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Back in Yao Mountain city, in the main hall of Earl Yao’s mansion, Ji Hao and Di Luolang had been asking and answering some questions.

Di Luolang’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of cold sweat. Facing Ji Hao’s detailed questions, he had not only given Ji Hao all the information that he had prepared earlier, but also carelessly leaked some secrets that he shouldn’t and couldn’t have said out loud, all because of Ji Hao’s aggressive interrogation.

And things like divulging secrets were like a small crack in a dike of a great river, which would cause irremediable results. Therefore, more and more secrets were dug out from Di Luolang’s mouth, and secrets told by Di Luolang turned more and more important. Under Ji Hao’s psychological guidance, the information given by Di Luolang even began reaching to the level of top-grade secrets regarding things that happened back when ancient Yu Clan people started intruding in the Pan Gu world.

But at this time, Ji Hao abruptly stopped asking questions.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man suddenly showed up and silently warned Ji Hao.

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao smilingly nodded to Di Luolang, who was now nearly soaked in his own cold sweat and said, "I have something to deal with, quite urgent. About the cooperation between us, everything is negotiable. Elder, please go to our guest room and take a good rest. We will talk about all details when I get back."

Before Di Luolang said anything, Ji Hao quickly headed to the backside of the great hall. He walked to a smaller hall that was thickly surrounded by countless defensive magic formations.

The Pan Xi divine mirror quietly flew out from Ji Hao’s body. The ancient style, large mirror glowed with a dim light, then a bright stream of divine light surged out, speedily lighting the entire hall up. Ji Hao was surrounded by the light as layers of images changed around him. He felt like that he had suddenly returned to Pan Xi world.

High up in the air was the maze of fog, and around it were tens of thousands of human leaders. Among these people, some were senior ministers directly under Emperor Shun’s command while others were leaders and powerful elders from large clans, who were attracted by the news regarding Pan Xi. Although the ownership of Pan Xi had already been attained by Si Wen Ming, hence belonging to the Magi Palace, no one could stop these human leaders from coming all the way to see her.

"What a beautiful girl! Is she really a Chaos Saint who had created a world?"

"Is she truly as powerful as Saint Pan Gu, who was the creator of our world according to the legends?" asked someone while clicking his tongue.

"Weird, weird… Reasonably, the body of a Chaos Saint should fall apart after he or she creates a world. But why is this girl remaining so perfectly unharmed?"

"Who said she’s perfectly unharmed? Her soul has perished!"

"You have to know that, indeed, her soul has perished, but that was because she was besieged by powerful non-humankind beings. She was truly unharmed after creating a world."

"Terrifying, terrifying… are those non-humankind beings really powerful enough to kill a Chaos Saint?"

Instantly, the area fell into a death silence. Everyone on the scene remained silent while looking at Pan Xi in a complicated way. The man who was talking just now had gotten to the point. Pan Xi stayed unharmed after she created a world, but her soul perished and her body was turned into a battle puppet. And all this were done by those powerful non-humankind beings.

Some powerful beings among those non-humankind beings could actually kill Chaos Saints. If powerful beings like this come to Pan Gu world, wouldn’t the humankind suffer a destructive calamity?

"Hm, let’s not be afraid. This might not be the truth." After quite a long while, a clan leader who came from a Western Wasteland clan said carelessly, "Pan Xi might have been severely injured after creating a world, and fell into the trap of those non-humankind beings."

The tense atmosphere eased instantly, and soon, those tens of thousands of human leaders started discussing again.

Another while later, a sturdy Western Wasteland man slapped on his lap, laughed excitedly and said, "We’ve been here for three to five days, hearing those kids say how powerful this girl was all the time. But how powerful is she? I don’t buy it! Let’s go and try!"

Giving a loud laugh, this over six meters tall sturdy man raised an enormous Tao Tie beast and rushed into the fog maze while howling resonantly along with a strong power vibration. Raising a huge mace, this sturdy man heavily smashed towards Pan Xi, who was in a deep sleep.

Pan Xi suddenly opened her eyes, raised her right palm and caught the mace, which was swung down the man’s full strength.

Countless spell symbols sparkled on the surface of that alloy mace, which was as thick as an ordinary human being’s waist. Next, this Divine Magus level treasure crumbled along with a loud cracking noise. The sturdy man mounted on the enormous Tao Tie beast gave a scream and let out a large stream of blood, then turned around and fled desperately.

"My Amma! Strong, indeed strong! I can’t rival her, my dear ancestor souls! I can’t even tell exactly how powerful she is!" This sturdy man was badly frightened that even his fine hairs had stood straight up. Once he rushed out of the fog maze, he shouted hoarsely, "Indeed powerful, this girl… My inherited magic treasure…I surely am in big trouble. When I get back, those elders will reprove me for hundreds of years."

The group of ministers, clan leaders and elders looked at Pan Xi stunned. With a single move of hers, a top-grade powerful human warrior was frightened nearly to death, and had now been dashing around in fear.

"This time, we won this life-and-death game…We must be blessed by our ancestor souls…." After a long while, a senior minister sighed heavily and said.

"Ancestor souls bless us." murmured all human leaders who witnessed Pan Xi easily and completely crumble a Divine Magus level magic treasure just now.

All of a sudden, Pan Xi widely popped out her eyes. Meanwhile, the flower of great Dao in between her eyebrows released a dazzling black light. Beams of black light penetrated the fog maze and tore it into pieces.

Pan Xi spread her arms as her long hair fluttered crazily in the sky while screaming out hysterically.

Her scream was like a steel awl, violently piercing into the eardrums of everyone on the scene. The tens of thousands of human leaders howled out in pain. At first, large streams of blood surged out from their ears, then their mouths, nostrils and eyes. It ultimately made them fall from the sky one after another.

Pan Xi’s scream transformed into visible shockwaves, spreading out towards all direction. Firstly, the tens of towering mountains down below collapsed, and the ground was dented for tens of kilometers. After that, the solid ground rippled like water, and the ripples spread towards every direction wave after wave.

High peaks were flattened one after another while mountain ranges were crushed. The terrifyingly great shocking wave then transformed into a destructive fierce gale. The thousands of human leaders, who were the closest to Pan Xi, howled out simultaneously as many had their bodies struck into blood mist, drifting away in the air.

Fortunately, all these people were core leaders of their clans, and each had powerful life-saving magic treasures. Streams of light dazzled across the air, immediately teleporting these people countless miles away. Besides, these people were all powerful and those injuries couldn’t threaten their lives. After all, top-grade Divine Magi could be reborn from a single drop of blood.

Shockwaves spread out ceaselessly for ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million miles…

Large areas of earth were destroyed and flattened. Wherever Pan Xi’s screams reached, everything was turned into Chaos.

Inexhaustible Chaos power gathered towards Pan Xi from all directions, speedily surging into the sparkling flower of great Dao in-between her eyebrows.

The flower slowly bloomed. That fist-sized flower quickly expanded to hundreds of millions of miles in radius while thousands of different sized petals turned black, stretching and swaying in the air.

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