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"Haha! Three-hundred million jade coins! Who dares to bid against me?"

"You’re nothing, three-hundred million and one jade coins… this treasure is mine!"

"Old iron man from the Black Gale Clan, I recognized you! Three-hundred million and a hundred jade coins. If you dare to bid against me again, I will let my army flatten your Black Gale Clan tomorrow! Haha, I will chop your head off and turn it into a urinal!"

"Why should I be afraid of you? You think our Black Gale Clan is that weak? Come if you dare! No matter how many armies you send, I will kill them all! A thousand jade coins more!"

Wild laughter, yells, shouts, screams, threats, growling, and dirty language surged out like tidewater, turning the great hall into a mess. People were roaring, agitatedly waving their hands in the hall and cursing each other for the treasure that they all wanted. It seemed like an unsolvable situation.

There was a group of heavily elite warriors that had been guarding around the hall, and the strong forces of Chi Ban Market had set powerful magic formations in the hall to suppress the power of everyone on the scene. If not for these measures, these bidders would have started a massive fight long ago, and someone would have had died already.

In the chaotic hall, Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming had been silently waiting. Many treasures that came under the hammer had attracted Ji Hao, for example, the whole two-hundred thousand high-quality armors with spell symbols smithed by Xiu Clan master craftsmen, sold from an unknown source. Each of these armors equaled a Magus King level magic treasure. Therefore, Ji Hao truly wanted to buy them. However, for that crucial Sky Eye, Ji Hao forcibly restrained his urge of bidding.

Everyone on the scene was supported by a powerful clan or force, and had enough money in their pockets. Ji Hao was a young man, and hadn’t accumulated much of wealth. Therefore, in terms of financial resources, he could not compare with those older people.

Treasures were sold at sky-high prices one after another. Many of these treasures were definitely prohibited goods, such as Yu Clan’s divine towers, Jia Clan’s fighting skills, Xiu Clan’s secret smithing techniques. But still, these things had all been sold at this auction.

Si Wen Ming’s face had turned quite dark, because at this auction, a formula of a magic alloy had also shown up. Nevertheless, this formula was created by a few Magi Palace elders, who mastered smelting techniques, half a year ago. In both terms of hardness and extensibility, this magic alloy was three times better than the alloy used by the human armies currently.

This magic alloy formula could highly improve the comprehensive strength of the humankind. However, it had already shown up in a black market auction, even before Emperor Shun could broadly use it for human armies.

"Those blood suckers!" Si Wen Ming was so angry that even his body was quivering. He just wanted to deploy the army right now to sweep across the entire Chi Ban Market.

"Uncle Wen Ming, just chill and wait." Ji Hao was heavy hearted as well, and his face was dark too. "We can always find out who did this, then make that person pay. But this time, our mission is not finding rotten human beings."

Si Wen Ming nodded and remained silent.

He watched that formula, which was created by the Magi Palace with immeasurably great effort, being sold to a nameless senior man. Blood veins bulged from the backs of Si Wen Ming’s hands one after another, as he tried rather hard to press down the anger. He barely stopped himself from leaping up and hacking that senior man to death.

The rule of Chi Ban Market auctions was simple- bid, pay, then collect the goods.

Si Wen Ming could only have his eyes popped out, watching that elderly man hand out enough jade coins, then hurriedly leave with the dragon-skin scroll, which had the formula written on it, through a special exit. Obviously, this senior man came just for this magic alloy formula.

Finally, Si Wen Ming calmed down and sat perfectly still in his seat. Coldly, he stared at the middle-aged man who had been hosting this auction. He had made up his mind that after all this was done, no matter how many strong forces this Chi Ban Market was related to, he would investigate into this market thoroughly. Then, he would do some talking’’ with those powerful founders of Chi Ban Market.

After waiting for four to five hours, finally, the middle-aged man smiled and gently clapped his hands.

"My honored guests, I know that you don’t like too much talk, but for the next treasure, I just have to introduce it to you seriously

"A Full Moon Sky Eye, please take a look, it’s a supreme treasure."

"We all know that, among the entire Yu Clan, Full Moon possessed an incomparable ability to manipulate natural powers. Although the physical bodies of Full Moon people are rather vulnerable, depending on strong natural powers under their controls, they can cast all kinds of especially powerful magics, almost inexhaustibly and endlessly."

"As we know, powerful Full Moon people will never engage in melee battles against their enemies. No one had ever successfully approached a true powerful Full Moon being so far. Because, even human Divine Magi, who could regrow their bodies from a single drop of blood, would be crushed into nothingness by the inexhaustible power of the powerful Full Moon beings."

"This Full Moon Sky Eye is made from the spirit magic eye of Moho Yuanjia, a top-grade powerful being from Full Moon, who had fallen for unknown reasons thirty-thousand and eight-hundred years ago. According to reliable information, a major part of Moho Yuanjia’s power had been absorbed by this spirit magic eye before he died,Therefore, once you merge this Sky Eye into your body, you will have ninety percent of Moho Yuanjia’s power."

"My honored guests, no matter if you’re a male or a female, no matter your bloodline is noble or not noble, no matter if you are talented or not, smart or dumb… As long as you merge this Sky Eye into your body, you can have ninety percent of Moho Yuanjia’s power. You can even attain a part of the secret magics of Full Moon, which had never been leaked out before."

"This Full Moon Sky Eye is not a living creature. Instead, it is a crafted magic treasure, that can be passed down through generations. In another word, with this Sky Eye, even if your descendants are all poorly talented, your clan will always have a peak-level Divine Magus."

"For this supreme treasure, the floor price is ten-million pieces of top-grade magic crystals! We only accept top-grade magic crystals, and no other natural resources.. Please make your bids!"

Only accept top-grade magic crystals? No other natural resources?

Ji Hao showed his teeth while turning to Si Wen Ming. This level of completion was not something that he, the newly promoted Earl Yao, could step into. The Yao Mountain territory was indeed vast and rich in all kinds of mineral resources. But top-grade magic crystals were just not as easy to found as earth.

Si Wen Ming raised his hand, prepared to make a bid. But Ao Li had already laughed wildly out and yelled, "Finally, this treasure! Hehe, after I buy it, I will dig out the original owner of this treasure. Hmm, the original owner had actually refused to sell this treasure privately…He or she is dead… for disrespecting our dragon-kind."

Laughing loudly, Ao Li proudly raised his head and yelled, "Ten-million and one top-grade magic crystal pieces. Who dares to bid against me for this treasure?"

The middle-aged man stood on the stand instantly showed a bitter look. Why did Ao Li never do things in the normal way? He was trying to buy by force!

The problem was, the dragon-kind was a shareholder of Chi Ban Market. But could administrative Dragon Elders in Chi Ban Market allow him to do this?

Before Ao Li’s voice faded, Feng Qinxin began talking slowly.

"Nice treasure, I want it too. A hundred million pieces of top-grade crystal!"

Ao Li’s face twisted, as he turned to Feng Qinxin bitterly and irritatedly.

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