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The Pan Xi divine mirror connected with Pan Xi’s body.

Pan Xi’s body connected with the flower of great Dao.

The flower of great Dao connected with the divine magic formation of annihilation.

Through the divine magic formation of annihilation, Ji Hao saw the magnificent view in an underground hall in Liang Zhu City, which was far away from Yao Mountain. The tridimensional divine magic formation of annihilation was like a complicated apparatus with the highest exactitude, and had been spinning at a scarily high rate. This great formation connected with the flower of great Dao, controlled it to reverse the time, replay the prehistorical era and completely destroy the entire Pan Xi world.

This divine magic formation of annihilation was given by the powerful being who supported Dishi Cha, and was amazingly powerful.

Complicated, accurate, exquisite and well-designed, this magic formation was a peak-grade piece, combining all achievements of Yu Clan people in space, time, transformation and other aspects regarding great Dao of nature. This magic formation was a crystal of great wisdom. In coordination with the chess piece left by ancient powerful Yu Clan people countless years ago, this divine magic formation of annihilation could exterminate a world with a single, slight push.

Nevertheless, because of the complicatedness of this great magic formation, ordinary people couldn’t understand it. Also, because of the extreme accurateness of this great magic formation, no mistake could be tolerated. Because of the overkill nature of this great magic formation, once a mistake occurred, an immeasurably serious consequence would be caused.

The flower of great Dao withered, but the destructive dark power accumulated in it didn’t erupt in Pan Xi world. Instead, it surged back through the connection between the divine formation of annihilation and the flower of great Dao, and suddenly struck on the divine magic formation like a rampant flood.

Those countless pieces of black crystal pieces of the divine magic formation instantly burst with dazzling black light. After that, the black light quickly expanded and enveloped the entire great hall within the twinkling of an eye.

"This is impossible!" Dishi Cha screamed out hysterically.

Chi You’s instinct of fighting had even gone beyond his conscious reaction. He suddenly grabbed Dishi Cha, shielded both of them with the void shield, then moved back as quickly as possible with all of his power.

A large blood-red flag flew up from Chi You’s head. The dense blood mist wrapped his entire body up, raising his speed by a hundred times. His sturdy body tore the air open, leaving thin cracks in the air wherever he reached. He then bumped directly into the wall, which was covered in countless defensive magic formations.

The thick metal wall immediately exploded, showing a round-shaped hole, a meter in radius. Chi You dragged Dishi Cha, who had still been screaming madly, flashed across the air and disappeared into the hole. He directly broke the thick layers of rock and tens of underground protective magic screens with his face, then flew into the sky in a great panic.

"Chi You Army…Run!" Chi You rose into the sky, trod upon a blood-red cloud while growling out terrifyingly.

In the west, not too far away from Liang Zhu City, and from a towering mountain, nearly a million tall and sturdy warriors flew into the sky simultaneously. They transformed into streams of light, darting towards the west at their highest speed without any hesitation.

Chi You cast a resonant roar, then bit his own tongue tip. Instantly, the blood-red flag above his head swiftly swayed. Meanwhile, Chi You transformed into a blood-red stream of light with Dishi Cha grabbed in his hand, swiftly darting towards the west, closely following behind those fleeing warriors of Chi You Army.

Back in the underground hall, the over ten Di Family elders and all their guards had completely disappeared. All traces of theirs had been devoured by the dark power that surged out from the divine magic formation, and not even a single grain of theirs was left.

The divine magic formation of annihilation was vibrating intensively. The imbalance of the flower of great Dao had generated an irreversible mistake of the fully activated divine magic formation, allowing inexhaustible dark power to accumulate in the divine magic formation. By now, all the dark power that didn’t manage to burst in Pan Xi world had accumulated in the divine magic formation.

At last, in this exquisite, well-designed yet incomparably fragile divine magic formation of annihilation, a few spell symbols carved out from black crystals broke. A black sphere of light silently spread out towards all directions. Wherever it swept across, the earth, rock, metal walls and pillars of this underground hall all disappeared. Right next, the black light hemisphere broke out from the ground, swallowing the towering mountain above the hall. On the mountain, all palaces and mansions belonging to the Di Family disappeared in the black light.

In Liang Zhu City, ninety percent of the base of Di Family, that had been carefully managed for countless years, was swallowed by the black light hemisphere in a moment. Only the accommodations of some insignificant branch family members and servants remained unharmed.

The black light hemisphere silently stood right in the middle of the empty area, which was the location of the main hall of Di Family, becoming denser and denser. Dark power that came from Pan Xi world ceaselessly flowed into this enormous black light hemisphere in great streams, accumulating into an even more destructive power.

Gradually, black electric bolts sizzled out from the surface of this black light hemisphere. These electric bolts were even hundreds of times thinner than hair. Yet they violently dazzled all over the sky and occasionally fell on the ground, leaving great holes that had the radiuses of over a hundred meters.

As the dark power coming from Pan Xi world grew stronger and stronger, the black electric bolts turned thicker and thicker, while the effective range of these electric bolts expanded more and more. At first, these electric bolts could only burst forth for seven to eight miles. But soon, this distance had increased to two to three hundred miles.

Surrounding the location of the main hall of Di Family, countless palaces, mansions, towers and streets were struck by those black electric bolts. On the surfaces of many buildings, countless glowing spell symbols flashed across in streams, releasing thick layers of defensive magic screens to protect these buildings. However, under those violent black electric bolts, these protective magic screens could merely last for three to five breaths before being crushed.

A large number of buildings silently collapsed and disappeared while countless noble Yu Clan people living in Liang Zhu City desperately fled towards every direction in panic.

Powerful ones directly flew up and escaped. Nevertheless, the sky also had countless black electric bolts flashing in it. Struck by these black electric bolts, many people who had flown into the sky were turned straight into ashes. Weaker ones dashed all over the ground, but facing the rampantly and violently descending electric bolts, these people could only make a few steps before they were all turned into nothingness.

Deep alarm bells screamed from all directions, along with which, a few raging voices came from a long distance away.

"Dishi Cha! What have you done?!"

The sense of power of the divine magic formation of annihilation was strange to those powerful non-humankind beings who were stationed in Liang Zhu City. This meant all this could only have been done by Dishi Cha, who just returned to Liang Zhu City recently.

Dishi Cha had constructed such a dangerous magic formation in Liang Zhu City, but what did he want? To destroy the hub of the non-humankind here in Pan Gu world for good?

Growling ragingly, countless people dashed out from those tall divine towers, which reached directly into the sky. These people swiftly transformed into streams of glow, flying towards the location of the main hall of Di Family. Some of them had even activated defensive divine towers in Liang Zhu City, attempting to suppress this hemisphere of black light that had been accumulating powers.

But before they could make the next move, this hemisphere of black light erupted completely.

A black light column, that had the radius of nearly ten miles rose into the sky. Countless dragon-sized black lightning bolts surrounded the light columns, dazzling up along with a terrifying rumble, piercing into that enormous swirly cloud like a sharp sword.

The light columns exploded, and countless non-humankind leaders in Liang Zhu City screamed out simultaneously.

Furious roars came from the higher sky. Next, countless bolts of black lightning burst, and this tremendous swirly cloud disintegrated immediately.

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