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A hundred poor Jia Clan battle kings were left in the water dungeon just like this. Di Family was facing a huge trouble, and family leaders like Di Luolang now had absolutely no mood to care about their lives.

Ji Hao was evilly wondering how many Di Family leaders actually managed to survive. He witnessed what the divine magic formation of annihilation had done to Liang Zhu City. Under that destructive power released from the divine formation, even Ji Hao couldn’t guarantee to survive without the Pan Xi divine mirror. Therefore, Ji Hao had been expecting what would come next, since Di Luolang hurriedly went back to the north where the territory of Yu Dynasty was located.

Three months passed in a flash. During this period of time, Yao Mountain territory was quite peaceful. Human leaders in Pan Xi world were startled by the danger that almost struck them, after which, Emperor Shun ordered over ninety percent of those human leaders to retreat from Pan Xi world. Thus, Pan Xi world had quieted down as well.

Ji Hao was freed from all kinds of works. Each day, he would leisurely hang around in his territory with Man Man and Shaosi, appreciating the natural sceneries of his territory. He would visit every village one by one, to comfort his people and see if they had been living a good life.

Under this free and leisurely situation without any pressure, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit had been growing faster and faster.

The flower of great Dao of Pan Xi world had revealed a magical theory of the emergence of Chaos and the creation of the world to Ji Hao. This allowed Ji Hao to gain a much deeper understanding to the great Dao of nature. With the help of the great Dao of sun of Pan Xi world, which was sealed deeply in his primordial spirit by the mysterious man, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit had already transformed into a clear sphere of light, floating in his spiritual space with the fifty streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi merging with it.

Every day, countless golden spell symbols that represented the great Dao of sun would imprint on the light sphere transformed from Ji Hao’s primordial spirit. Most of these golden spell symbols came from the great Dao of sun of Pan Xi world, but a small part of them was from the great Dao of sun of Pan Gu world that Ji Hao attained with his own cultivation.

The fifty streams of Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi had already started to merge with his primordial spirit while an indescribable change was happening. Meanwhile, the golden spell symbols generated from the great Dao of sun had been imprinting on Ji Hao’s body as well. His skin, muscles, bones, meridians, internal organs, even blood, marrow and brain were all filled with pure and strong sun power now.

Every day, Ji Hao could sense his power improving. Both his physical strength and power of Dao had been rising at a soaring rate.

After all, not everyone could contain a whole part of the great Dao of nature that came from an independent world, in the body just like Ji Hao did. Even brother Po and sister Gui Ling didn’t have an opportunity to try this. This feeling of speedy improvement of power was quite good, which made Ji Hao quite happy.

More importantly, Yao Mountain territory had been growing stronger and stronger as well.

Ji Xia had been spending quite an effort on this Yao Mountain territory, which was a property of his son. He enclosed a large piece of land in the northwest of Yao Mountain territory for Elder Destiny and his people, who were willing to follow his lead. These Pan Xi world people worked rather hard. Three months of time was abundant for them to open up large areas of fertile farmland and build many new villages and towns.

Under the lead of Ji Tian, Ji Di, Ji Xuan and Ji Huang, large groups of Ji Hao’s dojo disciples moved into these villages and towns built by Pan Xi world people. They imparted the culture of the humankind to them, explaining the history of the humankind and trying their best to assimilate these Pan Xi world people in terms of origin of culture.

With this, Elder Destiny wasn’t so happy, but neither did he or any ancestor soul or holy spirit have any better idea. Pan Xi world was being devoured by Pan Gu world. As Pan Xi world people, how could they twist this situation? Someone would have to forcibly pull Pan Xi world away from Pan Gu world with an unimaginably great power. But how could Elder Destiny and those ancestor souls possibly do that?

Therefore, during the past few months, Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain territory was quite thriving. Even the military power of Yao Mountain territory had grown many times stronger because of these newly joined ancestor souls, holy spirits and large numbers of elite Pan Xi world warriors. Affected by the growth of the military power, the smithing factory in Yao Mountain territory had been working overtime to produce more armors and weapons. Yao Mountain craftsmen were now practiced, and the special smithing skills that came from Pan Xi world had generated a new series of techniques. In terms of smithing techniques, Ji Hao’s territory had now reached, and even gone slightly beyond the level of the Magi Palace in Pu Ban City.

Relaxed and free days would always pass especially fast. While Ji Hao was still thinking about taking Man Man and Shaosi to the forest and do some hunting, a letter from Si Wen Ming suddenly tightened his loosened heart.

The total harvest gained from Pan Xi world was counted, along with the credits of all participators of the life-and-death game. Next, the alliance of human clans would award everyone according to the credits. In a few months, over the New Year, Emperor Shun would call all human leaders together and formally announce the awards to everyone.

In the letter, Si Wen Ming told Ji Hao that, according to the credits Ji Hao earned this time, his territory would expand by at least three times. Therefore, he suggested Ji Hao to prepare enough ministers and armed forces to accept the new territory. Meanwhile, he also had to prepare for accepting new immigrants.

As Ji Hao received the letter from Si Wen Ming and had been silently complaining about his coming busy schedule, wondering why he couldn’t have a free leisure life forever, another urgent letter was placed in front of Ji Hao. Someone asked Ji Hao for help.

The one who delivered the second letter was a short non-humankind slave, who had light-green skin, covered in red speckles and looked like a human-shaped lizard.

"Dear Lord, please, please help our master!" This around three-foot tall little guy tremblingly kneeled in front of Ji Hao and begged hoarsely.

Given by this non-humankind slave was a thumb-sized jade scroll. Ji Hao reached his spiritual power into the jade scroll and sensed the secret symbol he agreed with Di Luolang earlier. He unlocked the seal with a secret spell, then read Di Luolang’s letter.

The letter was not long, yet its content shocked Ji Hao, also making him hesitate.

In the letter, Di Luolang told Ji Hao about how hard he tried to rebuild a portal to connect with their original world in the past three months. He wasted countless resources, even seventy to eighty percent of resources in the strategic storage of Yu Dynasty. But for some unexpected, unpredictable reasons, he failed. He had not only failed, but also lost many Xiu Clan magic formation masters.

With his own power, Dishi Cha and the twelve emperors had attained some kind of agreement. Dishi Cha pulled himself away safely, and no one blamed him for anything. However, the Di Family became a scapegoat. According to an ancient tradition of Yu Clan, all responsibility would be taken by Di Family.

By now, all members of Di Family were kept in secret places and would be executed on a ‘good’ date.

Di Luolang begged Ji Hao. He begged and begged. He was even willing to become Ji Hao’s slave. He only asked Ji Hao to save his descendants, who carried his bloodline.

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