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An indescribable strong sense of power spread out from those masked men who had rushed into the hall. The air in the hall became like a tsunami, suddenly waving intensely. Along with a thunderous swooshing noise, the air in the hall rolled and coiled in streams, crushing each other like hundreds of rampant serpents.

Heavy metal furniture in the hall were moved by an invisible force. Legs of tables and chairs scratched the floor, letting out muffled grating noises. Lines of defensive spell symbols lightened up on the floor, generating dazzling fire sparkles when those furniture moved across the floor.

"Powerful ones!" Si Wen Ming abruptly showed up beside Ji Hao, without him having an idea when he walked over. The standing position of Si Wen Ming was just between Ji Hao and those masked men. Therefore, no matter what those masked men would do, they had to defeat Si Wen Ming before they reached Ji Hao.

"Not like human beings." Ji Hao released his spiritual power, spreading out wave by wave like water, quickly bumping against the spirit power vibrations released from those masked men. Once these two types of spiritual powers contacted, a thunder-like muffled bang was generated from the air.

The spirit power vibration released from these masked men was pure and flexible, as fierce as a hurricane; changeable yet containing immeasurably great power. Somehow, Ji Hao sensed that the nature of their spiritual power vibration was cold and tense, just like an eagle hovering in the sky, searching for preys. It seemed evil, and apparently looking down upon all living creatures.

Human Magi barely learned to manipulate their spiritual powers. Even human Maguspriests, who were good at casting all kinds of magic and curses only had simple and primitive spirit-power-manipulating skills. These Maguspriests relied more on tools, such as powerful magic treasures, altars, weird spells and the souls of fallen powerful ancient beings.

Judging by such a strong and well-controlled spirit power vibration, these masked men were definitely not human beings.

Ji Hao let out a muffled moan. His soul was vibrating intensely, which made his body sway slightly. Meanwhile, the leader of those masked men suddenly quivered as well.

"Don’t make any trouble, just go!" Si Wen Ming was experienced. He wasn’t willing to start a conflict against these people for no reason. The Full Moon Sky Eye was already in Ji Hao’s hands. Next, they should carry out Ji Hao’s plan as quickly as possible, instead of arguing or fighting against these masked men who suddenly broke in.

With Si Wen Ming’s temper, if these people still refused to give up and even come after Ji Hao and himself, he would violently teach these people how to be polite and decent. However, if these people did nothing but simply say some provoking words, Si Wen Ming would mostly choose to pour oil on troubled waters.

Ji Hao nodded, agreeing with Si Wen Ming.

These masked men seemed to have come for the Full Moon Sky Eye, but it was not necessary for Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao to say anything to these men. In order to save Di Family people, he still had a bunch of things to do, which left him no time to waste on these masked men.

Both Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao chose to lay low, preparing to leave as fast as they could. Nevertheless, Ao Li and Feng Qinxin had the completely different thoughts. Dragons were arrogant while phoenixes were proud; they had always been the provoking ones. When did anyone have the guts to provoke them right to their faces?

Once the leader of those masked men finished the first scream, Ao Li had already cast a thunderous growl while the pair of dragon horns on his head glowed brightly, and countless dragon-scales growing out all over his body. Within a twinkling of an eye, Ao Li grew around three meters taller and became a sturdy giant with a dragon head.

Stomping his right foot heavily against the ground, a tremendous, unstoppable pressure roared out towards all directions like a tsunami, instantly making the agitated air in the hall even more turbulent.

Iron pieces clashed against each other momentarily, as countless dazzling fire sparkles burst inside the broad hall. Streams of fiery light flashed across the air and even brushed against people in the hall. A heavily armored spirit creature, that had the body of a man and a head of a tiger, slowly stood up and growled with a cold voice, "We don’t have that eye…Brothers, let’s not step into troubles, go!"

In a complicated way, people staying in the hall all glanced at the group of masked men who broke in suddenly. These people had nothing to do with all this. Therefore, they cursed with low voices while quickly moving towards the few exits of the hall.

Ao Li laughed out loud towards the sky, then opened his mouth and released a turbid thunderbolt. He then fiercely pointed at those masked men and said, "I have that Full Moon Sky Eye, what do you want to do?"

Feng Qinxin proudly raised her head and said blandly, "You cowardly things who dare not to even show your faces, the treasure is ours now. You shall just go back to where you come from. Is this a place for you to do whatever you want?"

A large group of people rushed in from another door. All these people were influential in Chi Ban Market, as they were powerful elders sent over by all forces which founded the Chi Ban Market. Normally, these elders stationed in Chi Ban Market were responsible for all kinds of administrative affairs. Among these elders, some were dragons, phoenixes, beings, spirit creatures, and even non-humankind beings. In total, over a hundred elders rushed in with their guards.

"What happened? Who dares to mess around in here? What’s wrong?" said a Xiu Clan elderly man with white hair in a harsh tone.

Among those masked men in black cloaks, a short male took off his mask and showed his face. Based on his appearance, he was a Xiu Clan man. This Xiu Clan man quickly walked to that Xiu Clan elder, then lowered his voice and whispered a few sentences in a secret language.

The elder’s look changed slightly, then he burst with a growl in anger, "What does that have anything to do with us? Chi Ban Market is a place for fair dealings! The piece has already been sold. As for wherever it came from, it has nothing to do with us!"

Again, that cold and hoarse voice went up, "It’s none of your business. We are here for whoever has the Full Moon Sky Eye now. Full Moon Sky Eye, this is a blasphemy to the noble Full Moon bloodline. The eye can’t land in the hands of alien races, it has to return to Full Moon."

Ao Li laughed out loud and yelled, "Ha! Are you Full Moon people? But the treasure is in our hands already. We have paid for it, so it is ours! No one can even take a single piece of iron from the storage of our dragon-kind, no one!"

Among the group of masked men, a sturdy man who was over six meters tall and had been releasing a strong sense of power snorted scornfully. He then silently stepped up and covered the distance of over six-hundred meters. Next, he raised his right fist, violently smashing towards Ao Li’s chest like a huge hammer.

Ao Li gave a roar while swinging his hands backward, grasping a pair of golden blades that appeared suddenly in the air, wrapped in purple mist. Gripped the hilts of the pair of blades, Ao Li whirled them fiercely forwards.

Following a thunderous bang, two shrill howls could be heard. Ao Li’s was sent flying backward with his chest hollowed by that sturdy man while that sturdy man had Ao Li’s blades hacked into his body, leaving two bone-deep slashes on his chest and abdomen. Both of them were severely injured.

"The Full Moon Sky Eye, just hand it out!" said that cold and hoarse voice, "Whoever dares to hide it… will die!"

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