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Full Moon people were born as powerful natural power controllers and terrifying magic casters. However, despite the fact that they could manipulate all types of natural powers in the universe, each of them would still choose a specific type of natural power to cultivate on. They meditated every single day to improve the connection between themselves and the type of natural power they chose, and to cultivate all kinds of powerful magics generated by their abilities.

Taking Moho Yuanku as an example, he chose the wind power. He mixed the wind power with dark power and generated ‘dark corroding wind’, which he was best at. Just now, the fierce air streams released by him to attack Ji Hao were black colored because of the dark power.

Before Moho Yuanjia came to Black Shark Castle, he had already foreseen the possibility of a large-scale conflict. Therefore, Moho Family people he brought to Black Shark Castle this time all majored in the fire and thunder power, which could burst within the shortest span of time and deliver mass destruction, which were the natural features of the fire and thunder power.

Ji Hao’s golden fireballs descended from the sky. Meanwhile, nearly a thousand Moho Family people raised their staffs simultaneously.

Along with a deep buzz, half of those Moho Family people had thick fire shields emerge around their bodies. The glowing-red, lava-like dense and raging fire wrapped their bodies, fending against Ji Hao’s attack. The other half of Moho Family people had dense thunderclouds rise around their bodies. Those dark-purple thunderclouds rumbled while countless bolts of lightning sparkled in them. The muffled thunder vibrated the air intensively while those thunderclouds released dazzling thunderbolts, fiercely clashing against those golden fireballs.

A golden flame spread out and attached to those fire shields and thunderclouds, burning ragingly.

The essence sun fire was violent and domineering, and under its power, everything in the world could become its fuel.

The Moho family people cast defensive magics, but the natural powers they gathered up had been set ablaze by the essence sun fire, burning intensively. All of a sudden, those glowing-red fiery shields were surrounded by feet thick layer of golden flame, and so were those purple thunderclouds.

Moho Yuanku and a group of family members screamed out in shock. Their defensive magics had been speedily wearing out. They could now clearly sense those fire shields and thunderclouds weakening and thinning. In the span of one breath at most, these protective fire shields and thunderclouds would be dispelled.

"Break!" Moho Yuanku gave a deep growl.

Nearly a thousand Moho Family people raised their staffs again simultaneously, then heavily knocked them against the ground.

Bang! Followed by an earth-shaking noise, all their fire shields and thunderclouds blasted out. The golden essence sun fire was sent flying all over the sky, away from the Moho Family people.

However, in the not so large square of Black Shark Castle were also a large troop of Jia Clan warriors brought by Moho Family and A Family. These heavy armored warriors stood tightly in the square. As those Moho Family people only wanted to save themselves, they ignited their shields and cast the essence sun fire away from themselves. However, that fierce flame landed on the bodies of these Jia Clan warriors.

Dim layers of light emerged from the armors of these warriors, as these Jia Clan warriors had activated the defensive magic formation in their armors, trying their best to fend against the essence sun fire.

The translucent golden essence sun fire was beautiful and pure, as it silently burned upon the armors of these Jia clan warriors. Defensive magic screens broke layer by layer and soon, the essence sun fire reached to the true bodies of these armors.

A moment ago, those heavy armors were burned glowing-red, then melted into metal liquid, flowing down along the bodies of those Jia Clan warriors. Wherever that faint golden metal liquid flowed across, the skins and bones of these Jia Clan warriors would be burned, making them cry and howl.

Both the inside and the outside of the prison were now in a great mess. The heavy fire rain caused by Ji Hao had thrown the allies of Full Moon and High Moon into Chaos. After that, he laughed out loud, transformed his body into a golden stream of light and dazzled out. Flashing across the air, he landed beside Gu Luo, who was severely injured. Easily and conveniently, he killed all non-humankind slaves around Gu Luo, then grabbed his shoulder and brought him back to the top of the fence wall.

"Cry and scream, because you shouldn't have come to this place!" Ji Hao raised his finger and sent out tens of scorching-red, dragon-like enormous fiery thunderbolts.

Ninety percent of those fiery thunderbolts struck into the group of Full Moon and High Moon warriors. Large numbers of Jia Clan warriors were sent up into the air, flying to a long distance away while vomiting blood.

Ji Hao released those fiery thunderbolts just randomly, without controlling the directions and his power. Therefore, over a thousand Jia Clan warriors were sent into the thriving thorny woods on the island while screaming shrilly. Instantly, those highly poisonous thorns left thousands of tiny holes on their bodies, while the poison invaded into their bodies and immediately turned their faces black.

The other fiery thunderbolts drilled straight into the fence wall of the castle like a gigantic earthworm. On the fence wall, layers of defensive spell symbols exploded, as the essence sun power was way too powerful and the defensive magic formation of the fence wall couldn’t possibles stop it. Over ten fiery thunderbolts drilled deeply into the fence wall, then suddenly exploded.

Following a sky-shaking series of bangs, a miles long section of fence wall collapsed. Prison guards stayed on the section of fence wall all fell down along the wall.

The ground vibrated violently, and next, tens of giant cracks appeared around the fence wall following an ear-piercing noise. A hundreds of meters square piece of ground collapsed, exposing the complicated structure of the underground cells and paths of Black Shark Castle.

A large number of prisoners, who had been kept in the darkness for countless years, abruptly saw the daylight. They raised their heads, reached out their hands while crazily growling towards the ground. Although some Jia Clan criminals kept underground had their powers sealed, their strong bodies still allowed them to leap up to nearly a hundred meters high, easily climbing up to the ground.

Ji Hao laughed loudly out while raising his hands towards the sky. A seven-colored cloud swirl emerged from above his head. Meanwhile, a hundreds of meter thick fierce stream, which was condensed from pure natural powers, roared into this head.

All kinds of powers surged out like the tidewater.

Thunderbolts, fireballs, dagger-like airstreams, sharp ice crystals, earth thorns…

The erect eye between Ji Hao’s eyebrows burst with destructive streams of power while countless spell symbols that represented different types of magic attacks sparkled dazzlingly in the core of the Sky Eye. They controlled the great natural powers Ji Hao attracted and turned those natural powers into thousands of standard magic attacks, launching like a tsunami.

Moho Yuanjia was a peak-level powerful being among the entire Moho Family, and he was only a half-step away from the level of Supreme Magus.

His spirit magic eye contained almost all of his spirit power. Therefore, at the moment, Ji Hao was just like a reborn Moho Yuanjia, and no one on the scene could be compared to him.

Moho Yuanku madly growled. He tried as hard as he could to fight against Ji Hao to control the natural powers. An enormous wind shield covered himself and all of his family members, fending off the crazy wave of magic attack launched by Ji Hao with difficulty.

Within the short span of a few breaths, the tsunami of attack, which contained the power of essence sun power, penetrated the wind shield and swallowed Moho Yuanku and all of his family members.

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