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Gulo almost cried this out — The Full Moon Sky Eye he made was nearby, within three-hundred meters in radius.

Moho Family magic casters became more and more agitated. They were fierce both in looks and voices while angrily yelling at Chi Zhan, ordering him to open the gate right now to let Moho Family and A Family warriors in.

Chi Zhan tried his best to stall. He showed the impression of weakness, begging with a low voice, then he ragingly growled and shouted. He did all he could, but at least, he only manage to stall them for less than a quarter of an hour.

When the shipboard armors of all Moho Family’s metal warships moved away simultaneously and showed thousands of flowing magic crystals pointing at the fence wall of Black Shark Castle, Chi Zhan helplessly ordered his guards to open the gate with a badly darkened face.

Nearly a thousand prison guards stood in front of the path leading to the prison while nervously looking at the opening gate. By now, the underground prison was in a great mess, as something not fit to be revealed was happening. These outsiders could never step in.

The fence wall quivered slightly as that heavy metal gate slowly opened. Immediately, A Pelo took a large group of warriors and surged into the castle. A group of Moho Family magic casters rushed in as well along with Gulo. A Moho Family middle-aged man raised his finger, and next, a dazzling bolt of lightning sizzled down, fiercely striking on Gulo’s body.

Gulo, who might have all of his bones broken already, gave a hoarse scream while his body twitched intensively under the lightning bolt. Without hearing those Moho Family people say anything, he held the crystal ball with both of his hands and began incanting a spell.

Ji Hao’s erect eye was a bit hot as he sensed a magical stream of power that seemed to be generated from his erect eye. Snorting slightly, Ji Hao closed his eyes and let the Pan Xi divine mirror release a dim beam of divine light, firmly wrapping his erect eye up.

The light in the crystal ball sparkled, but no matter how hard Gulo tried, he couldn’t grasp any trace of the Sky Eye anymore. He changed to tens of spells, however, that hidden tracking spell symbol he imprinted in the Sky Eye never gave any more feedback.

"No! He’s just nearby, but, but…" Gulo looked at those Moho Family people in a panic while tremblingly saying, "Just now, he was within three-hundred-meter radius. But now, he seems to have sensed something already, and he has already…"

Puff! A Pelo conveniently wielded his sword and cut off Gulo’s legs.

Blood surged out in large streams while Gulo burst with a hoarse howl in the great pain. All five eyes of his were suddenly popped out, all filled with blood streaks. He hysterically screamed out, "I am sorry…But I’ve told you, this wasn’t my fault. That spirit magic eye, I purchased it with a high price as a material. I didn’t know who sold that to me! It happened in many years ago, I can’t find him!"

"In this case, you have to help us finding that Sky Eye you made." A Pelo walked to Gulo, slightly pointed his finger at an eye of his and continued, "You stained the honor of Moho Family by making Moho Yuanjia’s eye into a magic treasure… This is a capital crime."

"But if you can find us that Sky Eye, you will still be able to wash off your sin. If you can’t, why do you have to stay alive?" A Pelo’s voice sounded cruel.

Chi Zhan stood on the fence wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest, lazily watching the show happening down in the square. His four eyes had been rolling, while silently doing the calculation. He had already opened the gate and let A Pelo and his warriors rush in. Then, how many prisoners should he sell and how much money should he earn to wash off the humiliation given to him by A Pelo and those Full Moon people?

In Chi Zhan’s eyes, money was the best detergent, that could wash off any humiliation.

Among the group of Moho Family people, the leader-like elderly man wielded his staff heavily. Right after that, an ocean-like strong spiritual power vibration swooshed towards all directions. A loud buzzing noise could be heard without an end while the entire Black Shark Castle began sawing slightly. Struck by this terrifyingly strong spiritual power vibration, even the defensive divine towers in Black Shark Castle had instinctively raised the outputting force.

"I am Moho Yuanku, Moho Yuanjia’s twin brother." growled the elderly man in rage, "My brother had fallen in a war against the humankind, for the honor of our family. But his spirit magic eye was made into a magic treasure by someone else, as a material…This is a humiliation of mine, of my family!"

"I came here for a man who has the power of Full Moon!" Moho Yuanku’s voice was bone-piercing cold as his three eyes quickly blinking, "Anyone, I mean, anyone, as long as you can provide us with related information, Moho Family will award you with a territory of a-hundred-thousand miles squared area, a hundred cities and a-hundred-million slaves."

Gulp! Chi Zhan embarrassedly swallowed his saliva while glancing at Ji Hao subconsciously.

Ji Hao coldly glanced back at him and said with a low voice, "A-hundred-thousand miles square of a territory? I can only give you more."

Chi Zhan stayed silent for a while, then forcibly restrained the burning greediness in his heart.

However, Moho Yuanku had already noticed the small movements made by Ji Hao and Chi Zhan. He raised his head, looking at Ji Hao, who was hiding behind Chi Zhan’s enormous body and seemed to be quite ordinary, "You, untie your cloak and show your face."

Ji Hao looked at Moho Yuanku, gave a faint smile and responded, "What qualification do you have that allowed you to order me untie my cloak? Moho Yuanku, who do you think you are?"

Chi Zhan coughed, looked at Moho Yuanku and said, "Lord Moho, this is a noble lord. He came to Black Shark Castle to visit an imprisoned friend of his. He came in through formal approach, instead of breaking in like you guys!"

Moho Yuanku paid no attention to Chi Zhan as a fierce gale rose from under his feet, carrying him up to the height of the fence wall. Pointing his staff at Ji Hao, Moho Yuanku said in a deep yet strong voice, "Untie your cloak. If you’re not the one we’re looking for, we will compensate you with enough money."

Many Black Shark Castle guards stood on the fence wall, but a small half of them were Jia Clan warriors while the others were dark-kind warriors. At first sight, Ji Hao was the only one suspicious, as he was wearing a large cloak and even his face was covered in a mask.

Ji Hao directly refused Moho Yuanku’s request, then said, "Sorry, Lord Moho, your request is a humiliation to my honor. If you insist, I will…"

Moho Yuanku straightforwardly showed his attitude with this behavior by wielding his staff. He let countless sharp, dagger-like air streams roar out from around his body, screaming towards Ji Hao.

A Pelo leaped directly up while the long sword in his hands brought up a cold beam of light, piercing towards Ji Hao.

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