing Ji Hao and himself to sit around and continue the deal while drinking fine wine. By now, Chi Zhan felt so satisfied, as if he lived in the heaven above the clouds.

This weird scene lasted for over an hour. Abruptly, a blood-red cloud roared over from the northern side of Liang Zhu City. Upon the cloud was a magnificent palace. Hundreds of entirely-red, winged dragons carried heavily armored Ji Clan warriors and flew over on both sides of the blood-red cloud in quite a formidable array.

When it was over a hundred miles away from the castle, a cold and harsh voice came from the palace on the cloud.

"What happened in Black Shark Castle? Who attacked this place? Who broke the castle? Where is the main body of the castle?"

Chi Zhan raised his head, glanced at that palace then raised his right hand and smashed on the table in front of him. The stone table was shattered into pieces and collapsed right away, as Chi Zhan took a long gasp, pulled out the sword tied around his waist, quickly and neatly cutting into his chest, abdomen and legs seven to eight times.

Watching Chi Zhan hack himself, Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched intensely. These few hacks Chi Zhan launched to himself was not even slightly cheating. Every single wound had penetrated his body right trough a vital area. Ji Hao even heard the sound of bones breaking and internal organs splitting.

"Manager Chi Zhan!" Ji Hao stood up, gave a faint smile and said, "Sorry for making you suffer for this deal!"

Chi Zhan shook his head and responded in a deep voice, "You can’t show your face, just leave now. Hmm, although I don’t know who is coming, I have a feeling that I can’t afford to offend him. Those powerful ministers behind me definitely don’t want to let anyone know about what just happened in here."

Waving his hand hard, Chi Zhan continued in that deep voice, "Just leave now. I will wipe out all traces of our deal. This is a fault of Moho Family and A Family, isn’t it?"

Ji Hao glanced at Chi Zhan, nodded heavily and said, "Indeed, it’s all their fault. They attacked the castle and allowed a great number of prisoners to escape. Even more prisoners were killed by them, without leaving even a corpse."

Chi Zhan laughed, then took another long gasp. After that, he flashed across the air, zipped out like a cannon ball and bumped into the fence wall, which was already badly damaged. A long section of fence wall was bumped into bits while Chi Zhan vomited blood and growled towards the sky with a hoarse and hysterical voice, "Moho Family! A Family! How dare you attack Black Shark Castle?! You are unforgivable!"

Blood sprayed out from Chi Zhan’s body like a fountain while the few defensive magic tower of Black Shark Castle released a dazzling light simultaneously. Eye-piercing streams of light descended from the towers and covered the entire castle.

Under the attack of those divine towers, large sections of fence wall evaporated. Meanwhile, the remaining few smaller parts of the castle, which had important prisoners kept in them, were damaged. Large holes appeared on the ground. The fierce dazzling light streams released from divine towers penetrated the ground and broke quite a few floors of the underground prison. They reached directly down hundreds of meters deep underground; wherever these dazzling light streams reached, all cells disappeared completely.

On a metal battleship, A Pelo stood on the deck, growling in an extreme rage, "No! You’re lying! You shameless thing, we didn’t attack the castle! We…we…"

A Pelo stoped abruptly. Dazzling streams of light screamed to outside the fence wall, creating a hundred-meter radius hole on the ground. A giant puff of stones and sands was raised, along with the dead bodies of those A Family people and Jia Clan warriors, who were killed by Ji Hao with strong waves of magic attacks earlier. Those dead bodies flew high into the air.

With these dead bodies as evidence, no matter what kind of vow A Pelo made to prove that A Family and Moho Family didn’t attack the castle, many other people would still be glad to throw the blade on their heads.

"How can this happen?" A Pelo raised his long sword in a panic, crazily hacking onto he deck.

"Seal the space! Seal the space for a thousand miles in radius!" said that cold and harsh voice.

On the blood-red cloud and from each of the four corners of the palace, transparent divine towers flew out, releasing waves of visible blood-red ripples, spreading towards all directions. These ripples twisted and folded the space, stirring up more air-ripples.

Chi Zhan’s look changed immediately as he suddenly popped out his eyes and said, "Space-sealing divine tower? Such a high-tech thing…How much is it worth? Who’s this guy? Why does he have four space-sealing divine towers?"

A muffled bang came from underground, and next, the ground vibrated as a large area of floor sank down.

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