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One could neglect the arrogance of the dragon-kind and despise the pride of the phoenix-kind. But, one could never ignore their money bags.

Once Feng Qinxin named the price, the entire hall fell into silence. The group of bidders who had been yelling loudly just now, stopped while glancing at each other. The atmosphere in the hall became quite weird.

No one said anything like ‘what’s the big deal about the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind’ ever again. In the eyes of some powerful and proud beings, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were indeed no big deal. But facing the financial resources of the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, no one had the confidence to say something like that again.

The middle-aged man stood on the stand and gave an embarrassed laugh. He raised his head, looked at Feng Qinxin, then seriously glanced at Ji Hao. After that, he asked slowly, "Any one else? A higher price? My honored guests, you have to know that this Sky…"

Dong! A small half grilled boar head smashed on this middle-aged man, nearly bumping him down from the stand. Black Tooth, the son of Ya Ci King angrily stood up, roaring while shaking that giant head of his, "A higher price? You bastard! With this pair, how do you expect us to make any bids?!"

Growling again, Black Tooth waved his hands towards his group of guards and said, "Let’s go. Our Western Wasteland is poor, we don’t have so many top-grade magic crystals to waste. Ten billions pieces of top-grade magic crystals…that will be enough for our whole Ya Ci Clan to live a happy free life for tens of years!"

Angry complaints came from the surrounding area as many bidders stood up and left.

This Full Moon Sky Eye was the last treasure today. Since Feng Qinxin and Ao Li had joined hands and given such a high price, it was pointless for the other bidders to stay. Without a doubt, the Sky Eye would certainly fall into Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’ hands. Under the current situation, even bidders like Black Tooth, who had great backgrounds, had now lost their interest in staying. Over ninety percent of those bidders in the hall stood up and left with flagging interests while murmuringly cursing the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind.

Feng Qinxin proudly swung that red ribbon and let the nine bells ring slightly, releasing visible waves of sound waves spreading towards all directions. These waves even vibrated the ground, making tiny grains of dust rise constantly.

"Anyone else wants to make a bid? If no higher price, this eye will be ours." Feng Qinxin smilingly looked at the other bidders in the hall and asked. Her smile was as beautiful as a blooming flower. Yet, her pair of cherry-like lips were closed and slightly curved upwards, giving a strong sense of pride that belonged solely to the phoenix-kind.

The middle-aged man stood on the stand looked around and asked for another few times, but none of the other bidders who stayed in the hall made any sound. Instantly, this middle-aged man showed a professional fake smile, then blew towards Feng Qinxin and Ao Li.

"Young Master Feng, this Full Moon Sky Eye is yours. According to the rules of Chi Ban Market, you will pay and collect the goods right on the spot. Please, this is your treasure, and…Ten billion pieces of top-grade magic crystals, please?"

Some people stood up, talking in low voices.

"Ten billion pieces of top-grade magic crystal… Even a prince of the dragon-kind and a young master of the phoenix-kind can’t be having so many magic crystals with them, can they?"

"You can barely find a person who has ten billion jade coins right now, not to mention ten billion pieces of top-grade magic crystal."

"Hm, ten billion pieces of top-grade magic crystal? Ten whole billions! Who will take so many magic crystals and travel around?"

But next, Ji Hao and everybody on the scene witnessed the riches of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind.

From the bangles on their wrists, Feng Qinxin and Ao Li each took out fifty crystal cuboids that were three meters long, three feet tall and three-feet wide, and perfectly smooth. These crystal cuboids were water clear and completely flawless. At first glance, they seemed to be tangible, but if one looked closer, one would find that they also looked like hazy, intangible silhouettes.

A foot-thick layer of mist coiled around these crystal cuboids. An extremely thin layer of purple light sealed this mist, making it coil only within the limited space around these cuboids. It could never leak out, not even a little bit.

"Wow!" In the hall, people who recognized these crystal cuboids all gasped in shock.

"Divine essence of magic crystal… So big! A single block of these equals two hundred million pieces of top-grade pieces magic crystal… Fifty blocks exactly equal ten-billion pieces of top-grade pieces magic crystals, or maybe even more."

"This, this… these dragons and phoenixes, how many magic crystal mines have they emptied to gain so many divine essence magic crystal blocks, which are so big?!"

"My ancestor souls! Dragon-kind is wealthy while the phoenix-kind possess the most treasures… This… If I can ever rob them…"

Ao Li suddenly raised his head while the pair of dragon horns abruptly grew out. He popped out his eyes, fiercely looking at the one who was talking, "Rob us? I’ve memorized your voice and smell! If you do have the balls, don’t leave after the auction. I will let my thirty-thousand guards chop you into a hundred pieces, then wipe out your clan!"

The man who was talking was wearing a black stone mask. Hearing Ao Li’s threat, this man silently buried his face in his hands, then stood up with a few guards of his and left immediately. People who were sitting around that man all stood up and bowed to Ao Li to show that they had nothing to do with that man.

Ji Hao stared at those coffin-sized divine essence of magic crystal blocks while being stunned.

The so-called divine essence of magic crystal was the highly compressed power of magic crystal. It was prepared by extracting the purest natural power contained in magic crystals with a special magic formation, then directly compressing it into different sizes and shapes. These divine essence of magic crystal didn’t contain any impurities, as they were compressed from the purest natural power with the highest concentration. No matter for cultivation or concentration of all kinds of weapons, the divine essence of magic crystal could serve as the best energy source.

For making a coffin-sized divine essence of magic crystal, around a hundred million pieces of top-grade magic crystal would be consumed. However, the value of divine essence of magic crystal was way higher than raw magic crystal pieces. A coffin-sized block of divine essence of magic crystal equaled to at least two hundred million pieces of top-grade magic crystal pieces.

Officers who were in charge of this auction showed up. Ao Li and Feng Qinxin could both be counted as owners of Chi Ban Market. Therefore, after a friendly negotiation, the final price was settled fairly. With forty-one blocks of divine essence of magic crystal in total, this Full Moon Sky Eye was sold.

Ao Li grabbed the Full Moon Sky Eye over and flatteringly handed to Feng Qinxin.

Feng Qinxin snorted coldly, then conveniently threw the Sky Eye to Ji Hao, pretending to be quite careless as she said, "Nothing but an eye, how valuable can it be? Our phoenix-kind has much better treasures than it."

"Hmm, why are you hiding back there? Let’s just find a place to talk about what you mentioned earlier." seeing Ji Hao wearing a mask, Feng Qinxin realized that Ji Hao didn’t want to reveal his own identity. Although she disdained Ji Hao for hiding, eventually, she didn’t disclose his identity.

Ji Hao grinningly packed that hard and smooth Sky Eye, that had strong waves of power vibration surged ceaselessly out from it. As he prepared to tell Si Wen Ming to leave together, a door in a corner of the hall opened abruptly.

Over ten masked men in black cloaks walked quickly in while a hoarse voice screamed in a great hurry.

"Where is that Full Moon Sky Eye? You haven’t sold it, have you? Cancel the auction! You can’t sell that Full Moon Sky Eye, you can’t sell it!"

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