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Watching the great disaster happen in Liang Zhu City, Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then packed the Pan Xi divine mirror and walked back to the main hall.

Di Luolang’s face was now deathly pale, sitting in his seat without moving even a finger. He had been quivering slightly while cold sweat flowed down from his head in big streams. The long blood-red robe worn by Di Luolang was made from the best silk, but it was already soaked in sweat, adhering to his body and looking quite embarrassing.

"Elder, what’s wrong?" asked Ji Hao, even though he had already known the answer.

Such an unexpected misfortune had happened in Liang Zhu City. With Di Luolang’s position, he must have been informed already. Liang Zhu City was destroyed, countless non-humankind beings died, and the portal that connected their original world and Pan Gu world was wrecked completely. The one who did all this was Dishi Cha from Di Family.

To all Di Family people, a grave disaster bad fallen right on their heads, even though they had been sitting in their homes with their doors closed. This panicked look of Di Luolang could perfectly reveal the feeling of all surviving Di Family members. What had they done? Why had they caught such a huge trouble, which was serious enough even to destroy every Di Family member in Pan Gu world. This might even affect the rest of Di Family members who were in their original world; the entire Di Family would fall into this giant trouble. Not to mention anything else, the construction of the portal that connected their original world and Pan Gu world, mentioned proudly by Di Luolang earlier, had taken over ten-thousand years of time and consumed countless valuable resources. In the past thousands of years, the non-humankind had taken an immeasurably great amount of resource through this portal.

To the non-humankind, this portal could be counted as a main artery of resources of the original world. Resources of the original world had dried up already, and only by looting resources from other worlds through portals like this could the luxurious lives of those non-humankind leaders be maintained.

An important main artery was destroyed. About this, it was not hard to imagine how angry those true leaders of the non-humankind would be. For example, earlier, when the swirly cloud generated by the portal was crushed by the divine magic formation, a strong spiritual power descended from the higher sky. The owner of this strong spiritual power was definitely a truly powerful one among the non-humankind, as he was able to reach his spiritual power to Pan Gu world through the interval of time and space, gather natural powers while withstanding the suppression given by Pan Gu world itself, then create a million miles in radius hand of natural power to stabilize the portal, which was about to fall into pieces.

Ji Hao couldn’t even imagine exactly how powerful this mysterious being was. This terrifying being had just failed to stop the portal from destroying, could Di Family endure his anger? And the anger of the others who were as powerful as him?

Di Luolang slowly stood up, tremblingly walked to Ji Hao and deeply bowed. He almost did a ninety-degree bow to Ji Hao while the cold sweat dripped down to the ground from his forehead, making a ticking noise. Looking at Di Luoang, Ji Hao could even feel the strong despair.

"Elder Di Luolang, it seems that something bad has just happened." said Ji Hao while smilingly looking at Di Luolang, "What happened, that made you, such a wise, noble and elegant elder, act like this?"

Seeing Di Luolang, who had now fallen deeply into despair and fear, Ji Hao even made a joke cold-heartedly, "What is making you so unhappy? Just say it out, because it might make me quite happy."

Di Luolang raised his head. That handsome and refined face of his had now twisted like a ghost. He laughed bitterly, then gnashed his teeth and said, "Dear Earl Yao, are you willing to…Accept a small, small gift, from a poor old man?"

"Hm? What do you mean by that?" Ji Hao looked at Di Luolang in surprise and asked.

Di Luolang licked his lips and said quiveringly, "I have a beloved wife. I love no one else but her…I have many adorable lovers, and I am indeed affectionate to them…I also have many beautiful maids, I cared about them as well…therefore…!"

"Therefore, you have many children, don’t you?" Ji Hao smiled and said.

Di Luolang bowed deeply once again. He remained in the posture of a ninety-degree bow, and said in a deep yet weak voice, "Yes, wise as you, you can see through everything. I have many children, they also have many lovely children. I am not young anymore… I already have seven generations of descendants. My children all have their own children, and we are a large family now."

Breathing deeply, Di Luolang still remained the posture as he continued, "For all the wealth I accumulated in my whole life, I will give you a half, to trade for your protection for some of my descendants. In these couple of days, I will send them here to your territory."

The hall fell into an absolute silence. Ji Hao stood in front of Di Luolang. From the long table behind him, Ji Hao picked up a white jade wine cup, held it and gently stroked the exquisite embossment of a dragon on it. The surface of the wine cup was smooth and warm, just like Ji Hao’s current feeling.

"What happened?" asked Ji Hao, "Elder, just now, you told me many secrets of your kind, and now, you want me to protect your descendants…Something big must have happened, right?"

Di Luolang didn’t move even a little bit. Instead, he remained the posture of a ninety-degree bow all this while. "Your wisdom surprises me. Indeed, something has happened. Perhaps, our entire Di Family will be facing a destructive disaster. At this point, I have to guarantee the safety of my descendants… I mustn't let my bloodline die."

"Just like how much your humankind value your bloodlines, our Yu Clan people value our bloodlines even more. To us, our bloodlines are holy and significant." said Di Luolang with that deep voice.

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao threw out a question. "Do you believe that I can, or will protect your descendants? Don’t you have any worries?"

Di Luolang laughed embarrassedly, then responded, "In comparison with the promises made by our Yu Clan people, I’d rather believe promises of your humankind. We have done things together before. Although you are greedy, cruel, and even a bit shameless, I will believe in the promises you make."

Greedy, cruel, and shameless? Ji Hao sighed helplessly. ‘Is this the impression I gave to those Yu Clan people? But I’ve done nothing but extort them in Chi Ban Mountain and conveniently set a trap, taking out the main force of a few families of theirs. How can this be counted as greedy, cruel and shameless?’ thought Ji Hao.

"Give me a reason that can allow me to protect your descendants without any worry." said Ji Hao with a deep voice and a serious tone, "Just give me a reason. We are enemies, I won’t protect your descendants for nothing… I need a reason."

"Like I said before, taking out Dishi Yanluo can that be counted as a good enough reason, right?" Di Luolang gave an especially bitter and twisted grin. "I didn’t have the time to mention this suggestion in details…But, things are not up to me now."

Taking a deep gasp, Di Luolang raised his head, stared at Ji Hao with a trace of craziness on his face and said, "You know what, Dishi Cha gave each of the twelve emperors in power a coordinate of a world"

"The coordinates of new worlds, that haven’t been touched by the armies of our Yu Clan… located near Pan Gu world."

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