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In the far north of Liang Zhu City, a magnificent, steep and black mountain range was standing toweringly on the ground.

The mountain range was hundreds of millions of miles long, extending from the west to the east, and was perfectly straight. The mountain range was formed entirely from obsidian and was tens of thousands of meter tall. It blocked the bone-piercing gale and snow that came from the north, just like a strong city wall built from black iron.

In the south side of the mountain range was a vast, rich plain area. Slowly flowing great rivers winded across this area, and the river banks were covered thickly in natural gold and jade pieces. Beautiful colorful fishes could be seen in every river, many which were even legendary.

Countless animals lived happily on the fertile grassland near these rivers. In this area, even the fiercest wild beast seemed to be retired from wildness, becoming lazy and warm, even simple and adorable.

"Jia!" "Jia!"

A silvery series of laughter came from a distance away. A beautiful unicorn rushed over, through the tall grass wood that even reached its head. This unicorn was snow-white and had a magical glow. A strong life-force surged out from her golden horn. Wherever she reached, countless flowers would bloom on the grassland, such that an obvious, thirty-meter wide, thriving river of flowers was left behind her.

A Yu Clan girl was mounted on the unicorn. This girl was wearing a long black dress, and had shining dark hair that were as dark as the deepest night, with sparkling star-like light spots. She was laughing happily while gently kicking the unicorn’s belly, letting her run faster.

Tens of female Yu Clan warriors, who were wearing tight black armors and holding golden spears while mounting on enormous black cheetahs, followed far behind this girl. The tight armors worn by these female warriors were decorated with complicated patterns of roses.

Looking further, covered in long grass woods were nearly a hundred female warriors who had been following on both sides of this girl, around twenty miles away from her.

All female warriors had been extra carefully restraining their mounts in order to keep a stable distance but not get too close to the girl.

A heavy buzzing noise could then be heard, following which, hundreds of four-wheeled chariots made by Xiu Clan people raised a strong gale. Pulled by fierce beasts with hideous looks, those chariots dashed over at lightning speed. These chariots were huge, and the gale raised by them was especially strong. Wherever it swept across, a large group of animals which couldn’t dodge timely were bumped into pieces. Large areas of grass were pulverized, leaving a miles long, ugly slash on this beautiful grassland.

The girl noticed these chariots. Her red lips were tightened into a straight line while she glanced at these chariots with a slight anger.

"Catch up!" The girl shouted while patting hard on the unicorn. The white fur of the unicorn released large streams of light, condensing into a pair of wings which suddenly spread out. A dazzling white light surged out toward all directions. Then, the unicorn flew up into the sky, rushing towards those chariots which were flying in the sky, around fifteen meters high.

These chariots were way too enormous and heavy. Even though those beasts pulling the chariots were running as hard as they could, the moving speed was still far slower than the unicorn. Within the span of a few breaths, the girl controlled the unicorn to block the way of those chariots.

Pointing at this troop of chariots, which was hundreds of meters away from her, this girl shouted with a silvery voice, "This is the territory of Dark Sun. Guests without an invitation, please restrain your chariots. Do not damage this grassland."

Chi You was standing on the first chariot. Seeing this girl block the way, he gave a large grin and said, "Rush up, scare this little girl. Ha, kill that single-horned animal…but don’t harm this little girl."

Three chariots lined up straightly and roared towards the girl. The wheels of the chariots, which were thickly covered in sharp blades, rotated swiftly, stirring everything near them into bits, including all grasses, flowers, bushes and animals.

"Woman!" Chi You laughed out loud, "Chi You Army’s chariots will never stop for women!"

Raging roars burst from all directions. Those female warriors following far behind the girl raised their golden long spears and threw towards the chariots. Countless black spell symbols emerged on those golden long spears, as they transformed into streams of black light, dazzling forwards.

"So many women? Hm? No!" Chi You looked at the wave of dazzling black light streams, laughed wildly and growled.

Chi You was arrogant, yet he wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, Chi You was actually quite smart. He knew what this place was, and also knew what he had come for. If he ruined the big plan just because he wanted to have some small fun, he would certainly be caught in a great trouble.

Thinking of this, Chi You raised the void shield.

Tens of golden spears bumped against the void shield. A strong vibration force surged back, as the spell symbols on those long spears blasted, twisting and breaking those exquisite long spears, making them clang on the ground.

The four fierce beasts which had been pulling Chi You’s chariot howled as those long spears penetrated the thick armors worn by them, sticking deeply in the ground. The bodies of those beasts paused instantly, and next, the heavy chariot, that couldn’t brake so quickly, crushed these beasts over, turning into meat paste.

"I am Chi You, the leader of Chi You Army. Behind me is the noble Great Master Dishi Cha, the emissary of inspection. Master Dishi Cha came especially to visit Dark Sun emperor, Yemo Luoye." Hundreds of chariots stopped simultaneously. Chi You put the void shield down with a sulky face, then growled at these female warriors mounted on black cheetahs, who were rushing over from all directions.

The girl mounting on the unicorn trembled slightly while looking at those crushed beasts in a daze. Female warriors mounted on black cheetahs remained silent, only staring at Chi You and the chariots behind him with weird looks.

A luxurious large curtain behind Chi You moved slightly, from behind which, Dishi Cha walked out with a sleepy face. He stood on the chariot, quickly looked around then showed a faintly darkened face.

"People, I am Dishi Cha. I came especially to visit Yemo Luoye. If we have any misunderstanding here, I will explain everything to Yemo Luoye myself."

Dishi Cha sounded impolite. He didn’t take these female warriors seriously, and as for the girl mounted on a unicorn, although she was beautiful and adorable, why would Dishi Cha feel concerned?

"You are not welcome in Dark Sun." The girl held the unicorn’s horn with a hand, then said gently, "Dark Sun Country is a peaceful land. Guests with the scent of blood and the intent of kill, please leave. If you don’t want to leave, I will send an army to cast you out."

Dishi Cha paused briefly, then he and Chi You laughed loudly out, even holding their stomachs with their hands.

‘Dark Sun Country is a peaceful land’?

Was she joking? Among the three suns and nine moons of the non-humankind, Dark Sun represented destruction and devouring. Dark Sun wasn’t terrifying just to their enemies, they were merciless and cruel even to their own kind. After all, they worshiped the Dao of destruction.

Did this girl say that Dark Sun Country, the territory of Dark Sun in Yu Dynasty, was a peaceful place?

"Little girl, this is none of your business, I will talk to Yemo Luoye."

Dishi Cha waved his hand and said blandly, "Ignore these women, just move forward."

Chi You gave a wild laugh, following which, all chariots dazzled with an eye-piercing light simultaneously. They rose into the sky with a fierce gale, roaring towards the faintly visible black mountain range as they left bright streams of light in the air.

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