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"This is my place! I’m the rule in this place!"

Chi Zhan growled out in rage, because some people actually dared to ruin his great plain of making money, right in his place! He had made his mind up that, no matter how strong the background of Moho Yuanjia and A Pelo was, no matter how powerful their families were, from now on, they were his arch-enemies! Unless they could give him a satisfying sum of money as compensation, they were his arch-enemies for sure!

Countless fist-sized dagger-like air streams screamed over. Chi Zhan looked at those fierce and swift air streams and forcibly restrained his urge of making a move. Although he was greedy, he clearly understood that with his position, he could not make any move.

"Master Magic casters from Full Moon and A Family…In fact, I truly wanted to measure your powers with a great fight!" Chi Zhan murmured a vague sentence, then did an ugly side roll. He rolled to a long-distance away along the fence wall, immediately dragging himself out of the battlefield. He then turned over his palm and clenched his fingers. Instantly, countless dim ripples silently rose from the fence wall. These ripples scanned across the fence wall and right after that, the gravity around it was largely raised.

Ji Hao stood on the fence wall, but he wasn’t affected by the raised gravity at all. However, those fierce air streams streaming towards Ji Hao were suddenly twisted by a strong force. They blew slantingly downwards and bumped violently against the dark fence wall.

Following a serious of thunderous noise, those air streams sliced across the dark fence wall and started dazzling puffs of fire sparkles. Moho Yuanku was immeasurably powerful, and even though the fence wall was protected by numerous defensive magic formations and protective magic screens, tens of foot-deep slashes were still left on it.

A Pelo flew into the sky while piercing his sword towards Ji Hao. This was a full-power attack that he launched with all of his powers and strength. He had already calculated all affecting factors before he launched the move. Therefore, his movement was almost perfect. Nevertheless, the sudden rise in gravity dragged his body down and squeezed a howl out of his body while the sword light released by him hacked on the fence wall, only leaving an arc-shaped trace in the air.

Buzz! Lines of spell symbols lightened up on A Pelo’s long sword. The long sword flicked intensively, then cut into the fence wall as easily as cutting into a block of butter.

A sharp stream of sword power vibrated out and flicked. Next, a huge slit was created on the fence wall of Dark Shark Castle by A Pelo’s sword, along with a thunderous noise. This sword move launched by A Pelo had actually, directly split the fence wall of the castle.

"You have caught trouble!" Chi Zhan laughed satisfyingly while slowly standing up.

Moho Yuanku and A Pelo stared at that broken fence wall stunned. What happened?

Moho Yuanku’s attack was definitely more effective than the one launched by A Pelo, but those fierce air streams only managed to leave tens of shallow marks on the fence wall. Nevertheless, A Pelo’s sword directly cut the wall open? How on earth did this happen?

Moho Family people and A Family warriors looked at Chi Zhan simultaneously. Without a doubt, all the changes that happened just now were related to Chi Zhan. Chi Zhan was playing a trick!

Chi Zhan stood in the distance, spread his hands, showed an innocent face and yelled, "Why’re you looking at me? Did I do anything? You launched attacks in Black Shark Castle, damn it! In this castle, as long as violence is used, all defensive magic formation will automatically activate! This isn’t my fault!"

Ji Hao grinned. Chi Zhan, this guy seemed to be reckless, but in fact, he was so smart. Such a large slit was left on the fence wall. After all this, when someone came to look into this, he would definitely say that a large group of prisoners escaped through this slit in the wall. As for how many prisoners could successfully escape, that would depend on how much Ji Hao was going to pay.

"How dare you start a fight in Black Shark Castle? Ah, alright, I witnessed you breaking the fence wall of Black Shark Castle! No matter who asks about this later, I will tell them this. I am a witness, and you can never run!" Ji Hao laughed loudly. His body stayed perfectly unmoved while the Full Moon Sky Eye between his eyebrows suddenly burst with a dazzling fiery light.

In all directions, natural fire power was agitated and began vibrating intensively along with a terrifying swooshing noise. Meanwhile, thousands of human-head-sized fireballs emerged from around Ji Hao’s body.

At first, these fireballs were faintly red, but soon, they turned crimson, then faint blue and then milky white. At last, controlled by the Full Moon Sky Eye, natural fire power ceaselessly gushed into these fireballs until they became dazzling spheres of white light, releasing a great heat.

Ji Hao flicked his finger, and next, within the area a hundred miles in radius around Black Shark Castle, the sunlight vibrated slightly.

Those white, eye-piercing fireballs had an immensely high temperature, but no higher than any ordinary type of fire in this world. Nevertheless, Ji Hao activated the sun power and injected a slight spot of essence sun fire in each white fireball.

Following a loud swooshing noise, these fireballs burned more and more ragingly. The fireballs themselves had become fuels, allowing the tiny spot of essence sun fire in each fireball to burn and spread. Within the twinkling of an eye, these fireballs turned faintly golden.

Waving his hand, Ji Hao laughed in a deep voice and said, "Since you launched the moves the first, then all responsibilities are yours. I am forced to defend. No matter what will happen, you will take all the blame!"

Thousands of crazily burning, faintly golden fireballs struck down towards the ground, like a rain of shooting stars, along with a muffled swishing noise.

The group of heavy armored warriors under A Pelo’s command subconsciously raised the large shields in their hands, attempting to fend against those fireballs. However, those golden fireballs fell on their shields and stirred up a water-ripple-like layer of defensive magic screen, after which, those defensive magic screens quickly melted and fell apart.

Those shields were set ablaze, turning into scorching hot liquid metal within the span of a breath. Great puffs of fire sparkles were generated, dazzling in all directions. The metal liquid splashed on the bodies and faces of those warriors, burning them and making them scream.

To these strong Jia Clan warriors, ordinary metal liquid could at most burn their skin red without being able to cause any actual harm to their bodies. Ordinary metal liquid couldn’t even burn their skins enough for it to break. Nevertheless, these fireballs Ji Hao released were mixed with essence sun fire, and the essence sun fire was the most powerful fire in the whole world. It was the top-grade fire, the strongest one among all types of fires in the world.

Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao had also merged a trace of great Dao of sun that he attained from both Pan Xi world and Pan Gu world into these fireballs. The great Dao of sun from Pan Gu world and Pan Xi world made those fireballs even more terrifying. All Jia Clan warriors, whose bodies were burned by the fire, let out shrill howls while desperately and hysterically struggling, twitching and rolling on the ground. The armors worn by them were burning along with their bodies. Those armors were melted into liquid while their bodies were burned into ashes quickly.

Moho Yuanku and the other Full Moon people, who had broken into the castle, all activated their spiritual power to protect themselves, fending against Ji Hao’s attack with difficulty.

Hearing the howls let out by Ji Clan warriors who were still outside, Moho Yuanku and the others all had their looks change immediately. They then raised their staffs simultaneously.

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