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"What’s the big deal about the dragon-kind? My ancestors had killed dragons too! A hundred and twenty million pieces of top-quality magic crystals!" A sturdy man, whose body was covered in black hair like a bear, stood up and growled, while staring the Full Moon Sky Eye with a pair of blood-red eyes without even blinking.

"What’s the big deal about the phoenix-kind? The altar in my ancestral temple still has the bones of three dead phoenixes on it! A hundred and thirty million top-quality magic crystals! This treasure is ours!" Another sturdy man, whose face was covered by a wolf-head mask, leaped up from his seat, pointing at the Sky Eye and yelled.

"What about the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind? This is the Chi Ban Market! Rich people can have what they want… powerful people can make the calls! Don’t be afraid of them, just bid for what you like! Whoever has the balls, you can loot this phoenix girl back to warm your bed!" A hazy silhouette wrapped in black mist, that didn’t have a clear figure but had a strong and cold voice, chuckled and unbridledly provoked Ao Li and Feng Qinxin. Meanwhile, he gave a new high price.

All kinds of people in the hall placed their bids while throwing dirty and mean languages ceaselessly to Ao Li and Feng Qinxin. For people who dared and were capable of coming to an auction of great treasures like this in Chi Ban Market, which one of them was easy to deal with?

The fame of dragon-kind and phoenix-kind could frighten those human clans which had always been following rules. But these powerful beings, who were with unknown yet solid backgrounds, they barely followed any rules and were used to attaining what they wanted by any kind of means. They were powerful enough themselves, and would never be threatened by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind.

Even though the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind together were an important, strong force among the funders of Chi Ban Market, Chi Ban Market didn’t belong to them entirely. Instead, tens of other strong forces were standing in the same position as they did. Therefore, these people would never, ever be afraid of offending Ao Li and Feng Qinxin.

Numerous new higher prices were named one after another, mixed in with dirty and nasty languages. Soon, the price had reached one and a half billion pieces of top-grade magic crystals. Without question, this was a sky-high price, which even made Ji Hao’s legs twitch.

Nevertheless, this Full Moon Sky Eye was definitely worth this price. With this Sky Eye, a nearly Supreme-Magus-level powerful being would be generated. Real Supreme Magi would fall, but as long as this Sky Eye remain undamaged, it could always maintain the power of a nearly Supreme Magus level powerful being. In addition to that, the ability of natural-power-manipulation of Full Moon was indeed powerful, and the attacking magics of Full Moon were especially effective. They could serve as the best assistant abilities for human Divine Magi, who were good at close combat. If one could truly, partially attain the magics of Full Moon through this Full Moon Sky Eye, the value of this Sky Eye would be much higher than a nearly Supreme-Magus-level powerful being.

Therefore, higher prices were named, and after a mere few minutes, the price of this Full Moon Sky Eye had reached three-billion.

Ji Hao stopped making any noise. Instead, he stared at Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming untied his mask and took it off, heavily wiping the sweat on his face. Then, he looked at Ji Hao, grinned embarrassedly and said, "Don’t look at me. You Chong Clan indeed has these many top-grade magic crystals. Under the name of my Abba, there’re eighteen sealed top-grade magic crystal mines to be exploited."

"But, we don’t have enough time." Si Wen Ming, gave a bitter grin while shaking his head, "Even if we message my Abba right now and tell him to send people to collect magic crystals, we still need at least half a year to exploit the three-billion pieces of magic crystals."

Ji Hao kept his mouth firmly shut while knitting his eyebrows, looking at those people in the hall who were almost crazy by now. Everyone had been staring at that Full Moon Sky Eye while gasping quickly, and had been shouting with their teeth gnashed.

Ever since the non-humankind intruded Pan Gu world, many Yu Clan nobles were killed, but not a single spirit magic eye of theirs had fallen into the hands of the humankind without being damaged. It seemed that those Yu Clan people were restrained by some mysterious kind of power. Once they fell, the spirit magic eye between their eyebrows would destroy itself immediately.

During all these years, this spirit magic eye of Moho Yuanjia was the only one attained by the humankind. Besides, this eye had now been made into a magic treasure, and could merge with anyone’s body to deliver a great power to its owner. Through this eye, its owner could even reach some secret inherited secrets of Full Moon.

These bidders on the scene had to be crazy about a treasure like this.

The price had reached four billion pieces of top-grade magic crystals. By now, none of those strong forces could afford this Full Moon Sky Eye alone. Therefore, people in the hall began negotiating with each other, making all kinds of promises and bringing up all kinds of conditions. They started signing emergency soul contracts with each other and swearing with the souls of their ancestors, in order to put their money together to buy this Full Moon Sky Eye out.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin now couldn’t even sit down. Instead, they stood on the edge of the stand, angrily looking at the group of people. Earlier, they proudly threw out the names of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, attempting to awe the others with the fame of their families and buy the Sky Eye with the lowest price. However, the other bidders slapped them right on the faces without a scruple. A series of dirty languages even made Ao Li and Feng Qinxin vomit blood while the speedily rising price made them stunned.

Although they had just returned from Pan Xi world and had looted a giant amount of wealth in there, four billion pieces of top-grade magic crystals was still not a small number to them.

Ji Hao abruptly stood up, trippingly walked across the hall and reached under the stand where Ao Li and Feng Qinxin were standing. A few strong dragon warriors instantly stopped Ji Hao, one of those warriors even threw a slap towards his chest and growled, "Do not approach… This is the seat of our ninth prince, get lost!"

Ji Hao slapped the hand of this warrior away, then raised his head and sent his voice to the ears of Ao Li and Feng Qinxin, "Ninth Prince, Young Master Feng, I haven’t seen you for quite a while. No time left… You two join hands and buy that Full Moon Sky Eye out for me… I will present you a great gift in return."

Feng Qinxin’s eye corners twitched as she lowered her head and looked down at Ji Hao. Ao Li simply leaped down from the stand and walked towards Ji Hao with big steps. He grabbed his shoulder and yelled, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, ha! I was just going to find you! I’ve been thinking, the great treasure you gained in Pan Xi world, the one can rebound any attack, it shouldn’t be so easy to break. Finally, today you came by yourself."

Ji Hao’s heart drummed. ‘Is this guy still thinking about the Pan Xi divine mirror?’ thought Ji Hao.

Shaking his head, Ji Hao said in a deep voice, "Just cut the crap. I will trade for the Full Moon Sky Eye with sixty percent of the exploitation right of a whole new world which hasn’t been touched by anyone. As long as you buy me the Sky Eye, we can explore that new world together.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin’ faces twisted simultaneously.

"What kind of a world?" Ao Li lowered his head and asked in surprise.

"Just like the place we returned from, even better."

Before Ao Li said anything, Feng Qinxin had already raised her right arm high and shouted, "Ten billion pieces of top-grade magic crystals, our phoenix-kind and the dragon-king together… Who can bid against us now?"

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