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The moment Moho Yuanjia took out the staff, the seven-colored swirl cloud, which was condensed from pure natural powers above Ji Hao’s head, collapsed instantly, and all natural weapons generated by him were dispelled.

The staff was as thick as the arms of ordinary people, and was a foot taller than Moho Yuanku himself. It was purely dark, inlaid with countless different sized and colored gemstones. Every single piece of gemstone was carved into the shape of an eye, thickly covering the staff. These eye-like gemstones looked like living creatures, sparkling quickly, dimly or lightly, seeming to be rather weird. If one stared at these gemstones for a slightly longer while, one would find them like bottomless black holes that could even devour one’s soul.

Moho Yuanku gripped the staff with both of his hands. Meanwhile, those silver feckless on his wrinkled face instantly turned black, as dark as ink. At the same time, he showed a strong tiredness and oldness on his face, as if half of his life-force was momentarily drained.

"Lowly thief! Give the remains of Moho Yuanjia back to me!"

Moho Yuanku gave a long and resonant shout while holding the staff with both of his hands. He raised it with a great effort, just like a baby raising a thousand kilogram stick. He slowly raised the staff high, then heavily poked against the ground.

The ground vibrated, as all natural powers within the area that had a radius of a thousand miles around Black Shark Castle were swallowed by the staff immediately.

A vacuum of natural powers, that had a radius of a thousand miles, appeared. Right afterward, natural powers in further surrounding areas surged over, generating a hurricane, roaring towards Black Shark Castle from all directions. Different colored natural powers clashed against each other, leaving bright streams of traces in the sky.

Moho Yuanku widely popped out his eyes as a black, dragon-like fierce airstream swooshed out from the air around him. The dragon-like airstream was hideous-looking. On its back were three enormous pairs of wings flapping swiftly, bringing up countless black wind-daggers and whirlwinds that wrapped its tremendous body, screaming towards Ji Hao.

This dragon-like airstream contained all natural powers within the whole area, so it was not hard to imagine how powerful it could be.

Ji Hao, who was immersed in a magical kind of state as he had been concentratedly sensing the improvement of his own body, suddenly opened his eyes. He reached his right hand out and clenched his fingers towards the dark wind-dragon from a long distance away. Immediately, that hundreds of meter long wind-dragon froze in the air. Then, as a dim stream of light flashed across, the wind-dragon changed its direction of movement all of a sudden.

The enormous wind-dragon swooshed across the air above Moho Yuanku’s head, then struck into the large group of Moho Family people behind him. These Moho Family people had already been badly injured by the crazy waves of attack launched by Ji Hao earlier. Three to four hundred Moho Family people had died already while the rest all had their bodies covered in wounds. The ones who had their limbs broken were the ones with the most minor wounds among these people. By now, only less than fifty Moho Family people could still barely remain standing.

The wind-dragon roared down, bumped into the crowd and blasted out. Over ten meters long, ark-shaped wind-blades screamed shrilly while darting towards all directions. Numerous bodies were cut into pieces as incalculable Moho Family people and A Family people were ground into meat paste.

Blood and broken body pieces flew all over the sky. In the middle of Black Shark Castle, the small building with especially important criminals kept in it was struck by countless dark streams of wind-dagger, crushed into pieces once it activated a group of defensive spell symbols.

"Well, you’ve caught a hell of a trouble!" Chi Zhan stood on another section of the fence wall, which wasn’t destroyed and growled loudly. His four eyes sparkled extra brightly with the light of excitement. "Moho Yuanku, you’ve caught a great trouble! You destroyed the prison for especially important criminals! Oh mine, how many prisoners have escaped?!"

On the city wall, over ten-thousand A Family and Moho Family warriors had been struck down by Ji Hao’s waves of attack. After that, prisoners rushed out from the broken underground cells swiftly towards every direction, while shouting and laughing wildly.

Guards under Chi Zhan’s command made absolutely no move, letting these prisoners crazily rush on the island. Some prisoners even dashed to the edge of the castle, neglecting the patrolling fleet of Black Shark Castle. They risked their lives and jumped straight into the great river.

Chi Zhan’s body had been quivering slightly, but he couldn’t tell if that was because of excitement or anxiety. This deal was way too big, because now, he had a perfect excuse to explain the disappearances of a great number of important prisoners.

Looking at the collapsing fence wall, the collapsing main building, the breaking ground…

No matter how many prisoners escaped or disappeared after all this, the bloody Moho Family would take all the blame!

Moho Yuanku paid no attention to Chi Zhan. Instead, he gripped the Moho Staff with both of his hands and angrily growled at Ji Hao, "You lowly shameless thief! You took a precious heritage of Moho Family, and you killed and wounded so many of our people!"

Coughing loudly, Moho Yuanku continued with a strong voice, "I declare, you will be an enemy of our Moho Family for ever! We will hunt you till the end of the day. Not only you, but also your families and clansmen! We will hunt you to any corner of the world until you die!"

Ji Hao put down his hand. The Sky Eye between his eyebrows had been though a magical transformation, as nine golden and shining spell symbols from the nine secret words had merged with it, and had been combining with original spell symbols contained din the eye.

On the surface of the splendidly glowing Sky Eye, a faint layer of golden light emerged. This layer of golden like seemed holy and beautiful while its original seven-colored light was being devoured and assimilated by the golden light. The entire Full Moon Sky Eye had been transforming.

Gulo, whose body was thickly covered in deep wounds and seemed to only have the last breath left, popped his eyes in shock while staring at Ji Hao’s changing erect eye. "Impossible, why? Why can such a transformation happen to this spirit magic eye of Moho Yuanjia even after I processed it? This can’t be happening, this spirit magic eye had lost its life-force! It shouldn’t be having any more scope to improve!" murmured Gulo.

Ji Hao remained silent while Moho Yuanku had his face turned extremely dark. Glancing at Black Shark Castle, which was almost ruined by now, he abruptly laughed out with a buttery voice.

So many of his family members had died, and Black Shark Castle had ended up like this. With this situation, he should no longer have any worries. Whatever consequence would be delivered, he had to take the Full Moon Sky Eye back from Ji Hao, right now!

Gasping deeply, Moho Yuanku began incanting a spell with a low voice. On the staff, those countless eyes carved out of gemstones simultaneously burst with dazzling light.

The weather around the castle changed. The sky darkened down immediately while inexhaustible natural powers gathered over from the surrounding area, surging into the Moho Staff. At this moment, the staff seemed to become the core of the whole world, such that except for itself, no one else could absorb even a slight stream of natural power.

"This is the most powerful weapon of our Moho Family, it’s a symbol of our family." said Moho Yuanku while looking at Ji Hao with a darkened face, "To die under…"

Ji Hao moved swiftly. He flashed across the air and showed up in front of Moho Yuanku in a flash.

A Pelo cast a resonant growl while hacking his sword down towards Ji Hao’s head with all of his power.

On Ji Hao’s skin, a dim stream of light flashed across. Next, A Peilo’s sword swept across Ji Hao’s body then came out from behind Moho Yuanku.

A sharp beam of sword light dazzled while Moho Yuanku was beheaded.

A Pelo screamed out while taking a series of steps backward.

Ji Hao grasped the Moho Staff and conveniently threw it into his bangle. Instantly, the surrounding natural powers fell into a disturbance. Ji Hao took a long gasp for air, then large streams of golden light surged out like a tsunami, spreading rampantly in the whole area.

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