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The sky seemed to collapse as the enormous swirly cloud above Liang Zhu City fell apart layer by layer. A giant amount of natural power descended from the sky like a flood, bringing up dazzling streams of light that fiercely struck on Liang Zhu City.

Those divine towers collapsed and shattered one after another, even before their powers were fully activated. Countless Xiu Clan magic formation masters screamed and cried, then got smashed under those collapsed divine towers. Countless buildings in the city were flattened by the destructive flood of natural power while innumerable non-humankind beings were crushed.

Hundreds of metallic chains, that had the radius of around three-hundred miles, fell down from the disintegrating swirly cloud in the sky. The cutting edges of these chains were incomparably smooth, and could even reflect people’s faces like mirrors. Obviously, these chains were suddenly broken by an especially great power that caused mirror-smooth cutting edges.

Dragged by these metallic chains were mountain-sized piles of precious materials, including large pieces of gold, jade and magic crystals, and three-meter square metal blocks melted from all rare kinds of metal. All these materials now fell from the sky along with those metallic chains.

The natural power transformed into an extra strong gale that sent these heavy and tough materials thunderously bumping against the ground. Like meteorites falling from the sky, dazzling fiery light was generated around these materials because of the friction. Hundreds of luxurious and exquisite buildings were destroyed, collapsing in fire. Those heavy metal blocks fell from the air tens of kilometers high. The high acceleration due to gravity allowed them to drill hundreds of meter deep into the ground, smashing non-humankind beings, who were hiding in underground backrooms, into pieces.

Liang Zhu City was drowned in an ocean of fire. Huge flame streams roared out from those collapsed divine towers while those flattened buildings were burning ragingly. All kinds of rare materials fell from the sky, exploding into puffs of flame that swept across the entire area.

Even more terrifying were the countless spell symbols that burst from the surfaces of the enormous metallic chains. As these chains had broken, those complete spell symbol groups were broken down. These thousand miles long, hundreds of meters thick, broken metal chains heavily smashed on the ground like falling dragons, destroying countless buildings.

At last, the spell symbols on the surfaces of those chains exploded.

These chains seemed to be simple, but in terms of grade, they were definitely beyond all Divine-Magus-level magic treasures. For countless years, these chains had been pulling all kinds of materials that were looted from the Pan Gu world by the non-humankind into the swirly cloud. During all these years, no harm was ever done to these chains; the high quality of these chains was just obvious.

The swirly cloud was disintegrating, and these chains were forcibly cut off. The power generated by the explosion of spell symbols contained in one of these chains was many times greater than the power generated by the explosion of an ordinary Divine-Magus-level magic treasure. Hundreds of broken chains lied in Liang Zhu City, exploding one after another. They raised a dazzling light and swallowed countless palaces and mansions in a flash.

Large groups of non-humankind beings cried and screamed in the fire. They tried their best to escape, but facing these exploding broken chains, their running speeds were just too slow. Groups of non-humankind beings were rolled into the fire, turning into ashes within the blink of an eye.

Thunderous roars came from beyond the swirly cloud. Meanwhile, a terrifying spiritual power, that seemed even to destroy the world, forcibly penetrated the disintegrating swirly cloud and reached the sky above Liang Zhu City.

"Hold on!" A rumbling roar was generated by this strong spiritual power that had spread out speedily, immediately sending this roar to every corner of this whole area with a radius of over a hundred million miles.

Every living being in Liang Zhu City was sent flying backward while vomiting blood. That great roar had delivered a soul-level effect, severely injuring all non-humankind leaders, including the twelve emperors in power.

Immense natural powers gathered together, transforming into a million-mile radius hand, slapping towards the swirly wind. This enormous hand had thousands of spell symbols sparkling on it, while a scary wave of power vibration was released from it. It seemed to suppress the whole world and seal everything. This hand attempted to forcibly stabilize the swirly wind and stop it from disintegration. Nevertheless, the black light column suddenly exploded and released countless black thunderbolts that violently struck on this enormous hand.

"Divine magic formation of annihilation!" That roaring voice growled in hysteria, "Which stupid reckless bastard gave divine formations to those poor conquered territories? Damn it, it’s….it’s the highest version!" Countless cracks appeared on the enormous hand condensed from natural powers as this voice continued shouting, "You reckless bastards, you must have exaggerated opinions of your abilities…"

"You have to explain all this to the Holy Realm. Damn it, is this Pan Gu world? A portal connected with a top-grade large world, do you have any idea how many resources it must consume? Ah, damn it, why am I on duty today?" The voice yelled as the enormous hand turned around and fiercely pressed down towards that crazily expanding hemisphere of black light.

The enormous hand of natural powers pressed on the bursting black hemisphere of light. Countless black lightning bolts struck on the hand, each bolt of lightning corroding a large piece of this gigantic hand. Within the twinkling of an eye, the black light had already expanded to a million miles. A scarily loud buzzing noise could be heard from where it met the enormous hand of natural power without an end. Meanwhile, countless streams of light surged out.

"Scatter!" That voice roared hysterically while violently clenching its fingers. The black hemisphere of light generated by the divine formation blasted out suddenly, transforming into countless black electric bolts sizzling towards all directions. Liang Zhu City, which was already gravely damaged, suffered another great calamity. Except for the tallest twelve divine towers, the other buildings were flattened completely; not even a single piece of tile remained whole.

"I…" That voice was still growling, but from surrounding space, seven-colored clouds and mist began swiftly moving over. The seven colored clouds immediately circled up the large hand of natural powers, which was now only around a hundred miles long, and formed seven layers of swirly cloud around it. Streams of seven-colored light airily flew in the swirly cloud, letting out beautiful, silvery clangs from time to time.

"Da-damn it!" The huge hand quickly drew back into the disintegrating swirling cloud in the higher sky. But streams of seven-colored light dazzling out of the seven colored swirly wind still struck onto it. Along with a muffled thunder, the wave of seven-colored light stream suddenly moved inward, completely crushed the disintegrating swirly wind and that huge hand.

Silently, the seven-colored clouds and mist dissipated as fast as a phantom, just the way they emerged.

In Liang Zhu City, a giant hole, three-hundred miles in radius, had been releasing large streams of black mist. This magnificent city has already become a wasteland. A great number of non-humankind beings living in the city were killed, but not too many dead bodies could be found, because most of the people died in this great disaster were turned directly into ashes. Only especially powerful ones or extremely lucky ones could barely have half an arm or leg remained.

High up in the air, hundreds of non-humankind leaders gathered together like a group of drowning mice.

A while later, Yemo Luoye, who was stunningly beautiful, raised her head and screamed hysterically towards the sky.

"Dishi Cha! You have to be responsible for all these! Whoever is supporting you, you are dead… You are definitely dead this time!"

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